Did Weeds Really Just End Like THAT?

By Price Peterson

Sep 27, 2011

SPOILERS ahead for those of you who haven't watched Monday's Season 7 finale.

The Weeds of today is a very different show than the one we encountered in the original pilot, but despite Nancy Botwin's locale changes, prison stints, and rising drug lord status, Weeds ended its seventh season more or less where it began: in the suburbs. An unsteady compromise between the various members of the fractured Botwin family led to Nancy and her sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh) agreeing to settle in Connecticut to raise Nancy's toddler together, plus eldest son Silas would get to run his own pot business from the guest house. In some unfinished business, Shane seems to have been blackmailed into joining the police academy, and Doug may or may not be about to take the fall for cooking books at his Wall Street firm. All in all, an interesting way to conclude this strange, New York-based season.

BUT then, after a fake-out involving a little girl shining a laser pointer onto Nancy's forehead, we got the final shot: REAL rifle crosshairs scanned over each family member's face before settling on Nancy's, and then BANG! Gunshot/cut to black. Granted, we didn't see Nancy die, but that could have something to do with one well-known fact: Weeds hasn't yet been renewed for an eighth season. Which means that if Showtime finally decides the series has run its course, it will have ended with its protagonist getting SHOT IN THE FACE.

If the renewal order comes through, we'll inevitably get some kind of quirky cop-out. "Oh, it was just a paintball gun, and the neighbor has an interesting way of saying hello!" But is it weird of me to secretly hope Weeds ends with Nancy getting taken out? Not only would that be a pretty audacious way to end a series, but also Weeds has made it crystal clear that this lady ruins the lives of everyone around her. Or maybe there's a third, even weirder option: Nancy's been killed, and the show will focus on Jennifer Jason Leigh keeping the Botwins together? Nevermind, even as I was typing that sentence I was like, "No thanks!"

If I were savvier about how the television industry works, I might assume that Weeds executive producer Jenji Kohan intentionally created a cliffhanger that would compel Showtime to want to renew the show. Remember the Season 6 cliffhanger, when Nancy finally got arrested? That struck me as the same type of situation. The show could have ended just before that final scene, but then Weeds was like, "Nope, we will do anything to keep you watching." So now the only question is, did it work this time around?

What did you think of the Weeds season finale?
...Is Nancy alive or dead?
...Is Weeds coming back for another season?

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  • brontevspeight Jan 06, 2014

    Nancy's finally got some stability with a good income so she can now 'provide' for her family.
    Silas' plans regarding the drugs which also symbolises him taking his final step out on the journey to becoming a man and leaving the nest.
    Nancy discovers Silas' plans & robs him for all the weed to 'teach him a lesson'.
    Silas finds out it was his mum who robbed him! This is the straw that breaks the camels back.
    Silas sets a hit on Nancy.
    Nancy makes dramatic speech at lunch thinking the bad times are behind her.
    Sniper shot kills Nancy.

    If Weeds gets granted next season I wonder if. . . .
    Weeds shifts its focus to Silas' decisions & how they impact people (but I predict on a more subtle tone & perspectives change between the other characters a lot more frequently. These characters will have a lot more power in the show because Nancy's finally out of the picture)
    A lot more pop culture will be involved but it will be strongly contrasted against the flavours of the past seasons of the show.

    I dno. I like the show but i hate it as well because of Nancy. I've been waiting for this day for the last 2 weeks since my partner started watching it 24/7. A girl can dream :)


  • walterbowie Apr 03, 2013

    This shit suck all the thing she did and she didn't die wow. White people show always have a good ending lol. Next time y'all make something new make it real. When you watch black show it alway a bad ending. Make it a more thrilling show with a good ended in like we all know the Mexico cartel would have really been killed here but hey this is a white person tv show so they live. My rate on this is trash wouldn't watch it again two thumb down

  • JameelAboulho Apr 21, 2012

    Actually I changed my mind. It didn't clearly show a silencer. You can only see the rifle from the front and it's indistinguishable what kind of rifle it even is, or if that was a silencer. However the gunshot wasn't very loud, so it may have been silenced, in which case maybe she did get shot. People have a misconception that a silencer makes a gun silent - it doesn't. It reduces the sound but not significantly, and that sounds like a silenced shot at the end of the episode. Damn cliff hangers, damn season breaks.

  • JameelAboulho Apr 21, 2012

    Write off, pardon my tired English.

  • JameelAboulho Apr 21, 2012

    As pstuhr said I don't believe she got shot. My theory since then has been that someone shot the guy with the rifle. And I'm almost positive esteban or whatever his name is has something to do with this - there's no way he actually died in prison, that's too easy of a right off for a mafia lord. He wouldn't go down that way. They did it that way on purpose to have a super cliff hanger. While I think we can all agree the show has done several 180s since season 1, everyone would like it to keep going. This isn't Fox so they will take the decision and take time to make it.

  • pstuhr Feb 11, 2012

    I don't think she was shot because it clearly shows the sniper having a silencer and when the shot went off it was obviously not silent. so that leads to even more questions, like who shot what gun at who? I hate that they would end it like this, so many things left to explain

  • JoshuaBrown Jan 07, 2012

    WTF!!! Ofcourse there is going to be a season 8 why wouldnt there be weeds is one of the best shows on tv and i would cancel my showtime subscription the minute i found out it was canceled i have watched every episode of weeds since day one lol i was like 14 i am now 21 im just so fuckin pissed it ended like this i mean eevery season has a crazy cliffhanger but this one was just to fuckin much i mean who shot her cant really ask why bc she has a tendency to piss everyone off but we need to know who aAaaRrrrGHHhh

  • RachelPresley Oct 31, 2011

    This just can't be the end. The show has way too many followers. Lets face it, the past few seasons leave us with "cliff-hangers" for the just in case it is over. That just means that the writers know that you can't keep going thinking that the show will last forever. I get that. But I don't think this is one of those endings and if the past seasons have shown us anything it's that Nancy keeps coming back. I say we still have a couple more seasons left. I'm also with lec-trik, lets try to keep going until they legalize it!

  • lec-trik Oct 05, 2011

    Until they LEGAL-izzzzze POT !!!

    SHOWTIME has a big winner & canceling should be off the table .

    my $0.02

  • JosieBolton Oct 05, 2011

    damn im actually voting on the comments that wants another season to air of weeds like my voting on these comments will actually count as a vote of confidence and bring weeds back for season 8 wtf lol im tripping ya'll but i really dont want weeds to end!!!!!!

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