Defiance: We Need Your Questions for Executive Producer Kevin Murphy!

By Tim Surette

May 07, 2013

UPDATE: This is happening now! Follow @DefianceWorld and @TVdotcom to join the fun!

UPDATE #2: The live chat is over, but keep an eye out for a transcript in just a few. 

Tomorrow, we're entering the technological age and will be holding a real-time interview on Twitter with Kevin Murphy, an executive producer for Syfy's new science-fiction drama Defiance (Episode 4 airs tonight—look for Noel's review at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific!). But instead of handling the whole thing ourselves, we're asking you, the beautiful and intelligent community, to play the part of inquiring mind.

We want to hear what questions you have for Mr. Murphy about Defiance, and we'll pass the best ones along to him as long as time will allow. What's the deal with Stahma's erotic hugs with her son? Do Sensoths need to shave? How is the St. Louis Arch still standing, seriously!? Get your questions together and post them in the comments section below. Remember, this chat will be conducted over Twitter, so keep 'em concise and to the point. 

Here's a little background on Kevin Murphy, which may come in handy: Murphy's biggest television credit before Defiance was on ABC's Desperate Housewives, where he served as head of the writing team that was nominated for an Emmy in 2005. But he's got sci-fi chops, too, serving as showrunner for Syfy's Battlestar Galactica-prequel Caprica. Murphy is also a skilled composer, and he created the Reefer Madness musical, which was a hit on the stage and won him an Emmy. Murphy developed Defiance with Rockne S. O'Bannon and Michael Taylor. 

Here are the details:

WHAT: Twitterview with Defiance's Kevin Murphy

WHEN: Tuesday, May 7 at 2pm - 3pm Pacific (5pm - 6pm Eastern)

WHERE: Online! Keep an eye on the Twitter feeds of @DefianceWorld and @TVdotcom. We'll also publish the full conversation on the site later on. 

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Just post your question in the comment below. We might not have a chance to get to all of them, so make it good because we'll be picking the best ones. Remember, this is Twitter, so we'll be enforcing a 140-character limit, and we reserve the right to paraphrase questions. Include your Twitter handle if you like, and we'll try to cc you if we ask your question.

This is what 140 characters looks like, so if you've gone on longer than this, you might want to make an edit. Shtako shtako shtako shtako!

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  • Lollipopfop Jun 07, 2013

    I tried watching the show and could not understand it. Why were the humans co operating with any of these Votans? They invaded our planet. They caused a war which would not have happened if they had simply left when they realized we did not have room for them. There is absolutely no way you can come in peace and expect to be allowed to live on a planet you do not belong on. Resources are too precious for that. And immigrating when you are unwanted is not coming in peace. Is it? Also how can the Irathi, or what you call the red haired plastic nosed ones, possibly think they are "at one with nature" when their very presence on the planet is unnatural. I do not understand how the Irathi can think humans don't treat the planet right after their races destroyed every species here except for humans. Is that a joke or something? And why do the humans not keep fighting them after what they did? It doesn't really look like a place anyone would even want to live. I would think most humans would rather just destroy it rather then allow the murderers of the Earth to simply co exist here.

  • Strable May 09, 2013

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  • fearlesstrek May 08, 2013

    Do you guys have any plans on mabe a prequel movie or short series, giving us a vivid depiction of what happened before, during and immediately after the battle of defiance? so we can all get a better picture of what happened, and get more insight as to the story torc, nolin and or resident Paradise lawman share..... PS. not sure if its a repeat question only about half way thru em lol if so sorry

  • Oxytone May 07, 2013

    What is the likelihood that full information about the languages of Defiance will be made publically available?

  • georgereadiii May 07, 2013

    Any plans for the conspiracy that brought the Volge & destroyed the Arks? (I suspect the A.I.s.)

  • georgereadiii May 07, 2013

    Any plans to involve the V.C. or Dark Matter?

  • CherylDuskey May 07, 2013

    Are you going to be exploring more background stories? Curious to find out what makes these characters tick and how they got where they are.

  • ChrisWhite21 May 07, 2013

    First off, I am enjoying both the game and show immensely. It's the only game that I have played, since getting it. Playing the game got me interested in the show and I rather like it. Thank everyone involved in game and show for bringing this together and making it a reality.
    2 questions.
    1. Was there one budget that was split between game and show or, did they have separate budgets from the start?
    2. How did budgeting for both a game and a show affect both game and show, positives/negatives?

  • jimmythompson May 07, 2013

    Do the actors play the game?

  • mcepin3 May 07, 2013

    Grant does,others said they might,but I don't think,they'll stick to it. Grant is a gamer.

  • elizacrestste May 07, 2013

    The community is pretty tight knit right now. Will that be expanding over the season? We have the feuding families, the love triangle with Nolan/Amanda/Kenya forming too. I was happy to see the spirit riders return too. Will we be seeing any expansions moving to connect the Defiance family with the characters from the game setting?

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