Fall TV 2013: Your Everything Guide to the New Season, Including Premiere Dates!

By TV.com Staff

Sep 07, 2013

The new fall TV season is upon us, and as usual, it's jam-packed with so many new shows you can't possibly keep them all straight. That's where this story comes in! Bookmark it now; below, you'll find a filterable guide to all the new and returning TV series that are airing this fall. Premiere dates, airtimes, show descriptions, editors' picks—they're all in there. We'll continue to update it in the coming weeks.

And if you click the follow button next to any given show, it will: 1. add that show to your "following" list (which you can access via the dropdown menu in the upper righthand corner of the site, next to your user name), 2. add that show to a personalized listings module on the TV.com homepage, and 3. add you as a member of the corresponding show community (if it exists), which means you'll see posts about the show in your community feed.  

Please give the module a few seconds to load, it's a heavy one!

What will YOU be watching this fall?

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  • MartinBaku Oct 08, 2013

    The list is buggy.. lots of new shows are not marked as such and/or don't appear if you filter by "new shows"..

  • Chouette57 Oct 06, 2013

    Thanks for this great list! I have it bookmarked and just love that I can see all the series (new and old) in one shot like this! Much appreciated! :)

  • fernandasenatore7 Oct 05, 2013

    No matar.series.

  • TracyTrouble Oct 03, 2013

    The Blacklist, Dracula, Almost Human are the 3 I'm most looking forward to. Also can't wait for the next season of Revolution to start in the UK. Is Banshee coming back?

  • Chouette57 Oct 05, 2013

    Between season, back at the beginning 2014... that's all I could find.

  • TracyTrouble Oct 06, 2013

    Better then than not at all - thanks so much for bothering to try and find some info; I genuinely appreciate it. :)

  • paulvtattoo Oct 12, 2013

    oh yeah, banshee is definitely coming back! I live in the small town in North Carolina where they film it. I've been watching them film season 2!. The "police department" on the show, is less than 30 seconds from my house!

  • TracyTrouble Oct 16, 2013

    Hopefully your cops are better than Banshee's version! :)

  • DERBEST Oct 03, 2013

    Person of Interest and One open a time are incredible.
    Does anyone know anything new about Banshee?That show is sick.

  • 2Big2Bite Sep 26, 2013

    Why is the new shows disapearing from the list. im using it for dead pool...

  • SavhCaro Sep 26, 2013

    Got quite a few checked but Person Of Interest is my FAVORITE!

  • dh4645 Sep 24, 2013

    when does NIKITA come back on

  • Chouette57 Oct 05, 2013

    Returning November 22nd, 2013

  • menrii Sep 23, 2013

    NCIS, revenge, once upon a time, the crazy ones, elementary, witches of east end, last man standing, beauty and the beast

  • Llostris Sep 23, 2013

    My Fall TV 2013 Menu:

    Once Upon a Time, Homeland, Revenge, Masters of Sex, 2 Broke Girls, Mom, Almost Human, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Ravenswood, Revolution, Nashville, The Tomorrow People, American Horror Story, Grey's Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Scandal, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Covert Affairs, The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra, Haven, Dracula,

    I'm also going to try:

    Witches of East End, Hostages, The Crazy Ones, Reign,

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