Eric Kripke Is Stepping Down as Supernatural Boss

By Tim Surette

Feb 17, 2010

... Yesterday's Season 6 renewal of Supernatural (yay!) comes with a HUGE asterisk (uh oh!). Show creator Eric Kripke is leaving his post as showrunner (no!), though he'll still be heavily involved in the project. Executive producer Sera Gamble will replace him as the show's big cheese. Kripke is reportedly in the process of signing a new deal with WB Television, meaning he's at work on a new series (yay!). Is this the beginning of the end? Can the awesome Sera Gamble keep the show on track? What will Kripke's new show be? Someone please give me these answers! [EW]

... Jersey Shore's Snooki is treating these fifteen minutes like it's all she'll have. The pint-sized reality star has applied to trademark the name "Snooki," which means only bad things can follow. In addition to using her nickname as a "television personality," she's seeking a trademark for the purpose of writing a book. Which means she's going to write a book. Which means we're just a few locust swarms away from Hell on Earth. [The Smoking Gun]

... HBO is getting into the whole "World Wide Web" thing, finally. The cable network is setting up an online video service that will allow subscribers to watch HBO programs on demand on their computers. Pretty cool. [NY Times]

... Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Marc Blucas has a new regular gig! Well, potentially. The man who played Riley Finn has joined the ABC pilot True Blue, a drama about San Francisco homicide detectives. [EW]

... SCTV alum Eugene Levy is also back to work, landing a new role in Josh Schwartz's Unhitched. The CBS program, seen as a potential mate for How I Met Your Mother, is a twenty-something's "we just got married" type of comedy. Boooooooring. Levy will play the groom's dad. [THR]

... Take that, stupid Winter Olympics! American Idol showed those silly games who's boss, outperforming figure skaters and snowboarders in the ratings last night. American Idol was seen by 23.6 million people, and the Winter Games were only seen by 20.3 million. USA! USA! USA! [The Live Feed]

... I'm sure someone out there cares about this. Kevin Eubanks won't return as Jay Leno's bandleader when the show-giver/show-stealer returns to The Tonight Show. Eubanks said, "I can't work for a guy who crushes the dreams of good people." Okay I made that up, but we all know what you were inferring, Kevin. "Stuttering John" Melendez also won't be returning as the show's announcer, though he will remain a writer. Karma? [Variety]

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  • MasonPlace Oct 01, 2011

    im sure the show will be fine its been to bad ass for this long alreaady it wont go down just because one person left, thats like everyone whose character in the series already died the shows still on!!

  • asya155 Feb 18, 2010

    Hoping that the show will stay on the right track and that s6 gonna be Awesome :D even with no Kripke.

  • S-Shield Feb 18, 2010

    I hope they finish the End of the World storyline this season, and then next year can be a kind of "What happens after Happily Ever After" deal, where the guys no longer have a mission statement and try to figure out what to do next. While still hunting monsters and Satan's leftovers, of course.

  • Yasser-24 Feb 18, 2010

    i hope that she wont screw things up ! .. cuz i really wont supernatural to end on a high note ! ..

  • Miizol Feb 18, 2010

    PHEW! Kripke's still involved haha. But i think Sera Gamble is pretty good too (: So i'm pretty confident of season 6 :D

  • Llamaland Feb 18, 2010

    Oh wow I can't believe Supernatural got renewed! I love it but I hope this doesn't ruin it. I don't know how they will top this seasons storyline unless they are going to wrap it up next season. :S
    I'm not sure if I am happy or not.

  • WilsonCrawford Feb 18, 2010

    I love how people just jumped straight to "OH NO! NO KRIPKE, CRAPPY SHOW!!!" Guys, he's still there, he's just not dealing with the overall aspects of the show: He'll still be executive producer, he'll still have major influence over the show, he'll still be heavily involved with Supernatural, so chill the hell out. Having said that however, I would prefer him keeping his seat at the head of the table... However, we still have season 6 (which they have already plotted mostly, says Sera Gamble, and are really really excited about the next turn of events) and we still have everyone involved with the show, just switching around the seats a little. Who knows, maybe this time Ben Edlund will get to have more time to write (AMAZING) episodes, and Sera will have a great affect on the show's reinvention? I'm really just extremely excited about this, and I think all SPN fans should be!

  • VConn Feb 18, 2010

    Not sure I like the idea of Kripke going off to work on another show - I mean just look at JJ Abrams, He started with just LOST and now his name is on so many thing I doubt even he knows them all and while that may be good for his bank account it will eventually reflect badly on LOST(I think it has already) and I fear the same thing will happen to SUPERNATURAL should Kripke decide to split his time between two shows.

  • Shikady Feb 18, 2010

    Oh come on!. First a sixth season and now no kripke? I don't like where this is going.

  • sweetsaintz Feb 18, 2010

    What is the point of having a season 6 when its genius creator Kripke won't even be in charge of things?? This is NOT a good sign...

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