The CW Cancels Reality Series Famous in 12

By Kaitlin Thomas

Jul 03, 2014

Famous in 12? More like Canceled in 5, am I right? The CW has pulled the reality series, which it billed as a social experiment, after just five weeks, according to The Wrap. Repeats of Arrow will now air in the Tuesday at 8pm time slot.

Famous in 12 followed a family attempting to make it big in Hollywood within a 12-week timeframe. They were assisted in their endeavors by the upstanding folks over at TMZ, who created opportunities for them to breeze through popular celebrity hotspots. In case you're still not clear on why The CW canceled the series, this is actually something one of the cast members said: "Should I? Should I have sex on camera?"

I shouldn't ask, but will you miss Famous in 12

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  • angeliqueartiaga2201 Aug 15, 2014

    Witness the African American family that was hand selected by Harvey Levin and TMZ. Take two seconds and show your support. Please like http://facebook.comtheartiagas

  • angeliqueartiaga2201 Jul 10, 2014

    WERE Baaaaack!!! Be sure 2 check out the climb 2night at 8pm est UNCUT on pls b sweet & RETWEET 🎬🎥💻🕗

  • PaulCarroll2 Jul 08, 2014

    So we will never find out if she did the sex scene?

  • jesseburns161 Jul 07, 2014

    Now if only those 2 series, The Bachelor and Bachelorette wre cancelled.
    That would be a cause to be really cheerful!

  • RoryJamesSaywer Jul 07, 2014

    Never had heard of it and glad it's gone

  • safibwana Jul 05, 2014

    The great thing about experiments: A negative result is still a result.

  • DSniner Jul 05, 2014

    So Famous in 12 is cancelled.If they keep this up and continue to cancel stupid reality shows,then I'm gonna have to start having faith in humanity again!

  • kawaiimilksha Jul 05, 2014

    Famous in 12? what was that? lol

  • hockeyrick Jul 05, 2014

    Nice start, I can think of a zillion others that deserve the YANK!

  • jheylyn Jul 04, 2014

    Well, will I miss Famous in 12? NO

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