Game of Thrones: Watch the Official Season 3 Trailer Finally! (VIDEO)

By Tim Surette

Feb 23, 2013

The lack of a new trailer for Game of Thrones Season 3 had me thinking that HBO might've been lying about Season 3 altogether. But then tonight came around and I was all like PHEW! Game of Thrones Season 3 is happening, and now we have proof!

HBO has finally released the first official trailer (read: not one of those silly tease things) tonight during Jimmy Kimmel Live in one of the weirdest cross-promotions I've seen, and now it has been unleashed on the internet. Behold!

Wow, that was really something! And I say "something" because I'm pre-writing this article and I haven't actually seen it yet! But I'm guessing there are some guys in armor, possibly fighting, maybe some familiar faces looking longingly out at the fields of Ireland, and the giant half-pig-half-giraffe creature that eats Tyrion halfway through the book.

Game of Thrones returns March 31 on HBO.

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  • Savvytvfan91 Feb 28, 2013


  • headclub Feb 25, 2013

    Giggity! :)

  • woodythe1 Feb 25, 2013

    OMG so excited

  • JurisBandenieks Feb 24, 2013

    Danny looks good in Tokar. Her story is possibly the most excitng in first half of third book. I love Emilia Clarke. She just isn't perfect Danny, but also great actress and person. I am kind tormentet about that they splited third book in two seasons, because it isn't possible to get everything in one season, but also second part is better than first.

    P.S. To all people who spoils series. There is another way to show that you can read, and not by spoiling game of thrones expirience to those who are watching TV or just starting to read books. Bassicly, Shut Up!

  • bonezrulz05 Feb 24, 2013

    *Dany. It's short for Daenerys.

  • Sianx Feb 25, 2013

    I think we all knew who they meant...

  • ionee24 Feb 24, 2013

    Winter is Coming!!!

  • natyshu95 Feb 24, 2013

    epic awesomeness.

  • JayAtkinson Feb 24, 2013

    Just watched it, and just realised the oh so subtle but perfect blend of Jorah's words and the action depicted on screen with Jaime Lannister. I think I can hazard a guess who is strapped up and under the hood too---kind of glad they are actually going to depict it (at least a little) rather than return to that plot thread down the line and need to resort to tonnes of retrospective exposition. That may have been okay for the books but wouldn't have been very well translated to the screen.

  • lanzie_rulz Feb 25, 2013

    Thank you for being able to articulate your thoughts without spoiling anything for those who haven't read the books. I wish more people were this considerate.

    Also, I agree that that method would not translate to TV as well as it did in the books.

  • JayAtkinson Feb 26, 2013

    You're welcome. It took a little bit of fiddling with the wording, but I'm glad I was able to avoid spoilers. As a huge fan of the books and the surprises to come, I would have hated if I had known about them ahead of time, so merely trying to extend that courtesy.

    I am assuming you know which plot I was referring to in the last part of my post then. It would have been so boring to just hear about it in dialogue and have to have resorted to numerous flashbacks when they can just pad out the series and add more drama by showing at least a hint of it now..:-)

  • ThrillKill Feb 24, 2013

    The casting of that dude as Mance Rayder is offensive. That dude in no way reminds me of the free spirited Mance Rayder (who is not a fat old man).

  • Eglaerinion Feb 25, 2013

    You might want to reread the books. Your perception of Mance Rayder appears to be somewhat skewed.

  • bonezrulz05 Feb 24, 2013

    Offensive to who. You can judge him from 3 secs of footage. Furthermore, GRRM picked him. And Ciaran Hinds is not fat.

  • bonezrulz05 Feb 24, 2013

    *who? *You can't.

  • ThrillKill Feb 24, 2013

    Finally the appearance of the Brave Companions!

  • JayAtkinson Feb 26, 2013

    Are you sure? I don't think we saw The Brave Companions. The ones in the huts grabbing swords and stuff were members of the Night's Watch, I think, at the main-camp Jon Snow left behind.

  • Zelli42 Feb 24, 2013

    Are you guys mad?
    I think the song fits very well. The lyrics feel like they are basically written for the book. As for the music itself.. opinions I guess, but imo it makes quite the impact.

    On another note, I really hope they put some juice into Danaerys Storyline. If it keeps to the books, it will be forever until we see some meaningful action.

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