FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (August 25)

By TV.com Staff

Aug 25, 2012

It's here! Our regular weekend round-up! And even though we write one every week, it never ceases to feel like a little bit of TV Christmas, wouldn'tcha say? QUICK, OPEN YOUR PRESENTS:


Glee's Season 4 posters revealed

We're already pretty excited about Glee's upcoming September 13th premiere, so these posters, with their clever nods toward the new directions that various, uh, New Directions members were headed at the end of Season 3, are just fuel on the fire. BUT WHERE IS QUINN?!?

The Inbetweeners was actually pretty great

We had so little faith in MTV's ability to adapt another British TV show, but were pleasantly surprised to discover that this one ain't so bad! In what can easily be described as a Workaholics for teens, The Inbetweeners has a great cast chemistry and it pretty much nailed the juvenile humor this week—we're talking about Simon's drunken (and gratuitous) projectile vomiting spell.

Jon Snow and Ygritte are dating

Sneaky photographers snapped pics of Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie, the Stark bastard and the wildling woman in HBO's Game of Thrones, getting smoochy at a London restaurant. This warms our hearts so much that we could melt The Wall! Awwwww!

Post-Big Love Chloe Sevigny

The actress we first met almost two decades ago in Kids has recently landed a bunch of cool roles, playing a transsexual hit(wo)man in Hit & Miss, a psycho masturbater in this week's Louie (pictured), and Fred and Carrie's new roommate in Portlandia. Indie as f*ck, heck yeah!

Suits summer finale features high times

While the good guys won and the nefarious Daniel Hardman was enthusiastically kicked to the curb by his peers, for those of us who missed some quality Harvey/Mike bromance during all the Team Pearson vs. Team Hardman brouhaha, the summer finale let the guys kick back and share some light-hearted, pot-and-beer-fueled antics. Apparently, Harvey Specter is that guy who eats all the pretzels while Mike Ross explores vast conspiracies and they both think taking a leak in their boss' office is a great idea. It was some welcome fun after a pretty intense first half of the season.

Children's Hospital reveals the cause of Chief's medical condition.

"Parkinson's Juice." PS. That's Megan Mullally.

The Whites have Pinkman over for dinner

This week's Breaking Bad gave us the scene we've been waiting for (no, not someone punching Skyler in the face, @SmoochyDaisy52) when Walter White invited Jesse Pinkman over for dinner while an unsuspecting Skyler unpackaged some Albertson's deli food. Not only was it hilarious and awkward on its own, but it spawned spoofs like this Seinfeld parody. Also great: the morbid opening scene of the gang ripping apart a bicycle to dissolve it down, knowing full well that we knew what was coming next.

So You Think You Can Dance brings back its All-Stars

We love the current crop of competitors, but nothing ups their games like getting paired with the out-of-competition experts of seasons past. And now that more and more alumni from the Fox dance competition have begun to get jobs in the mainstream, the term "All-Stars" actually means something.

American Horror Story's teaser onslaught

They may not tell us MUCH about what to expect of "Asylum," the second chapter in the AHS saga, but FX's near daily release of new teasers has us positively feverish with nun-ticipation! (Sorry.) Watch all seven teasers here.


Morgan Spurlock develops new series for CNN

The documentary series, called Inside Man, will feature Spurlock going undercover in various American subcultures, including card carrying gun fanatics, pot growers, and migrant workers. Remember when this show aired on FX and went by the title 30 Days?

Epic embarassing moment in True Blood

We cringed as the fairies' elder sashayed barefoot and backlit across a stage and into the pages of infamy in this week's episode. Is there anything more uncomfortable than failed camp?

The CW's Oh Sit, again

We said it last week but we'll say it again: What the sit is this sit?

No more Work of Art

It was a horrible Bravo reality show that had no basis for competition (art is art, man!), but it did give us the weirdest reality show contestants EVER, like that guy who painted with his jizz. Ew.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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  • stanking Aug 29, 2012

    An additional WTF: the mysterious glitches in webpage rendering that tv.com is experiencing. The pick-a-most-exciting-fall-show bracket is COMPLETELY screwed up, and I just saw a page with 3 separate twitter and facebook buttons apiece. Somewhere behind the scenes, one of your developers has brainfarted. But oh!, at least the "In Other News" popup still works *eyeroll*

  • bonezrulz05 Aug 27, 2012

    I take "Oh Sit" existence as The CW's way of saying "You think this sit is bad? You should see what the rest of them were pitching".

  • misslee022884 Aug 27, 2012

    Suits finally gets a little "FTW" recognition. This whole season has been fantastic.

  • stanking Aug 27, 2012

    Considering almost nobody has commented on Glee, I don't think it's an FTW for most.

    Top FTW should be Suits. I'll get the can opener!

    WTF: All the good summer shows are over, and most fall shows haven't started yet. There's a bad calendar gap there, people!

  • KevinG87 Aug 27, 2012

    I'm sorry but saying The Inbetweeners is FTW is definitely the most WTF moment of the week. the fact that I won't watch it is probably making my statement less credible but from everything I've seen they're just using the British storylines and Americanizing it, that didn't work for Coupling all those years ago, why do it now? Get new storylines or don't bother. I'd rewatch the British version if I wanted to see those again.

    as for Glee, Dianna Agron probably just hasn't had to sign on yet, since the graduated characters aren't going to be on every episode. Quinn probably just hasn't been written in yet. seems like she's the only one actually going to actual COLLEGE college (and maybe Santana and Mike?) so she's got schooling to deal with.

  • vicbjones Aug 27, 2012

    I think all of Law & Order: UK's storylines are recycled from the original Law & Order. Do you feel as strongly about that?

  • Gudbjorg Aug 27, 2012

    "These pretzels are making me thirsty" - Great season finale!

  • bluemystique Aug 27, 2012

    FTW!!! YES! Finally you guys acknowledge SUITS again. "High Noon" "Litt Up" man that was an awesome finale.

    Agree with SYTYCD. Love them all stars. TWITCH!

    WTF: Rookie Blue. Again. I love Dov. So watching him get pummeled was not my idea of fun. But the thing with the sister of the dude he killed? What was that?! I must have been the only one that took their frowned upon yet strangely unorthodox healing method of spending time with one another as this pseudo sibling thing. Then kissing sprung upon us and I was perturbed. I hate when I see sibling vibes and it turns into something sexual instead. Freaks me out.

  • safibwana Aug 27, 2012

    The world must be pretty darned kinky in your eyes.

  • bluemystique Aug 28, 2012

    The kinkiest...it's a wonder I'm not in therapy.

  • lucdejonge Aug 26, 2012

    No...How about we take the inbetweeners away from FTW and put it with the WTF? It was horrible, nowhere near the quality of the original

  • Whedonrules Aug 28, 2012

    I thought I was missing something. Why are critics insisting that this is a good remake when it has NOTHING that the original had except that it is supposed to be the same show. I thought it was actually worse than the "Skins" attempt which was labeled a failure from the get go.

  • StevenSaunder Aug 26, 2012

    This! I don't understand how someone could describe it as 'pretty great' it was goddam appalling.

  • vicbjones Aug 26, 2012

    FTW: BBC America rerunning Luther from the beginning. Another opportunity to see Season 1 with presumably less bleeping than the broadcasts on BET or Centric; Rachel Maddow's recounting of the Republican position on rape and why Tod Akin's views aren't really on the Republican fringe.

    WTF: The Republican National Chairman trying to claim the Republican National Platform doesn't really mean anything.

  • ctzen5586 Aug 26, 2012

    Where is Quinn indeed!!!!!!!!

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