FX Sets Return Dates for Justified, Archer, and More

By Tim Surette

Nov 28, 2012

There's a lot of good (and not as good) television going dark early next year, as Homeland, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, and Revolution are all wrapping up their seasons for the year or taking the winter off in favor of a spring return. But that doesn't mean TV is going to suck in January. And one stud in a 10-gallon hat is going to make sure of that.

FX has announced its winter 2013 premiere dates, highlighted by the return of Justified on January 8. The fourth season of the Southern tale of crazed butchers, backwoods rednecks, and one handsome man who is quick on the draw will see Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) tangling with a cold case and Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) going toe-to-toe with a wily Pentecostal preacher.

Anger Management, Charlie Sheen's multi-cam sitcom, returns January 17 with back-to-back new episodes starting at 9pm, and will be followed by the Season 4 premiere of Archer at 10pm. Sharing the 10pm hour with Archer is the new comedy Legit, which stars Jim Jeffries as an Australian comic who's looking to live a more legitimate life. I'm trying to find more information on this show, but I haven't yet, so that's all you get for now. Finally, a new round of Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell will also begin January 17 in the 11pm hole.

Adding Justified and Archer to the TV schedule sure takes the pain away from what looks like an otherwise cold, cold winter.

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  • ted2332 Dec 05, 2012

    Archer and the hill billies. :)

  • JT_Kirk Nov 29, 2012

    Archer is the one I'm most excited about returning, followed closely by Justified which only lost that top slot after an uneven 3rd season. Archer however not only held up great last season, it actually improved. Plus, it's BEEN LONG ENOUGH GODDAMNIT! How the hell does FX get away with airing a show for 2 months a year?!?

  • JonathanYung Nov 29, 2012

    Total sploosh.

  • emmy021889 Nov 29, 2012

    "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" aww yeah so excited!!!

  • J_Pip Nov 29, 2012

    You better call Kenny Loggins. 'Cause you're in the danger zone.

  • Shreela Nov 29, 2012

    "I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of my giant throbbing erection."

  • EsmeBuffay Nov 29, 2012

    I'm always saddened by the winter hiatus, and I don't really understand it. Why wouldn't people want shows during the coldest time of the year? They would be indoors more often after all. I get the Holiday hiatus, everybody's busy around that time of year, but not all Winter.

  • bicelis Nov 29, 2012

    I know, it sucks. I'm already stockpiling episodes for the winter break. I got some Dexter, a bit of Castle, The Good Wife and since Price has talked so much about My So Called Life, I've downloaded that too. So it's not gonna be such a cold winter :)

  • Nofaultofmine Nov 29, 2012

    Finally! Now if only they'd release a trailer for Justified Season 4 I'd be happy :)

  • Acrobit Nov 29, 2012

    It's not gonna be the same without Quarles, but Justified won't disappoint.

    And Archer, you still got it...bow chicka bow bow! Uh huh huh!

  • annpo Nov 29, 2012

    Justified, definitely. Great show.

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