FX Renews Archer and Its Insider Jokes for Season 5

By Tim Surette

Feb 27, 2013

Johnny Bench called, and he said Archer has been renewed for a fifth season. FX has asked for 13 more episodes of the animated hit, with Season 5 likely to debut next January. The show is currently midway through its fourth season.

Despite the fact that I still have a hard time meeting fellow Archer fans in real life, FX insists the show is setting personal bests in viewership. The network says it's the second-highest rated cable show in the male 18-34 demographic this year behind The Walking Dead. FX also wants you to know that Anthony Bourdain guest-stars in tomorrow's episode and the season finale will be a two-parter spread out over April 4 and 11.

And since I've run out things to say about this news other than 50 different versions of "Yay!" how about a poll? (For the record, I voted for Pam.)

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  • adamndirtyape Mar 02, 2013

    Been watching Archer on Netflix, love it.

    As to who is the best ISIS member, from a guy's perspective, it's got to be Lana. She's their most professional agent, and often ends up in lingerie, low-cut dresses, and probably the best costume ever, a French maid outfit. Sorry Archer, but you lose out to Agent Double D.

  • Vicky8675309 Mar 01, 2013

    I'm not in the target demographic (female 35-45) but love the show! So happy it was renewed!!

  • Vicky8675309 Mar 01, 2013

    clarification: target demo is male 18-34 which I am not:-)

  • Shreela Mar 01, 2013

    I'm in with the "male 18-34 demographic" crowd? Not sure if I'm mortified, or inappropriately excited. Oh wait, it's Archer ― I can be both.

  • fweak Feb 28, 2013

    Amazing news! Archer is the best [adult swim] show not on Cartoon Network and easily one of my top 3 animated series currently.
    I voted for Cheryl, cause she's awesome. Duh!

  • JeremyStratten Feb 28, 2013

    I totally forgot that theoretically FX could have decided NOT to renew Archer. I took the show for granted. This season is as good as the previous three. I'm very happy it's coming back for another season. I hope it gets 10 seasons, if the writing stays this good.

  • kanniballl Feb 28, 2013

    Speaking of the Archer cast... recently Krieger mentioned that Mallory killed "the fat one" I imagine that he meant the fat satellite tech that likes "Lord of the Rings" a bit too much.

    But when did THAT happen? I did notice not seeing him in a while; the last time I recall was when Archer was lost at sea.

    I recall thinking about this when Cheryl/Pam mentioned that the entire building is staffed by like 5 people... when in past seasons we saw lots of "drones"

  • kanniballl Feb 28, 2013

    Honestly, I can't pick a favorite character. Whenever I start thinking one of them is redundant, I immediately just start remembering all of their awesome scenes and lines.

  • kanniballl Feb 28, 2013

    I have seen the first 2 seasons of Archer... god I don't know how many times. At least a dozen.

    It makes for a great marathon when you're stuck at home. You can watch a whole season in like 4 hours... and it's a FUNNY 4 hours.

    It's also highly quotable. I've included "Phrasing" into my canned responses, though I have to try not to use that at work.

    Best show out there.

  • TrevPlatt Feb 28, 2013

    Best ensemble cast of any animated show that has ever made. It's actually better than a lot of live action shows, just look at Terra Nova (LOL). If I'm ever sufficiently famous for TV.com to ask me what my 5 favorite shows are (which will never happen), then I can say that Archer will definitely be on the list.

  • Whedonrules Feb 28, 2013

    Best Written Comedy on Television - BAR NONE. Funnier than any half hour covered on this site. And obviously its Dr. Krieger.

  • narnia99 May 11, 2013


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