Fox 2012-2013 Video Preview: Watch Trailers for The Following, The Mindy Project, The Mob Doctor, and More

By Tim Surette

May 15, 2012

Fox officially announced its 2012-2013 schedule today, and it's making a big deal out of comedy. The network is aggressively trying to join the live-action comedy-block party, and has ordered three new laughers this season. But the two new dramas in its lineup might actually be the saving grace of Fox's new shows. We have video evidence below.


The Mob Doctor

Fox's pitch: The compelling new drama The Mob Doctor will debut this fall. Executive-produced by Josh Berman (Bones, CSI) and Rob Wright (Crossing Jordan), the engrossing character drama stars Jordana Spiro (My Boys) as a brilliant, life-saving surgeon caught in a complex web between her promising medical career and her family’s debt to Chicago’s Southside mob.

Official Trailer:

Our take: (Based on the terrible name alone:) This looks totally stupid. (Based on actually watching the trailer:) Okay, I thought this would look totally stupid but all of a sudden it's actually looking like it's awesome! Ummm, she pulled a screwdriver out of some guy's head. Plus "she" happens to be Jordana Spiro (and I happen to like her) and the cast is rounded out by Matt Saracen and Ray Fiske. That's Zach Gilford and Zeljko Ivanek to those who've never seen Friday Night Lights or Damages.

The Following

Fox's pitch: Edge-of-your-seat thriller The Following, created by Kevin Williamson (Dawson’s Creek, Scream franchise) and starring Golden Globe Award-winning Kevin Bacon (X-Men, Frost/Nixon) and James Purefoy (Rome), premieres in midseason. The spellbinding and intense drama follows an ex-FBI agent (Bacon) called out of retirement to track down a devious and diabolical serial killer (Purefoy), the mastermind behind a nationwide string of murders.

Official Trailer:

Our take: Whoa, this looks serious. But does it look GOOD? I dunno. There are a ton of cliches in the trailer, and movies like this aren't good unless there's a severed limb or head in a box somewhere. Will Fox show a severed elbow in a box? WILL IT?


The Mindy Project

Fox's pitch: Created by Emmy-nominated writer/producer and New York Times best-selling author Mindy Kaling (The Office) and starring Kaling, Chris Messina (Damages), Anna Camp (The Good Wife) and newcomer Ed Weeks, The Mindy Project features Kaling as a skilled OB/GYN navigating the tricky waters of both her personal and professional life, as she pursues her dreams of becoming the perfect woman, finding the perfect man, and getting her perfect romantic comedy ending.

Official Trailer:

Our take: This looks... less good than I thought it would! Sorry Mindy, but hey, it's only your first own show. I just figured it would be... funnier? This will find its audience, though.

Ben and Kate

Fox's pitch: Ben and Kate, the heartwarming new sibling comedy created by Dana Fox (What Happens In Vegas) and directed by Jake Kasdan (Bad Teacher), debuts this fall. Starring newcomer Dakota Johnson and Nat Faxon (Bad Teacher, Academy Award-winning co-screenwriter of The Descendants), the comedy follows a pair of odd-couple siblings—one, an overly responsible single mom; the other, an exuberant kid-at-heart—and their friends as they push each other out of their comfort zones and into real life.

Official Trailer:

Our take: I was like... hmmm... and then I was like... nahhhh... and then that girl did that thing with the straws in her mouth and I was like NOOOOOOOO!

The Goodwin Games

Fox's pitch: The Goodwin Games, the inventive new comedy from the executive producers of How I Met Your Mother, Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, and Chris Harris, is slated for midseason. Starring Scott Foley (Grey’s Anatomy, Felicity), Becki Newton (Ugly Betty) and Jake Lacy (Better With You), the family comedy tells the story of three estranged siblings who return home after the loss of their beloved father (guest-star Beau Bridges, The Descendants), and unexpectedly find themselves poised to inherit more than $20 million—if, and only if, they can adhere to their late father’s trivial wishes.

Official Trailer:

Our take: I expected good things from Fox's new comedies until I saw the two trailers above. Thankfully The Goodwin Games, which is scheduled for the midseason, might show up and save Fox's big investment.

What looks good to you so far? Let's hear your first impressions in the comments!


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  • keramarie Jun 18, 2012

    The Goodwin Games looks great!!!!! I will also check out The Following and Ben and Kate. I don't know if I will continue to watch The Mindy Project after the pilot, but we will see...

  • hazepurple May 22, 2012

    Is it just me or do a lot of new shows seem to look like they should have been movies as the plot could be summed up in 90 mins tops! Why would u keep watching?

    Mindy looks like it has promise, Goodwin games could be funny. I'd give Mob Doctor a go if it makes it to air in Aus. Not sure about Ben and Kate. Nice moments, should have been a movie starring bigger names.

  • borgsblueyes May 20, 2012

    The Following looks good, trailer seemed to have an awful lot of content, hope they held something back.

  • FlamesOfFury May 17, 2012

    Out of all those, I'd proabbly just watch The Goodwin Games.

  • janicewade3 May 17, 2012

    The Following and The Mindy Project......the trailer for Ben & Kate was unavailable because it was private (what that was about, I don't know)

  • CrazyAsian1080 May 17, 2012

    The Mob Boss: Royal Pains if Hank was morally ambiguous and everyone was part of the mob. Still, it doesn't look bad.

    The Following: I could see this going really really well or really really badly. The trailer really gave off a Law Abiding Citizen vibe. I could see this show being turned into a Hannibal meets Criminal Minds sorta deal.

    The Mindy Project: Cancelled. This one will not last.

    Ben and Kate: Until the last little bit, this could have been a movie. This probably still be a movie.

    The Goodwin Games: HOW IS THIS NOT A MOVIE. Also, how could this last for any amount of time. Is each episode a different card and they all relive/think about that event in their past until it builds up to the present and how they meet their mother... I mean who gets the money...

  • sunnysfunny May 17, 2012

    The Goodwin Games.

    The Mob Doctor (stupid title indeed) needs to get cancelled so Zack Gilford can go on to do something else. They should've called it Moboctor...

  • Liria May 17, 2012

    I'm a fan of Jordana Spiro, and that's the only reason I watched the trailer... But hey, pleasantly surprised. I think I'd give it a try. The following is red john from mentalist if red john were easy to catch, hehehe. It looks to me more like it should be a movie or a miniseries than a series.

  • nairhart01 May 17, 2012

    The Following because Kevin Williamson is a beast.

  • Gypsyartist2 May 17, 2012

    I am sick to death of shows about mobs and about doctors! I am a big fan of Kevin Bacon, his show will probably be the only one I'll try out.

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