FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (November 4)

By TV.com Staff

Nov 04, 2012

Hopefully this difficult week only put a damper on your shoes instead of drowning your spirits, and Hurricane Sandy left you mostly untouched. But if you were busy bailing buckets of water out of your bathroom, we're really, truly sorry. And at the very least, we have you covered on the TV you may have missed! Here are our favorite (and not-so-favorite) moments from the week that was.


Supernatural's "Vampirates"

Between those and the "Jefferson Starships" of Season 6, Dean should just be allowed to name everything from now on.

Google's Bob Ross "Google Doodle"

The legendary PBS painter of happy trees was honored by the search giant on Monday, which would have been the artist's 70th birthday.

Hurricane Sandy reporters in slickers and knee-deep water

Say what you will about the ol' "Al Roker in the rain" routine, but there was pretty solid domestic hurricane coverage by everyone as the Northeast got pounded by the superstorm, so congratulations to all the news outlets. And we'll never tire of watching CNN reporters hold on to their hoods and squint as Mother Nature has her way with them. However, if we'd relied soley on American media for coverage of the hurricane, we wouldn't even know that Sandy stopped in the Caribbean first and devastated Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba, too.

Sister Jude tumbles off the wagon on American Horror Story

Jessica Lange's character dipped into the communal wine, introduced a movie to a bunch of howling inmates, and went searching for "that damn Mexican" in one of the series' funniest scenes to date. All it was missing was Jude caning Pepper.

Around the Horn's insane Halloween episode

Pardon the Interruption's little brother added in-character sports commentary to its usual mix of screaming, and the showdown between Tim Cowlishaw as the ghost of former Raiders owner Al Davis and Israel Gutierrez as President Obama became an instant gem that should be run on ESPN Classic forever.

Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, your Emmys are waiting for you

After the incredible interrogation scene in last Sunday's episode of Homeland, both actors totally deserve to win again.

Don't Trust the B----'s Halloween-themed romantic comedy

Things got real meta, real fast when Chloe's annual Halloween tradition—ruining somebody's life—was thrown back in her face by faux-beau Benjamin, who not only turned out to be Australian but got her arrested by the TSA by planting a switchblade in her purse. Bonus points for June's refusal to accept her status as a supporting character and James van der Beek's Halloween "Positivity" Party.

Ben and Kate's surprisingly heartfelt rejection of princess culture

After BJ (who is the best) first protested that Kate's aversion to allowing her daughter to dress up as a princess was an overreaction, she later encountered some grown-up girls who'd clearly continued down the princess road directly into slut-town. The scene where BJ took it upon herself to track down Kate's daughter and read to her a bedtime story with a female scientist for a hero was a short and quick reminder of what we've come to love about this show.

The Mindy Project's Mindy dressed up as Diane from Cheers

Sexy AND funny!

Eliza Coupe, comedy genius

The Happy Endings actress continues to kill it. OBVIOUSLY Jane never leaves the house without her ideal salary (plus a counter offer) written on a folded-up piece of paper. Obviously.

The Vampire Diaries' Claire Holt steals the show

Criminally billed as a "guest star," Claire Holt's performance as Rebekah has been a series highlight ever since she first appeared as Klaus's millenium-old little sister. Her whiplash-inducing shifts from bitchy to vulnerable have not only made for great TV, they've provided a poignant thesis statement for the show: No matter how old or powerful you are, sometimes you just want to be a teen. This week's episode of TVD may not have been perfect, but it was centered on a top-notch performance from Holt, so we are not complaining.


Adam Levine somehow lived through three episodes of American Horror Story

The man lost an arm, took a few pointy objects violently to the chest, and then proceeded to be dragged around the abandoned Briarcliff hospital by his lady friend and the homicidal monster/crazy person (people?) trying to kill them. We'd assumed Levine's much-touted acting debut would be more interesting than three episodes' worth of lying on the floor covered in stage blood and groaning. If he somehow survives the gunshot he sustained this week, we'll know there's something seriously wrong with Bloody Face's (and his copycats') methods.

Revolution's pre-title fake-out

You know that big scene in dramas before the title screen rolls that's supposed to get you super amped for the rest of the episode? This week, Revolution kicked things off with a gun held to Miles head, let the opening credits roll, and then came back after commercials with the gunman saying, "Haha, you should have seen the look on your face!" If this show got any lazier, it would be asleep.

Plot points hinged around male violence against women (New Girl, American Horror Story)

SORRY FOR BEING A BUMMER. But just because something is narratively justified doesn't mean it's fun to watch. Nick accidentally punching Jess in the face was meant to be, um, comedic? But we found it straight-up troubling. And poor Shelley on American Horror Story! We know that show's supposed to be filled with horrifying moments, but we'd probably prefer alien abductions to attempted rape. You know? Call us old-fashioned.

Hurricane Sandy

And not just because she f*cked up the TV schedule. Seriously, what a bitch.

We didn't get a chance to put together a "Who Won This Year's TV Halloween Costume Contest?" story this year

Shame on us, we totally dropped the ball. Please pick it up by naming your favorite Halloween episodes and character costumes in the comments!

What's on *your* list of TV loves and hates this week?

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  • JoshuaFraim Nov 08, 2012

    i can predict one of the wtf's for next week. either in the column or in the comments section or both.

    WTF: Obama got reelected.

    seriously. people wouldn't have so much problems with his so called elegibility to be president if he was white. bunch of ****ing racist bigots.

  • polinara Nov 08, 2012

    I just want to congratulate the site and its contributors for noticing and talking about the depiction of violence against women and how disturbing it is especially when it borders on torture porn (I am talking about AHS as I haven't seen NG yet). Clearly a courageous thing to do when comments show that a lot of us are still ready to defend our violent, rape culture.

    As for the comments that claim that art is apolitical or that there are double standards against men I think that you are forgetting and/or pretending that we live in a social vacuum when actually we are not and violence against women is a serious human rights issue. Take in mind pls that I am not saying that violence against men is a non issue, but that violence against women and girls happens in such a degree and extend that has become an epidemic worldwide.

  • kristoffersr Nov 06, 2012

    FTW: Vampirates.

    WTF: AHS cutting off feet.

  • KiMarie Nov 06, 2012

    First of all, Nick punching the face of a "zombie", in a dark haunted house full of flashing lights, creepy loud sounds and things popping out from every corner, a place that he was terrified of to begin with and only braved to help save a friend from embarrassment and hurt, and that "zombie" happening to be Jess (the friend he went in there to find and help) was hilarious. Second of all, Jess got to punch him back in his face. This latest episode of New Girl was, to me, the funniest so far this season; that whole part being a key reason, with Nick screaming and huddling in absolute terror, so a FTW in my book.

  • MarleeCouch Nov 06, 2012

    My favorite Halloween costume was probably Gene Belcher as Queen Latifah from her U.N.I.T.Y. phase.

  • KellyJo2 Nov 06, 2012

    Are some of you seriously downing this coloumn for the comments on violence against females??


    All of you MEN complaining about it need to get a grip.

  • KateSullivan Nov 06, 2012

    My biggest WTF moment came from the promo for Revolution...I thought going in was that the bad guy was demanding Charlie's virginity or whatever and while I thought, well, how uncomfortable, I also thought...way to go way dark Revolution (and my first clue should have been we were having an Aaron flashback too, that seemed an odd pairing). And then, well, Charlie, just tell the guy who seems to have an army ready to go outside about your situation.

    FTW was torn between Jane having her ideal salary in her pocket and Dean trying to encourage Benny to adopt the term vampirates.

  • Gizma Nov 05, 2012

    WTF: When Peter of Fringe puts an oberver's divice on his back !

  • vicbjones Nov 05, 2012

    FTW: Someone other Louis Shaw Milano, Frank Walbeck, or Alec Smight directing last week's CSI: (in other words, someone outside of the production staff); Elaine Boosler pulling no punches with Republican strategist Ron Christie on So That Happened. The multiple crimes on the latest Elementary.

    WTF: The overemphasis on Chris Christie praising President Obama's performance during Tropical Storm Sandy (maybe some of the time spent going into all the why's and wherefore's of public officials actually doing their jobs could have been better spent telling me about other places Sandy struck). Watson's unrelated story with an old colleague portenting Elementary slipping into A story/B story territory (at least Watson's date the week before served a purpose related to the main story). David Slack's comic book roots showing on Person of Interest (Lois Lane and Clark Kent, really? Outside of the two-part season premiere and Finch's relationship with Bear, POI seems a little lighter this season; maybe Finch should have stayed missing a little longer).

  • JoshuaFraim Nov 08, 2012

    thank you for reminding me not to bother to read this column next week, or at least the comments section. though if i ever want to see hundreds of WTF: obama was reelected comments i will know where to go.

  • zeofan1 Nov 05, 2012

    Yes. It is seriously troubling when a show treats all of the characters equally. Women totally deserve preferential treatment because...because why again?

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