Elodie Bouchez joins Alias cast

By Lila Holland

Aug 05, 2005

Award-winning French actress Elodie Bouchez has joined the cast of ABC's hit spy drama Alias, which begins its fifth season this fall.

The beautiful Bouchez comes to Alias in what may be part of producers' effort to add new "sex appeal" to the show while pregnant star Jennifer Garner is unable to perform action sequences in skimpy costumes. She will take on the role of Renee Rienne, "an internationally wanted criminal who, unbeknownst to Sydney, has secretly been working with Vaughn for several years." Renee's arrival may provide some explanation for last season's finale cliff-hanger, in which Vaughn announced to Sydney that he was not who he'd claimed to be.

Bouchez has appeared in scores of French films and several English-language ones, including The Beat Nicks, America Brown, and the upcoming independent comedy Shooting Vegetarians. She has won two of France's Cesar Awards--the French equivalent to our Oscars--for her work in Andre Techine's Wild Reeds and Erick Zonca's The Dreamlife of Angels.

Also joining the Alias cast this season is The Inside's Rachel Nichols, who will play a CIA technical analyst. The season premiere is scheduled for Thursday, September 29, at 8:00pm ET.

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  • RalphEssers Aug 08, 2005

    Cool ! All these new women in Alias .. Can't wait for the season to start..

  • actiontwinkle Aug 05, 2005

    she is plain at best.

  • Rivierafun Aug 05, 2005

    Elodie Bouchez... a beauty ? is that a joke ? She's ugly. I've got nothing against her, maybe she's a great actress i dont know, but beautiful... i think it's time to stop women and gay men from casting female characters it's really getting out of control.

  • rsloane Aug 05, 2005

    I guess they need someone new to run awkwardly through hallways in tight clothes...

  • IllyriaRules Aug 05, 2005

    ugh, this girl....not...pretty...at....all

  • suzyliz Aug 05, 2005

    hopefully she doesnt stink up the show!

  • jade92264 Aug 05, 2005

    Sounds interesting...Hmmm

  • freaksngeeks Aug 05, 2005

    I had no idea the world of cloak and dagger was a employment pantheon of good looking people.