Everyone in the World Watches CSI

By Tim Surette

Jun 11, 2010

… CBS' CSI has won a nice trophy for the top of Les Moonves' fridge. The 50th Monte Carlo TV Festival, the biggest global TV awards show in the world, gave CSI the International Television something-or-other, which basically declares it the highest-rated program in the world, beating House, which won last year. This is the third time the show has won the award, proving that the world does not like to be challenged. [CBS via press release]

… Spike TV's Half Pint Brawlers, which chronicles little people who make a living as wrestlers, has drawn ire from the Little People of America. What a shocker! The LPA is speaking out against the show's use of the derogatory term "midget," which is uttered non-stop on the docu-drama. The stars of the show responded by putting the LPA in the Camel Clutch. [TMZ]

… NBC has ordered the game show pilot Who's Bluffing Who?, hosted by D.L. Hughley. The format is such: Seven contestants lie their way toward money and prizes. This show sounds awesome and I will watch it every single day. No word on whether this is aimed for primetime or daytime, though. In the spirit of the show, one of the sentences in this blurb is a total lie. Can you guess which one? [THR]

… Annoying Real Housewives of New Jersey "star" Danielle Staub has a sex tape out. Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson also has one out. Staub is 47 years old. Kendra turns 25 tomorrow. And Staub believes her sexcapades will outsell Kendra's amateur skin folly. Looks like dementia has set in early. [TMZ]

FlashForward fans, all two dozen of them, have carried out their plans to stage a dramatic save-the-show campaign. Supporters mimicked the canceled drama's main mystery: A two-minute-and-seventeen-second blackout. In other words, a bunch of people gathered together and took a power nap for a few minutes. Just do it under your desk, like normal people! [Deadline]

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  • blueliang Jun 24, 2010

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  • ZEP69d3Z Jun 16, 2010

    what geeno13 said. oh and why watch anything at all, you know what'll happen in any show, they'll solve crimes, bad guys die or get caught, main character most likely lives, if they do, its a dream sequence or an alternate reality, if they get shot they're wearing bulletproof vest, stuff like that.

  • geeno13 Jun 13, 2010

    You know what's funny? People who hate CSI because they are watching bunch of loser shows! What's more funny is that they say things abOut CSI as if they're watching it! Grow up! Don't hate CSI just because you don't watch it! There's a saying "INSECURITY reigns in the UGLY heart of an EMPTY brain." =P

  • mermayd Jun 13, 2010

    It always amazes me that anybody is watching CSI at all. Formula = boring. You know what will happen. They're going to solve the case. Duh.

  • EverteMax Jun 13, 2010

    Power nap...HAHAHAHAHAH good one.

    CSI? Don't watch anymore...it's a big yawn for me.

  • ArnoldRimmer1 Jun 13, 2010

    Flash Forward Fans are a Joke now

  • Badfluffy Jun 13, 2010

    The CSI thing is so ridiculous, it's actually hillarious! Who gives a bleep if a lot of morons watch this stupid show because they think it's so brainy and it makes them look smart to watch it! If ratings were an indication of quality, that would make American Idol the Top show ever. Guess what?

    The Flashforward people got a great idea there. Beats the Jericho idiots with their peanuts. It won't save the show from terminal bad writing and total waste of opportunity but it's nice.

  • geeno13 Jun 12, 2010

    Who the hell cares if you hate or don't watch CSI??? The award is not for you either! =P

  • tryptz Jun 12, 2010

    i think FlashForward deserves a second season maybe in a spot where it dont have to compete with other higher shows that might improve its ratings and folks might appredicate it more

  • vicbjones Jun 12, 2010

    I still watch CSI. What's the writer's problem with it? It's not as compelling as it was with Grissom, but it's still an entertaining show. American Idol is the highest rated show in the US and that makes us geniuses? Or maybe TV.COM has a problem with anyone over 20.

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