Gilligan's Island Is Headed to the Movies

By Tim Surette

Mar 03, 2010

... Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale about how Hollywood continues to destroy independent thought. Gilligan's Island is being made into a movie with Michael Cera as the first choice to play "the lead," which I presume means Gilligan. Of course it's going to be horrible, the writer of Old Dogs is writing it. Sigh. What happened to us? [Variety]

... Michael Imperioli is adept at playing both sides of the law, but in his new acting job he'll stick with the good guys. Imperioli has signed on to ABC's comedy pilot 187 Detroit and will play a detective who's part of a homicide division being mockumented by a camera crew. Yep, it sounds like The Unusuals: Part II. [THR]

... That silly internet petition to get Betty White to host Saturday Night Live might actually work, sort of. In case you didn't know, someone started a Facebook group to get White on the sketch show, and the bored denizens of the social-networking universe shrugged and clicked "become a fan." This is true Democracy in action, and the exact reason I'm an anarchist. [Jezebel]

... ABC's The Forgotten is being shortened by a few weeks, with next week's episode labeled the season finale. Which basically means ABC is killing it. First My Own Worst Enemy, now The Forgotten? Christian Slater really needs to take projects whose names don't predict cancellation. What's next, Slater? A staring role in The End of the Road? Gone in Two Weeks? Dr. Cancelled and the Never-to-Returns? [The Live Feed]

... Speaking of actors whose shows get canceled all the time, Lindsay Price (Lipstick Jungle, Eastwick) has joined the ABC comedy pilot Who Gets the Parents?. And with a show name like that, I give it three weeks. Unless Jim Belushi finds a way to star in it; then it will inexplicably hang around forever. [THR]

... The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are leaving Hulu on March 10. It's unclear why, but we're guessing Comedy Central finally came to its senses and realized, "Hey, we host all those shows online on our OWN site, why don't we just have all the Web traffic go there?" [Hulu Blog]

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  • Parsec54 Mar 04, 2010

    Oh, and what's next... Happy Days? a Laverne and Shirley movie? Mork and Mindy?

  • Parsec54 Mar 04, 2010

    I wondered when this was going to happen. Unfortunately, nothing is sacred, obviously. I'm just wondering what's taking so long to get JAWS redone, since there really doesn't seem to be anyone in Hollywood with anything even remotely resembling an imagination anymore.

  • 4EverGreen Mar 04, 2010

    A "Gilligan's Island" movie remake?! :shock: That's just sad. :( I remember the days when directors were actually creative! :roll: The only way the movie could even POSSIBLY work is if the crew actually manages to get OFF the island! :idea: At least THEN we wouldn't have to worry about a sequel! :!: Enough said! ;)

  • lorkmore Mar 04, 2010

    when is the alf remake coming

  • DaVulture Mar 04, 2010

    Lots of remakes, Hollywood really is running out good ideas. If they were to remake I'd say put Jim Parsons as Gilligan. Cera wouldn't be a bad choice either.

  • VConn Mar 04, 2010

    Gilligan's Island huh why the hell not they've remade everything else from that Era, I've said it before and I'll say it again apparently no producer or studio in Hollywood has any more new ideas anymore so they are rehashing and for the most part destroying what were once great shows.

  • shocker713 Mar 04, 2010

    There's been rumors of a Gilligan's Island movie for years...I remember when Brian Dennehey was rumored to play Skipper.

  • mgfish Mar 04, 2010

    Too bad Hulu will no longer have the faux-news. Now how am I to get my fake news.

  • maritimer00 Mar 04, 2010

    What, after the reality show they made of Gilligan's Island, now they want to make a feature film as well? That's pretty sad....though given the depths they're going to remake everything in entertainment (such as failed shows in the past and Z-rated horror movies), it's not that surprising...:(

  • sandbur Mar 03, 2010

    Gilligan's Island? Wow, I guess the depths of "I have no new ideas so I'll remake something" has finally been reached!

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