Fox Cancels Terra Nova

By Tim Surette

Mar 06, 2012

The best and worst (not necessarily in that order) of Terra Nova.

Fox's Terra Nova, one of the most anticipated series of the 2011-2012 season, has been crushed by the meteor of cancellation. BOOM! The series had been considered a bubble show (except by me, who said no way would the show be back. High-five, me!), but expensive costs and a flood of other new one-hour dramas on Fox helped make the decision not to renew the series.

However, as is standard for every single show that gets canceled nowadays, there's talk that the dirt may not be on the coffin yet. The studio behind Terra Nova, 20th Century Fox TV, is shopping the series to other networks, according to Entertainment Weekly. However, there's a better chance that dinosaurs will be cloned and available for children's birthday parties this summer than that another network will take on a show that delivered unspectacular ratings (though DVR numbers were big), suffered dismal reviews from critics, and was generally a few eons shy of "aiiight." If there is one chance at Terra Nova surviving (which it won't), it's in the fact that it wouldn't be as expensive to shoot a second season and its international audience is pretty substantial.

Terra Nova's chances continually wavered as the first season progressed. The announcement that the current season of House will be the show's last helped Terra Nova's chances. But the additions of Alcatraz and Touch hurt its chances. If you ask me, Touch returns next year, while Alcatraz keeps Terra Nova company in the trash pile.

I'll admit I was one of the viewers who, up to last fall, was really looking forward to the show. On paper, it couldn't go wrong. Dinosaurs! Time travel! That dude from Avatar! But the series tried to be too many shows at once, ultimately settling on being a generic family series more interested in teen romance than a Triceratops disemboweling a T-Rex while a volcano erupted in the background and the citizens of the Terra Nova colony blasted them with laser bazookas while at the same time aliens from Neptune invaded from the future. See, that's why I should have written the series.

I'll miss Maddy and her teen detective agency. But I won't miss Josh. Man, did I hate Josh.

Is this a time of mourning or celebrating for you, dear reader?

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  • DavidRagault Mar 12, 2012


    Just keep Fringe on for Peter's sake.

  • Alyssatao30 Mar 12, 2012

    it was only good for a few episodes, don't really care that it's on the chopping block.

  • ThoreauHD Mar 12, 2012

    This show has been done better many times before. I realize some of you have the memory of fruit flies, and think that 30 years is longer than time itself because your parents reproduce at puberty- but this show was a poor attempt at puking out much better past shows. For those of you that miss this show, can you formulate why? Was it the plot? The intriguing writing? Or was it the half white half indian girl with nice legs?

    For people that weren't born last night, the writing was poor because the writers are scientifically illiterate morons. In the past, people actually had to study science whether or not they were artists/losers. Now, you get a idiocracy-fest as demonstrated by this canceled show a twenty related reality tv shows that nobody can name. Sorry, but Terra Nova was a sequel without a clue.

  • buzzkop Mar 12, 2012

    Leave it to Fox. Terra Nova was an excellent concept, good casting/characters,but Elementary School writing. With the shows Fox has cancelled or butchered its hard to imagine Fox has made it as a major network.

  • fan1983 Mar 12, 2012

    It was shaky, but I thought it picked up near the end. I would have liked to see it come back.

  • Eagleheart1980 Mar 12, 2012

    Freaking stupid may have good success globally,but ofc Usa tv channel doesn't think of that cause no cash flow for them from success in other countries / continents. All true Terranova fans pls buy the Season Dvd / Blu Ray & show ur support asap & maybe that will help for some other channel to pick it up and we'll see great Stephen Lang back in tv serie & doing great job as Nathaniel Taylor :) Buying my copy from Amazon. Terranova forever :)

  • mohitanand115 Mar 11, 2012

    Wow, thank tyou Fox. Really appreciate it. I'd be even more happy if you cancel Alcatraz mid season.

  • RowdydaSilva Mar 11, 2012

    Sad news :( I hope Fringe get renewed :)

  • Baiken Mar 10, 2012

    best news ever !

  • JeffMaranda Mar 10, 2012

    Tried to watch horrible show good call fox!!!

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