Glee "Diva" Review: No More Miss Nice Tina (and WTF, Finn/Emma?!)

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Feb 08, 2013

Glee S04E13: “Diva”

Wow. Okay. Where to start, Glee? Where to start? After last week’s actually-not-terrible “Naked” explored body issues in a way that didn’t suck, Glee opted to follow up its victory with “Diva,” a celebration of everything awful about its characters. Santana dropped out of college because people didn’t appreciate her “honesty.” Kurt called Rachel out on being a prima donna, which would have meant more if Kurt himself wasn’t also an ego with legs. Finn kissed Emma during a meltdown because I guess we need that storyline. I’m entertained, Glee, but I don’t think I’m entertained the way you intended me to be. But at least I’m entertained!

Finn struggled to figure out how to motivate and inspire the New Directions to give their all at the upcoming Regionals, an opportunity courteously left to them by the conveniently disqualified Warblers. Emma who was equally worried (if not more so) about her upcoming wedding day, recommended a Diva Week to get the gang pumped up on self-importance. Sounds fun! And by “sounds fun” I mean, “sounds like I’m going to hate everyone for the next forty-two minutes!”

Finn invited Santana to rehearsal to show everyone what a quality diva she was, and also to make Tina’s head explode. Poor Tina. She even broke my heart a little once we established that she wasn’t going to use Blaine’s Ny-Quil coma as an opportunity to cross a few too many lines into Rapey-land. Don’t get me wrong, it was a little awkward (did she have to straddle him to smooth vapo-rub on his chest?), but then she cried and it was sad and tragic because she couldn’t help who she had a crush on, just like Blaine couldn’t help who he DIDN’T have a crush on, but as long as no one started harboring unrealistic expectations, we could just ride out the hormone storm and everything would be fine.

And then came the unrealistic expectations. I thought we had reached an understanding, a sucky and unfortunate understanding that left no one particularly happy, but really, it was the only understanding in town if Blaine and Tina were to continue being awesome besties. Blaine is gay. Blaine is super gay. He isn’t bi or questioning or curious. Blaine knows what he’s attracted to and he knows that he isn’t attracted to women. He told Tina. She asked. I’m sure that wasn’t the answer she really wanted to hear, but hey, he was honest. Can’t blame him for being honest. Can’t even really blame him for being unconscious when Tina spilled her guts, since it was established that he was rocking the cold from hell and spent half the episode sailing on a codeine high. Wheee!

So I’m not entirely sure what right Tina had to go all diva on his ass? She was hurt, but it’s not like he intentionally—or even unintentionally—hurt her. It was an impossible situation that Tina was aware of from the very beginning. Neither of them did anything wrong. There are so many things that Tina could have used to “find her inner diva”; after all, this was supposed to be her big year and so far it’s been a big rip-off. I’m not sure some imaginary wrong was required.

But still, yay for Tina finding that inner-diva and finally winning something! I was right there with her “I swear to God if Santana wins this...” leading up to the announcement that Tina won Diva Week. AND Blaine asked her to be his +1 to the Emma/Schue wedding next week after he apologized for whatever he was supposed to apologize for.

And now back to those repulsive NYADA people! Kurt challenged Rachel to a Midnight Madness sing-off to knock her down a few pegs/shake her self-appointed diva pedestal. I’m not sure I could identify the straw that broke the Hummel’s back since he won last week's boobies battle and Rachel didn’t seem to be doing anything particularly worse than usual this week before Kurt started his campaign against her, but that’s just how Glee works these days. The powers that be decided we needed a Kurt vs. Rachel storyline and dammit, that’s what we got. They sang “Bring Him Home” from Les Mis. It was lovely. Rachel was better, but Kurt won because the story needed him to win in order to complete Rachel’s punishment for daring to be... Rachel. Honestly, the only differences between Lima Rachel and Manhattan Rachel are longer lashes and shorter skirts. She’s always gone through cycles of insecure-obnoxious-repeat. Furthermore, you can’t sit there and encourage your pal to be the fierce, amazing, wonderful, blessed lady-savior of Broadway and then get all bent out of shape when she thinks she’s the best thing eva. Mixed signals, yo.

Victorious, Kurt used his influence over the little people to let NYADA know that the Adams Apples were COOL and so was Rachel—even though he rejected her own defense of him and his activities back when she was Queen of the Shallow People. They made up and decided to audition for a revival of Funny Girl. I wonder if that truce will extend through yet another roommate joining the lease at Rachel’s invite. Poor Kurt might as well just be a piece of furniture in his own apartment, considering the way no one ever asks if it’s okay with Kurt before they move in. Also, where is everyone sleeping? These are (supposedly) poor college kids roughing it in the big city. Are they renting the TARDIS?

Before shacking up with the diva brigade in New York, Santana swung by Lima to both inspire and terrorize her former glee club. I’m curious about how she managed to get backing from an entourage of college cheerleaders if she'd dropped out a month earlier, but then again, she paid that one chick to pose as her way-better-than-Brittany girlfriend, so maybe the whole group was on her payroll. Idk. Sue called her on ditching the scholarship Sue had nabbed for her, then offered her a job coaching the Cheerios because McKinley High has absolutely no hiring standards. Also, when you do a favor for someone and that person ultimately wastes the favor, you should do them MORE favors. ALSO ALSO when you drop out of college, if you linger around your high school long enough like the sad, aimless Lima Losers you mock so freely, someone will just offer you employment because you’re so special.

Santana ultimately turned Sue’s offer down. She wasn’t in Lima looking for a job anyway. She was in Lima looking to break up Brittany and Sam because she still loved Brittany and Sam was unworthy. That doesn’t sound deranged or stalkery at all. Thankfully, Brittany was wise to Santana’s intentions and refused to ditch Sam, pointing out that he makes her think about things like where air comes from and why in every movie about Jesus, he dies at the end. <3 her.

I was worried there for a minute. Brittany dating Sam didn’t necessarily mean that Brittany was over Santana, but it appears that not only is Brittany over her, she’s also apparently mature enough to maintain a non-romantic friendship, which is something Glee struggles to comprehend as a possibility for its characters. I’m looking at you, Finn and Emma. Emma’s OCD-fueled breakdown over her fears that her wedding won’t be “perfect” could have been a touching moment, with Finn offering encouragement to one of the adults who has often been such a wonderful source of support in his own life. But no, we had to go the inappropriate-kissing route.

Ugh, Glee, get it together! I know you can do it!


Glee playlist time: Uhhh “Girl on Fire” with Santana and Tina’s Madonna routine. I mean, she even wore the hot pink spandex!

– Emma reading the Urban Dictionary definition of “diva” was hilarious.

– Jayma Mays and Jenna Ushkowitz win all the love for reminding us that the cutouts that Glee tries to pass off as fully-developed characters can occasionally pass for people.

– Why doesn’t anyone ever ask Kurt if they can move in? Surprise roommates are the worst!

– Is Finn and Emma’s kiss enough of a thing to ruin the wedding?

– I liked the blue centerpieces best.

What did you think of “Diva?” How ‘bout that kiss?

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  • Cynix Feb 11, 2013

    This episode was horrible. Tina x Blaine plotline never should have been put in the show and Emma x Finn.....seriously?!!!

  • Arkano1317 Feb 11, 2013

    I've always loved Tina, I've loved her even more ad she was constantly ingnored.
    Her stoyline was cool, but I would rather see her struggling to obtain something or fighting against someone, instead of this impossible romance. And we have already seen plenty of that (poor Mercedes, poor Rachel)! In the end I didn't understand if she's actually moved on... being Blaine's +1 sounds pretty sad and delusional to me.

    Where the hell is Sugar? Even if she is an easily bailing kind of characters, shouldn't someone question her lack of dedication? (I didn't even notice that Joe was missing...)

    Santana, love of my life. Loved her songs and the last scene. Those three are so going to rock that apartment!

    About Finn kissing Emma: I thought it was nice, like a natural gesture to calm someone who's having a breakdown. Inappropriate, of course, but still nice.

    Finally, about the Diva-Off: I hate how this show stress the gay faboulousness when the goal is to be NOT about stereotypes! Kurt was that kind of diva, not Blaine! Blaine was the not flamboyant-football loving-straight looking kind of gay guy.
    The girls were so hot with their opening number and I loved Tina's voice, I've really missed it! I'm also so happy that Marley only got the chorus: being a part of a musical group is also about "swaying in the back", even though the show keeps expressing otherwise.
    What I really thought was impossible? For Unique to lose the competition! C'mon, she IS a real diva (I'm thinking about her performance on Womanizer. Wow)

  • shocker713 Feb 10, 2013

    My favorite plothole of the week: the stuff that Emma is deciding on 10 days before the wedding, most purveyors would've required her to have chosen at least a month prior. Unless of course she's doing it all herself, which would be crazy. But there I go again, looking for logic where none is required.

  • FriendsSherlock Feb 13, 2013

    Even then, it seems super unlikely that Emma who is such a stickler would leave wedding preparations for the last minute

  • LaurenBeverl Feb 10, 2013

    I liked the blue center pieces best too! I literally covered my eyes for that horrible Finn/Emma kiss. Yuck. This is almost as bad as the Puck with Rachels bio mom/their teacher thing Glee tried. Just so much Yuck. (I know, Finn's not a student, but still!)
    Didn't Kurt move in with Rachel without asking? I vaguely recall him surprise showing up in New York...

  • Cynix Feb 11, 2013

    No Rachel and Kurt moved into that apartment together. Before kurt showed up, Rachel was in a dorm room with the roommate who always had a guy over.

  • FriendsSherlock Feb 09, 2013

    "Are they renting the TARDIS?" XD Hahahahah. That's brilliant :D I agree with that though. Their apartment is far too big for one that college students can afford.
    I have mixed feelings about the latest episodes. In one way, I'm glad the old characters are getting story lines again, I was getting tired of the Marley/Kitty/Jake storylines. But then again, the story lines happen to be kind of weird. The show is still keeping me interested, I just hope they have good plans for the future and that they don't just leave things hanging and then bring them back a season later like the tend to do. I'm also going to pretend Finn and Emma never happened because WHY
    I loved Blaine's cover of 'Don't Stop Me Now'.
    And yeah, the blue centerpieces were much nicer than the white ones.

  • fleur-de-lune Feb 09, 2013

    I feel like this show is getting worse and worse. They keep trying to fal back on things they've done before and are playing it safe and boring.

    When they first introduced Marely, I really liked her character. She was the Rachel replacement, but without all the drama. She had this jazzy/hip uber relaxed-ness about her that I really loved. She was super chill and like the anti-drama, and then Kitty dug her claws into her and since then, her character has totally fallen flat. Marely could have totally taken that Diva-Off, her voice is amazing, but due to crappy writing, she's just sitting in the back.

    I love Santana's voice. Beautiful.

    I also didn't care for Tina's new attitude, but loved her touching scene with Blaine. As she was crying you could almost hear her thoughts as she realized that "He's never going to love me, even though I love him." THAT was really great.

    I also like the whole (she likes him, but he likes another guy) thing. That seems like reality, that happes in life, and people try their best to be as mature about it as possible, because they do like that person and will settle for just being their friend, even though they want more.

    I think Finn has a very "oedipus complex" type thing going on with Emma. Will is kind of like another father figure to him and she's been a very nurturing motherly figure to him. Also I think he just wanted to get her to shut up.

    In sum, I really care about some of these characters, but this whole season has been nothing short of a total cluster-fuck of bad writing.

    Ps. I liked the blue arrangement best too :)

  • terminaltrip421 Feb 09, 2013

    WTF: Spoiler in the article title? internet etiquette much?

  • BrookeDsBaby Feb 09, 2013

    I actually loved that kiss just because it was such a WTF moment. I love things unexpected like that. It kind of came out of the blue like the time Karofsky kissed Kurt.

  • Sw33tEscape Feb 09, 2013

    I loved the kiss because of the way he said "Emma" it was kind of sweet. I can't remember any other time he has called her anything other than Ms. Pilsbury.

  • BrookeDsBaby Feb 09, 2013

    BTW Girl on Fire was definitely the best number but I also really enjoyed Don't Stop Me Now because that's one of my favourite Queen songs.

  • DarkBlood999 Feb 09, 2013

    The only song I actually liked was Girl on Fire. Finn is a dumbass. Rachel was indeed better but it was obvious Kurt was going to win. I'm all for Santana joining Rachel and Kurt in New York. I've always liked her.

    I really don't buy any of the current New Directions as being divas so that's a big reason this fell flat for me. All of the true divas of the show aren't in Ohio anymore.

  • ben45tpy Feb 09, 2013

    An episode with everyone acting as unpleasant as they can isn't exactly what Glee needed at this point and on top of that the somewhat arbitrary nature of many of the soapy subplots is frustrating but I wouldn't say it was a bad episode overall. I found all the songs underwhelming as well. Like many commenters said last episode, Tina's crush is hard to take given that she's just broken up with Mike. Finn's kiss seemed forced - probably because that scene was too rushed. He seems to go from 0-kiss level very quickly!
    Good on Sue for mocking how the alumni show up far too readily. And I loved MaryAnn's review, the comparison between the New York pad and the TARDIS was PERFECT!

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