Doctor Octopus Leads Law & Order: LA

By Tim Surette

Jul 27, 2010

... Legitimate actor Alfred Molina, who you know as Doctor Octopus from the second Spider-Man movie and who I know as Satipo in Raiders of the Lost Ark ("Throw me the idol, I throw you the whip!"), is suiting up as the newest enforcer of law and order in Law & Order: Los Angeles. He'll play Deputy D.A. Morales alongside the previously announced Skeet Ulrich. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The fourth season of Mad Men drew 2.9 million viewers on Sunday, a new record for the show. But that's still disappointing, as it barely beat the previous high of 2.8 million. I was not one of those 2.9 million, because I don't watch shows that bore me to death. (Uh oh! Mad Men fight!) [LA Times]

... Dylan and Brandon are like totally getting back together SQUEEEEEEE!!! Luke Perry and Jason Priestley will costar in Goodnight For Justice, a hardboiled, violent, Western about two of history's most notorious criminals. Oh no, sorry. It's a Hallmark Movie Channel original. So expects lots of commercials for Summer's Eve. [Deadline Hollywood]

... HBO's Broadway drama The Miraculous Year has added Susan Sarandon to its ever-expanding and impressive cast. Sarandon will play the director of the play at the center of the show, which also stars Hope Davis, Frank Langella, and Lee Pace. Another reason this theatrical drama may not be a prance through the daisies? It's being produced by The Hurt Locker director Katheryn Bigelow. [EW]

... We all knew this, but now it's official. NBC has confirmed that Steve Carell is leaving The Office. Presumably to do as many mediocre family-friendly movies as possible. [TV By the Numbers]

... American Idol is trying to stay relevant following the departure of the despicably charismatic Simon Cowell, so Fox is bringing back producer Nigel Lythgoe, the man with the most British-sounding name in the world. Well, except for Ian (EYE-an) Crumplebottom III of Essex. The Idol crew is also targeting Sir Justin Timberlake as a possible Simon replacement. [THR]

... It's been a while since President Obama has abused his power to get on television, but he's returning to the boob tube via ABC's The View on Thursday. Obama's spot on the ladies' chat show will be the first daytime talk show appearance by a sitting president EVAR, says ABC. It will also be co-host Barbara Walters' first day back on the job since her heart surgery. Way to ease right back into it, Babs. [Reuters]

... There's a new cast member for MTV's Jersey Shore. And she's AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! [Radar Online]

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