FTW vs. WTF Open Thread: What Should Make This Week's List?

By Jen Trolio

Nov 29, 2012

Happy almost-Friday, everyone! As devoted readers of our weekly "FTW vs. WTF" story may recall, we've been toying with the idea of asking you guys to submit ideas for the feature before we actually post it. So let's try it, shall we? What do you think should be on this week's list? Share your FTWs and WTFs for the week in the comments—don't forget to explain why they belong in their given category—and then check back this weekend to see if your selections made the list!

Also: Since we took a few days off last week for Thanksgiving, we haven't necessarily "recognized" any notable moments from right before the holiday, so feel free to go as far back as, say, Sunday, November 18 if you're so inclined.

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  • FringeFanatic Dec 01, 2012

    I almost forgot! - BOARDWALK EMPIRE!

    Gangsters be dyin'! And Nucky finally coming face to face with Al Capone was amazing!

    Capone: "We've been on the road for 18 hours. We need a bed, some chow ... And then you and me sit down, and we talk about who dies. Huh?"

    You guys should just reserve a spot right now for this Sundays finale on next weeks FTW.

  • TVcom_editorial Staff Dec 01, 2012

    Cory is hopefully going to join us on the podcast this week to talk about it!

  • Bran Dec 01, 2012

    FTW: AHS, Revolution, Homeland and The Walking Dead

    WTF: Once Upon A Time, The Vampire Diaries

  • vicbjones Dec 01, 2012

    WTF: Angus Jones' apparent meltdown/epiphany and the lack of reaction to his admitting to taking drugs during his senior year. For years we've been told how smart this kid was, and now we find out he did drugs? Would "troubled" be an overstatement of Jones' situation? I don't think so. Elementary's increasingly formulaic pattern of one crime leading to the resolution of several unrelated crimes before reaching a conclusion. It kind of fits in with the Rube Goldberg opening titles, but three or four cases out of eight(?) is becoming hackneyed. The on-again, off-again rain at the beginning of Person of Interest. I could see why they were having so many close-ups: It's raining downstairs; it's only cloudly upstairs in the offices. One shot the streets are wet, the next they're dry. FTW: Elementary did a better job of alternating the Watson subplot with the main mystery.

  • KingsX Dec 01, 2012

    FTW: The Killing Is Back

  • shootingstar609 Dec 01, 2012

    --Vegas from Nov. 20 where Savino and Lamb were forced to semi-get-along for the sake of saving Savino's life. I have to say, he seems remarkably level headed for a mobster.
    --Revenge from Nov. 25. It answered so many of my questions and set the scene for some stories coming up later on. And Flashback to 2006 Grayson world.
    --Person of Interest from Nov. 29. Very good episode that moved the storyline forward by leaps and bounds for most of our main characters, in the sense of making them more well-rounded that is.
    --Current Haven episodes now being available on SyFy's website.

    --Once Upon a Time from Nov. 26. Cora's waste of an army of the undead. Really? It's an army of the undead, at least kill someone or turn them into a zombie too.
    --Revenge from Nov. 25. Conrad literally burning up Daniel's dream of becoming a poet and then waxing nostalgic about it later (in present day time). Conrad you are only wishing Daniel didn't to into the family business because he's making a power grab to grab power away from you.

  • chrisdeli Nov 30, 2012

    - I know you guys seldom mention it, which I understand because I know of nobody who watches it, but Treme just capped off an amazing third season and Kim Dickens is one of the best character actors ever. From Deadwood to Friday Night Lights to Treme, I look forward to anything with her in it. Also Lucia Micarelli's fiddling is incredible.
    - Tessa's love affair with her tablet on Suburgatory.

    - The Inbetweeners cancelled. While not as much of a stand out as Awkward, it had heart and was a good adaptation of a British series.

  • robinclank2 Nov 30, 2012

    WTF- elena's SUPPOSED sire bond to damon on tvd

  • KeithStammer Nov 30, 2012

    FTW: Glenn the badass on The Walking Dead, Victoria's Vindictive Thanksgiving on Revenge, Clay getting his ink covered up on Sons of Anarchy, Frances Conroy as the angel of Death on American Horror Story, BJ the therapist on Ben & Kate, Sonia's search diagram turning into a picture of a cat on Go On, Schmidt at the lesbian gynecologist on New Girl.
    WTF: No new Fringe AGAIN this week!

  • GirishStewart Nov 30, 2012

    The Walking Dead:
    a) Maggie was amazing. Her scene with the Governor had me up in arms.
    b) Glenn's badass moment with the zombie.

    a) After a bunch of mediocre episodes, the finale was actually awesome.
    b) Lyons' stunning performance as 'Bass' Monroe which deserves critical acclaim.
    c) The season's best one-liner - Jeremy (Pellegrino) : 'Miles, you're like a bad penny, man'.

    Person of Interest:
    a) Finch and Grace's backstory.
    b) The two numbers who turned out to be a husband and wife who had put out a hit on each other. Mark Pellegrino is on fire!

    a) An awesome, hilarious episode based on the Looney Toons!
    b) It also had so much depth with Castiel's story.

    a) Isaak and Dexter's uneasy alliance.

    Last Resort:
    a) Random beach sex between James and Grace.
    b) Island thug still not being locked up.

    The Walking Dead:
    a) The clueless moron in the cabin in the woods.

    The Vampire Diaries:
    a) Elena's sire bond.

  • JeremyStratten Nov 30, 2012

    This week's edition of FTW vs. WTF is sponsored entirely by Homeland:

    FTW: Peter Quinn is even more awesome than we all thought. He's a frickin' badass super secret secret assassin.

    FTW numero dos: Morena Baccarin naked once again.

    FTW number 3: Mike puts Dana in her place. Mike is a real human being and a real hero.

    WTF: Dana being a bitch for no reason at all.

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