Fear and Loathing for Battlestar Galactica: The Movie

By Conor Griff

Aug 17, 2009

Humans have an unfortunate tendency to trumpet opinions without waiting until they have all the relevant facts. This is basically why the internet was invented. Still, with that reality in mind -- along with a hopeful eagerness to remain guarded in our opinions -- we would like to say that Bryan Singer's just-announced reboot of Battlestar Galactica is probably going to suck.

Announced on Friday, Singer and original series creator Glen Larson are teaming up to make a Battlestar Galactica movie that, per Variety, the studio is calling a "complete reimagination." It's also not clear if the project will include Ronald Moore, creator of the last BSG reboot, the one that aired on Syfy/Scifi and was fantastic in every way (including the finale, I don't care what you say). We called Moore's agent, hoping to at least find out if he has been offered the writing gig, but we're still awaiting a response. In the meantime, the fact that the creators of the last reboot may not be involved is discouraging.

To make matters worse, Singer was seen meeting with Justin Timberlake on Thursday, fueling speculation that he will be offered a role. We're skeptical of JT's involvement, but weirder things have happened. For now, Timberlake is the only (tenuously) rumored casting, so no one knows if any of the Syfy show's cast will be invited to reprise their roles.

To summarize: We are possibly looking at a complete reinvention of a beloved series that's still riding a wave of success from its last brilliantly executed redo, except instead of involving the people who made it such a success, we have the guy who ruined Superman. (Actually, I take that one back. Singer makes some good movies, and Superman wasn't terrible; It was just bloated and really expensive. I think we can all agree that Valkyrie was a really bad idea, though.)

Why now? The answer, duh, is money. Star Trek was a huge hit for Paramount, and Universal wants in on a successful sci-fi television franchise with a built-in fanbase. However, at this point, a BSG movie seems like far less than a surefire success.

The last BSG reboot is still fresh in everyone's mind, and it was a big success. Throwing out Moore's work and starting so quickly (assuming the movie will be released in 2011 or 2012) is risky, to say the least. Reinventing a beloved property from an earlier generation is far less risky than redoing something less than two years old. Even then, science fiction fans tend to become personally invested in the things they love, and they take it as a direct affront when a new iteration defiles that which has come before. (See: Lucas, George; career since 1992.)

Ultimately, the success of a new BSG film will depend on the reactions fof the franchise's fans. What are your predictions? Have you already dismissed this movie? Are you actually excited? Or, like us, are you willing to give it a chance... as long as Moore & co. are involved, and Timberlake is not? If Starbuck has a dance number, we're going to be really pissed.

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  • DanFixx Oct 05, 2009

    What is worse? Greed or stupidity???

  • little_magelly Aug 24, 2009

    If it has nothing to do with the good one, nobody's going to watch it. Period.

  • tvlovinarria Aug 23, 2009

    Moore's BSG was amazing. Why mess with something that was great and that was wrapped up?! Find something else to make money on because I'm pretty sure this one will not be a success.

  • rflem16 Aug 23, 2009

    If the original cast of the recently ended BSG is not involved in the movie I wont wast my time or money to see it.

  • neomichel Aug 21, 2009

    I am interested in seeing "the remake" from Brian Singer. I am not going to judge it until I see it.

  • LooseLoony Aug 21, 2009

    Seriously why? The BSG story has been told brilliantly already and just recently.... How about a movie with the same premise as the series "Space above and beyond" now that would look awesome on the big screen.

  • mude Aug 20, 2009

    I would say that they should wait atleast a decade before attempting another reboot. What Moore achieved, was near perfection itself. I still can't get the superb finale out of my head, so a new reboot right now will fall far short of what we've been exposed to the last couple of years.

  • legersem Aug 20, 2009

    I have to say I'm disappointed. BSG just recently finished its run on SyFy THIS YEAR. Geez, I know that you want more money, but the movie is going to be nowhere near as good as the series was. I don't care who they bring in, it just won't be the same. I'm going to say right not that I will not be seeing it if this all turns out to be true. Caprica is going to be premiered soon and I might watch that and I will watch The Plan when it comes out, but this movie is already discredited entirely in my mind. They would have to do something really awesome to change my mind and I doubt they could pull it off.

  • alfridavella Aug 20, 2009

    I`m excited to hear that. I love to see more BSG but hope to keep most of the actors especially starbuck as she is my favorite. Because without her i probably don`t care or don`t even go to watch it and i enjoyed watching Superman.

  • Celestra9 Aug 19, 2009

    I've got to say that I just groaned when I heard. But I'm not surprised really. I think Larson was pissed that his attempts to bring the show back were canned, then RDM pops up and does something that was just so totally awesome that it eclipsed the original on pretty much every way. To try to reboot the original show now is just plain ridiculous. I think one of the reasons that Star Trek did so well was that the Trek fans hadn't had anything new for so long that a lot of them were hyped just to see something new. That fact the movie turned out to be so awesome was just a massive bonus. RDM's BSG isn't even cold yet, so to think that fans will flock to see a big screen reboot of the original show now is ludicrous (and I was a huge fan the the 1978 show, I just think RDM took it places that no one could have ever dreamed of).

    and Kara ROCKS!!!!!

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