Fox Orders Full Seasons of The Mindy Project and Ben and Kate

By Tim Surette

Oct 08, 2012

In what universe does a show that scored a 1.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just over 3 million viewers in its second episode get a full-season pickup? The wacky, crazy universe that we call this one, apparently! Fox is apparently putting numbers aside, as it has ordered full seasons of its new comedies Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project, just two episodes into both of their infancies.

The Mindy Project gets a full back-nine order, bringing its Season 1 episode count to the standard 22 episodes. But Ben and Kate will be a little shorter, with just six more episodes added to its count.

The new shows have been boosted by Fox's live-action Tuesday comedy block, where they're paired with Raising Hope and New Girl. Last season, New Girl was the beneficiary of a quick full-season pickup after two episodes, but it filled out the stat sheet nicely as an instant megahit to the tune of a 4.4 rating in the adult demo and 9.26 million viewers. The same can't be said about Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project, which tallied 3.32 million viewers with a 1.6 rating and 3.68 million viewers with a 1.9 rating, respectively, in their second episodes. Do ratings even matter anymore? In case you're wondering, last week's New Girl, the third episode of the show's second season, drew 4.99 million viewers and a 2.8 rating.

With few series waiting in the wings as possible replacements, it looks like Fox is going to ride this one out instead of taking drastic measures. The Mindy Project and Ben and Kate join NBC's Revolution, Go On, and The New Normal as the only new series picked up for full seasons so far.

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  • invalidateme Oct 10, 2012

    I can understand Mindy, it has potential. But I've tried with Ben and Kate and the adorable kid aside, it's terrible. Ben is just a bad character. No thank you.

  • meee223 Oct 10, 2012

    Are you sure Mob Doctor will be cancelled soon? According to the Hollywood Reporter, they've just added Goodfellas alum Mike Starr for a recurring role.

  • meee223 Oct 10, 2012

    Well, the Mindy Project is the only one of these "full season" pickup shows that I watch. The second episode was pretty good, while the pilot was dull. Watched 3 episodes of Revolution, but couldn't put any effort into tuning in last night, so guess I've quit. Nice to see that Fox is actually giving some shows a chance despite the ratings. And I still love Mob Doctor, IMO, one of the best new dramas this season. It comes on Sundays in Canada and I opted to watch it and see Revenge , which airs at the same time on another channel, late in the week "on demand". I like it better than Revenge.

  • AydinTurgay Oct 09, 2012

    What a strange mis-match. You have Raising Hope, one of the sweetest, best-written comedies, full of nuance and heart. It does not fit with the other shows, which are high on cute, and short on laughs. It's like scheduling Community and Whitney together - to tone doesn't match. New Girl and The Mindy Project prove that if you cast a "cute" female lead who isn't threatening to women, you don't NEED good writing.

    Raising Hope belongs on ABC with Modern Family and Happy Endings.

  • rye06p Oct 09, 2012

    Yay for Mindy! It's my favourite comedy so far of the season!

  • Montana_Katana Oct 09, 2012

    Yay for Tie Breakers!

  • tv_gonzo Oct 09, 2012

    Both shows are funny enough that these deserve at least the back 9.

    Do not forget, this is fox we are are talking about, the same guys that kept fringe on the air for 5 seasons! A decision I will forever be thankful for and the fact that they apparently don't care about ratings makes them even more likeable.

  • docspector Oct 09, 2012

    This is the same Fox that killed Undeclared after only one season, and ran Firefly episodes out of order (and didn't even air them all.)

  • GirishStewart Oct 09, 2012

    As much as I hate them for the Firefly fiasco, five seasons of Fringe balances that out.

  • rye06p Oct 09, 2012

    Fox's treatment of Firefly and the 10 years of ongoing anger at them is probably what gave Fringe it's lifespan. Firefly took the proverbial bullet for Fringe and all the great but small similar shows that will follow.

  • torque_smacky Oct 09, 2012

    Mindy's show was the surprise hit of the season in my house. I'm all for more.

    So far my deadpool is batting a thousand. I had Go On as my "which gets picked up first" but since two others were renewed at the same time, it may not be much of a tiebreaker. Maybe they can flip a coin, or have us eat pies really fast.

  • movieblogger Oct 09, 2012

    If ratings mean nothing anymore, then I'm glad! The world is better for it! And so is my deadpool!

  • MayTanner Oct 09, 2012

    Whoops, there goes my deadpool! Seriously? This two got picked up? I must be living in a parallel universe or something. So that means, that the shows I like will be cancelled soon enough. Great. >.

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