FlashForward Heads in Reverse

By Tim Surette

Jan 11, 2010

... Well isn't that special... or maybe just 10 years too late. Dana "Garth" Carvey is giving the sketch-comedy thing another try. Fox has picked up a sketch pilot from the former SNL star, who will create it with the surprisingly funny Spike Feresten. The new show will be more mainstream and "less alternative" than Carvey's previous endeavors, says Carvey. Because Master of Disguise was soooo indie. [Variety]

... NBC's Day One was all set to be the network's next big sci-fi show when it was announced last May, but now the post-apocalyptic extinction event is merely a two-hour television event. Day One, about rebuilding civilization after a meteor strike, was reduced to a mini-series last year and has now been squeezed into a two-hour telemovie. Guess the whole rebuilding thing doesn't work out. [Sci-Fi Wire]

... All three of you America's Got Talent fans are still in tears from the departure of David Hasselhoff, but don't worry, his replacement will be even more entertaining! Provided you like people putting surgical gloves over their heads and blowing them up. That's right, Howie Mandel is now on the judging panel of the NBC reality competition. America's got talent, but do the judges? [Access Hollywood]

... Nerds (and cool people who are closet nerds) rejoice! CBS has booked the Godfather of comic-books, Stan Lee, for a guest spot on The Big Bang Theory. In an upcoming episode, writers had a storyline for Sheldon to be rude to a celebrity. They settled for Lee instead. Just kidding Stan! Don't kill me with a suffocating shower of money! [IF Magazine]

... Better Off Ted is a #&*$ing great show. It *@&#s the $&!@ out of its competition, yet will probably still be #*&$ing canceled. But it shouldn't, just take a look at these expletive-laden outtakes for proof. [YouTube - Warning: lots of naughty words!]

... Gumby creator Art Clokey passed away at the age of 88 on Friday. Clokey helped mold and shape animation with the creation of the little green glob of clay, and I loved every episode growing up as a kid. [The Hollywood Reporter]

... FlashForward's return to television has been rewound two weeks. The show was due back on March 4, but has been pushed back to March 18, with new episodes every week until the season finale on May 27. Apparently the decision was made to get it out of the path of American Idol. Now the show will have a two-hour return and a two-hour finale. [The Live Feed]

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  • Svanehjerte Jan 15, 2010

    It's so annoying! They are destroying FlashForward on purpose it seems. Why this long break? The show has so much potential and it has great actors/characters. I don't want it to get cancelled. :(

  • slim324k Jan 12, 2010

    I think Flash Forward has potential...but they shot themselves in the foot with that HUGE advertising push! Should of just kept it under wraps until a week or two before the premiere! Screw American Idol...glad Simon is leaving after he season, maybe they'll yank that crap...Carrie Underwood is the only one I ever even listened to :)

  • GreenyFool Jan 12, 2010

    Ehh.. Screw FlashForward. First they advertise it amazingly, you watch the first few episodes and you're like "Mehh..", then it gets really bad, then they decide to take it off air for four months? No thanks, I just can't be bothered for it.

  • toonaspie Jan 12, 2010

    I was excited about Day One...until the preview revealed it was an alien invasion sort of show. Bleh. The miniseries format will better protect poor struggling NBC at least.

  • Starprincess13 Jan 12, 2010

    RIP Art Clokey

  • bellagirl_008 Jan 11, 2010

    don't cancel better of ted