Good Knight and good luck

By Staff

Mar 05, 2007

You know you are doing badly in the ratings when you are replaced with repeats of According to Jim and George Lopez.

ABC has pulled the critically successful, but low-rated Knights of Prosperity off the schedule, beginning this Wednesday, according to Count it as the first official casualty of American Idol.

The sitcom about a group of wannabe criminals attempting to rob Mick Jagger lead by Donal Logue (Grounded for Life) aired a mere eight episodes before ABC sent it packing.

Originally scheduled to begin in the fall, ABC pushed the premiere date for Knights of Prosperity back to January, hoping the sitcom wouldn’t get lost in the crowd of new fall shows.

However, the show was repeatedly clobbered by Fox's megahit on Wednesday nights. ABC then shuffled the show to an earlier timeslot, but by then the deed was done, and the show only managed to attract a little more than 5 million viewers.

ABC has not revealed what it plans to do with the remaining unaired episodes.

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  • tlumacov Mar 28, 2007

    worst show EVER

  • dlockjaw Mar 25, 2007

    Nice ensemble comedy. I liked it a lot. Sorry to see it go. This is so typical of the major nets it makes me want to scream.

  • nafaton Mar 16, 2007

    I guess instead of trying to rob Mick Jagger, maybe that porch monkey should've robbed 'American Idol' instead. Simon, Seacrest and all them, huh?

  • shocker713 Mar 12, 2007

    At least it ran longer than Clerks...

  • mustang16 Mar 09, 2007

    This is why I hate ABC, they pull a show off the air as soon as it's ratings suck. I think that the Knights could've lasted about 5 seasons more then they did. In reality, the Knights went up against American Idol. It's a huge mega hit, I don't like it but millions of other people do. Can nobody stop the madness of Idol?

  • tltrude Mar 08, 2007

    I hate TV executives. They are always throwing cheap shows against the wall to see which ones will stick. KOP may have slid down the wall, but the least they could of done was let it hit the floor before wiping it off.

  • malia75 Mar 08, 2007

    I loved this show. Why is "5 Million viewers" not Enough!!! Dont us 5 million people matter
    What is the deal! I hate idol,Can't there be a quirky comedy for us!!!
    PLease Knights come back!!!

  • Jamin_Jamin Mar 06, 2007

    Never came out in Australia?

  • chap55 Mar 06, 2007

    i knew that was gonna happen

    well next to go is in case of emergency

  • nitehork Mar 06, 2007

    I kinda liked this show. Weird idea for a show, with a very limited lifespan to it. I guess it had a more limited lifespan that what i was thinking.

    I am always puzzled when i read of the rating over in America, the fact that the 'reality' and the rubbish no-talent shows rate so much. I don't understand how those pices of garbage can get anyone watching regularly, let alone such a high percentage.

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