First Cancellation of the Season! CBS Pulls Made In Jersey After Two Episodes

By Tim Surette

Oct 10, 2012

First the Nets leave New Jersey, then Jersey Shore returns to disappointing ratings, and now CBS's Made in Jersey has been canceled. Jersey Pride is taking a beating.

CBS has made the first awkward phone call of the 2012 fall season, pulling Made in Jersey from its schedule effective immediately. The legal drama about a street-smart lawyer from New York's jealous cousin has been airing on Friday nights at 9pm; last Friday marked the series' second episode. Made in Jersey actually won the hour in total viewers with its last episode by drawing 6.78 million viewers. But it still had that CBS problem and finished fourth with just a 0.8 rating in the adult demo. Hey, at least it beat a Hart of Dixie repeat!

This bloodshed is the first of what has been a kinder, gentler opening month of the new fall season. Five shows (NBC's Go On, The New Normal, and Revolution and Fox's The Mindy Project and Ben and Kate) have all been given full-season orders.

Made in Jersey's 9pm timeslot will go to CSI: NY, which slides back an hour from hour. Undercover Boss will take over the vacated Friday-at-8pm slot when it returns for Season 4 on November 2.

If you're participating in our Dead Pool, this news is a bit of an upset—Friday shows are usually given a longer leash, as poor ratings come with the territory. Made in Jersey will be worth 11 points (two episodes aired, so it's 13 – 2 = 11). No, I did not have it as one of my picks and I'm pretty bummed about it. But now it's so obvious! Arghhhh! I mean, CBS let A Gifted Man rot for months before it got canceled in the same time slot last year!

Other shows that are likely candidates for cancellation include Fox's The Mob Doctor, CBS's Partners, and NBC's Guys With Kids.

Did anyone here watch Made in Jersey?

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  • DoreenPierson1 Nov 10, 2012

    They should have given Made in Jersey a chance! Cute show better than all the lousy reality shows!

  • EmporerEJ Oct 22, 2012

    I thought it had potential. Certainly more than most of the other trash.

    They should have left it run. Hey, CBS, how about you let us watch the rest of the season on Amazon Prime? I'll even watch your commercials if you let me see the rest of the shows. deal?

  • TokRaa Oct 19, 2012

    Points for me too!

  • pineypower Oct 14, 2012

    They dumped CSI: Miami, the best of the CSIs, for this crummy show and they dump it after two weeks. CBS is turning in to NBC. I remember reading about the decision to pick this up in place of CSI: Miami and a CBS executive said they wanted an all New York set of programs. She should be fired NOW!

  • JasonMcConnaugh Oct 13, 2012

    Networks should be made to give shows at least until the holiday break before PULLING the plug!!!!

  • ajf7585 Oct 13, 2012

    I didn't love it but it wasn't bad. I'll miss it.

  • miko200 Oct 12, 2012

    Watched it... It was quirky... Was watchable compared to some other shows. Guess the brass didn't like the numbers.

  • zookpr Oct 12, 2012

    Just wondering: if it's been pulled after two episodes why does your site show it screening the third episode tonight???

  • Acrobit Oct 12, 2012

    Didn't watch it, but it actually looked decent. I have them on my DVR, and I wouldn't have been surprised either way. Two Broke Girls (boobs, I have to say that) and Whitney came back, so I thought it would at least meet that bar.

    I did watch Ben and Kate, though. Good Lord, smite that goddamn show and salt the earth. Someone must've thought we couldn't handle the hilarity of shows like Up All Night, and they wanted to ease us into the funny so gently we wouldn't feel it...ever. Ever.


  • jazzilee51 Oct 12, 2012

    glad this one went bye- bye fast,,,,,just a boring no talent show

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