First Treme Promo is Basically The Gospel

By Tim Surette

Jan 11, 2010

Of the many good-looking midseason shows coming out over the next four months, one the highlights is HBO's Treme, by The Wire creator and TV genius David Simon (yeah, I'm biased).

EMBED-HBO Series Treme Teaser - Watch more free videos

Set in New Orleans, Treme (pronounced tre-MAY and named after a neighborhood in the Big Easy) takes a look at the city's vibrant music scene and how it has survived since Hurricane Katrina. It stars Clark Peters, Wendell Pierce, Steve Zahn, and the recently announced John Goodman, and listening to the gospel piece that accompanies the very tease-y trailer gives me goosebumps. I. Can't. Wait.

Okay, so it didn't really show us anything, but it still got me pumped. For actual footage of the show, head to the 1:50 mark of the following HBO promo, which features a few images of what to expect.

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  • torrijos Jan 12, 2010

    Generation Kill was also an amazing show, so I'll be waiting for Treme too.

  • KingofIPirates Jan 12, 2010

    Still not liking the direction