George Lucas says he will make television shows

By Colin Mahan

Aug 03, 2005

In a keynote speech at an annual computer graphics convention, Star Wars boss George Lucas said his company Lucasfilm will be more focused on TV. He hinted that he won't produce any theatrical films in the near future, and that directors and writers who want to work with Lucasfilm would be steered toward television projects.

"Television is an easier medium to work in. It's more fun, there's less pressure and it's a great medium to experiment in," Lucas said. Lucas said the company is currently at work on two Star Wars-related projects: a 3D animated Clone Wars series, and a live action series. The animated series will be produced at Lucas Singapore, and Lucas said it will help him get his foot in the anime door. The live action series will be similar to The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles in scope and budget, in that it will take $20-30 million and try to stretch it over the course of a television season.

Lucas also said he didn't want Industrial Light & Magic, his special effects house that revolutionized visual effects starting in the late '70s and recently moved into a spacious new campus in San Francisco, to get any bigger than it already is. If a major studio builds a competing F/X house, Lucas said he won't try to compete by forcing ILM to grow larger as well. "You lose too much of the humanity," he said.

With that, he turned off his eyes, wrapped himself in an energy cocoon, and was carried away by robot servants.

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  • DrVenture333x2 Oct 06, 2005

    Wow, what truely exciting news! I do say though, I think the live action series is a bit risky, but the animated show sounds great.

  • rubencsj_2005 Sep 07, 2005

    If George Lucas writes and directs anything it will be total crap. Besides I don't want more Star Wars tinkering. The originals will always be the praised ones cuase he didn't direct them or write them. He is a great story teller. The newer trilogy had a good idea but it was badly executed. Sith, had some moments, but the bad overshadows the little good in it. GL made his mark in history with the Original Trilogy. He should leave TV alone. This reminds me, they are still planning Indiana Jones 4. I don't want them to ruin indy the way SW was ruined.

  • RagDolly Aug 21, 2005

    He's overrated

  • Giant_Chicken Aug 11, 2005

    I know George did not have much to do with Clone Wars but if his new shows are as good as the Clone Wars I will be in Nerd heaven.

  • le1beef Aug 10, 2005


  • dvncamael Aug 08, 2005

    Yeah I heard that Lucas is interested in a 'Tales of' series similiar to the books set in the Star Wars Universe, where several less important star wars characters take the forefront

  • Jarryjayo Aug 08, 2005

    Ohh steven, friends don't let friends make crappy movies!, please find help for your friend George and don't even think about letting him touch a camara again.

  • tait007 Aug 07, 2005

    George doing tv, sounds like a great idea to me.

  • L0rd0fDread Aug 05, 2005

    George Lucus making tv shows sounds good to me :)

  • perfectSAW Aug 04, 2005

    I don't know. What more can he do after Star Wars.

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