From the Geniuses Who Brought You Two and a Half Men...

By Richard Lawson

Dec 17, 2009

...The American version of the popular British series Shameless is rounding out its cast, somewhat disappointingly. Allison Janney will play a love interest for William H. Macy's lead, which is just fine and dandy. But Emmy Rossum, the cookie-faced star of Phantom of the Opera and Dragonball: Evolution, is playing the plucky young girl who tries to save her family, which is not great. Even not greater, is that Justin Chatwin, he of a one-ep run on Lost and an off-Broadway play I saw a couple years ago in which he was simply awful, will be playing Rossum's love interest. Much like he did in Dragonball: Evolution. Seriously. They were both in a movie about a dragon's balls and how they evolve. Spectacular, Showtime! [THR]

...Chuck Lorre, the visionary behind the delicate drawing-room farce Two and a Half Men, has had another pilot picked up by CBS. This one is called Mike and Molly, and is about an American couple that has problems with overeating. So it's basically about every American couple. [Variety]

...The much-anticipated Band of Brothers companion piece The Pacific is now officially set to premiere on HBO on March 14th. It will run for nine more Sundays after that, and then we will cry and pour another glass of bourbon and go sloppily read The Greatest Generation again. [THR]

...Smirking little pissant Daniel Tosh has been given a second season of his smirking little pissant of a show, Tosh 2.0, which is basically The Soup only about the internet and not funny. Comedy Central ordered 25 new episodes, which is the highest order they've ever given a weekly series. So now you can watch this kid laugh at his own jokes at least 25 more times. Yay! [Variety]

...Speaking of the wonder and glory of the internet, remember that Ashton Kutcher-produced, Mischa Barton-hacked-into series The Beautiful Life: TBL that tanked after two episodes? Well, they'll be airing the remaining three unaired episodes on the YouTube. The YouTube is an internet site where strange-haired teenagers post computer videos of themselves lip syncing to songs and talking unintelligently about issues of the day. So, this show ought to fit in there pretty darn well. [THR]

...USA is working on another quirky lite-crime series, this one based on a movie. Remember that movie from 1990 (almost 20 years ago... wowee), The Freshman, about Matthew Broderick being an NYU, uh, freshman who somehow ends up running errands for a mob boss, played by Marlon Brando? Well, yeah, that's gonna be their new series. It'll star Debra Messing as the freshman and Tony Shalhoub as the mafia boss, and then Anthony Michael Hall might come out and do the Lindy. Characters welcome! [THR]

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  • hoppy28557 Dec 30, 2009

    keep Charlie Sheen on or you can and will lose loyal supporters thanks. My wife and I LOVE Two and a Half Men

  • DLiver420 Dec 20, 2009

    Richard Lawson is a tool. There, I said it...just as I do every time I read this hack write. Do you even enjoy television? Go off and die you asshat.

  • Starprincess13 Dec 18, 2009

    I love Two and a Half Men but I don't think I'll be tuning into Mike and Molly.

  • ReelTragedy Dec 18, 2009

    Wow Richard you make me sound like an optimist and that is saying something. Lighten up. It is one thing to be bitingly sarcastic I mean I do enjoy Ausiello over at but this is a bit much. I mean was there anything positive in your article? I mean it is one thing to make fun but usually that implies a joke but this was purely mean spirited.

  • sweetsaintz Dec 18, 2009

    A pilot abt a couple overeating?! I had to read that sentence twice because i couldn't believe it the first time round. The networks will pick up ANYTHING these days...

  • woodstock-chan Dec 18, 2009

    This article made me sad up until the end; thank whatever powers that be that Tony Shalhoub is staying on television.

  • OnBakerStreet Dec 17, 2009

    Don't judge me, but I think Tosh is funny sometimes.

  • voxware Dec 17, 2009

    I'm not a huge Two And a Half Men fan but I watch it as well as Big Bang Theory(same creator) and Sit Down, Shut Up(same writers). The weakest link Monday night is Accidentally On Purpose so I wouldn't mind seeing anything take it's place. As for Tosh.0 I think it's a funny show. I've been watching The Soup for years but I would sooner compare it to Web Soup(which I think Tosh.0 is the superior of the two though I am a fan of Hardwick as well)

    Talk about Soup wanna-be's, is Best Week Ever still on? It was pretty good but once Paul F. Tompkins took over (who I normally enjoy) that show became awful not to mention they stopped posting the episodes on their website.(BTW, VH1 had the worst website for viewing episodes ever.. after every ad you'd have to put the episode back on full screen which was a pain if you like watching shows from your PC on your TV like me)

  • hilkaryic Dec 17, 2009

    Ugh I can see it now. Kevin James as Mike and Marissa J. Winokur as Molly. Awful, just awful.

    On another note, Why all the hate for Richard?

  • brosswil Dec 17, 2009

    Wow, Lawson you are apparently an angry little man whose only joy comes from denigrating the work of others. I'm not sure how this qualifies as news when it is clearly only your opinion.

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