Gossip Girl Ex[tras]pose: The 5 Best Extras from the Big Wedding Episode

By Caity Weaver

Feb 02, 2012

A million things happened during Gossip Girl's Royal Wedding episode this week, mostly in the last 45 seconds before the credits (Dan drove an old-timey car! Prince Louis finally settled into the villainy implied by his vague accent! Harriet the Spy is Gossip Girl!). But you know who nearly stole the show? The extras. In background of the scenes, at the forefront of my thoughts, Gossip Girl’s extras will forever distract me from the drama at hand. Never has a group of people hired for their ability to come across as normal humans failed so utterly at coming across as normal humans. Here are the ones who took my eyes off the bride:

5. The skeptical guest who found a flaw in the wedding program:

4. The chapeau'd grand dame, prematurely aghast:

3. The royal reception's punk rock violinist:

2. The zombie altar boys:

1. This woman, who stood still as a statue for a full twelve seconds before she began walking toward the camera:


– Do you also find yourself obsessing over Gossip Girl's extras? Which one from the wedding episode was your favorite?

– What was up with the wedding hair? The church guests were all card-carrying members of the Whimsical Tiny Hat Brigade, but Blair went for casual beach waves at a formal royal event. Did anybody get it right?

– 100 episodes in, Dan Humphrey’s little sister is the only girl he hasn’t hooked up with on the show—including his own step-sister! How did that happen? What do they see in this mop-topped mope that I don’t?

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  • tazzzje Feb 07, 2012

    I'm not buying the whole Georgina/GG thing. One of the things that's been constant is that the viewers and characters do not know who gossip girl is. I would never reveal who gossip girl is, it's like the secret you'll never know... I think the show wouldnt benefit from revealing it. It would be like if Pretty Little Liars would reveal who A really is but continues to torture the main characters with A texts. That would be so lame..

  • SullenWhirlGirl Feb 05, 2012

    I have something to say about Blake Lively's Marilyn performance. I'm offended. (And mind you I actually stopped my dvr in the middle of it to dig this article up and write this too.) I've seen a lot of actresses and singers redo this famous Marilyn number and this is by far the worst. Bad wig, bad lip-synching and she doesn't even really engage with the gentleman dancing around her... She might as well be by herself. It's terrible.

  • marmall Feb 04, 2012

    Ha! Since I half-ass watch this show while I do other things I barely get to see the main characters, much less the extras! I'm ready for this show to go off air, although I keep it on my list and manage to watch it every week, out of pure loyalty!

  • EmmaDanks0 Feb 03, 2012

    What I find interesting it the lack of pomp and splendor for a royal wedding most of the Gossip Girl weddings have been fancier then the one with actual royalty involved. Also the lack of etiquette, I know it was necessary for the story line but the entire audience had their cell phones on, I'm not sure if this is meant to be a pop culture dig at the age of technology but surely if someone's at a wedding they can at least turn their cell off for the hour?

  • KevinG87 Feb 03, 2012

    funny extras

    Dan's the most annoying character on the show now that Jenny left, so I have no idea why all these pretty girls are basically throwing themselves at him..

    I don't totally believe Georgina is Gossip Girl, but just hacked it or something because she left.. I personally was hoping the amazing Kristen Bell would pop up, seeing as how she's been the voiceover since the beginning..

  • MamaVanC Feb 03, 2012

    Um, you should check your facts before writing articles . The actor who plays Louis and the actress who plays Beatrice are both native French speakers, so...yeah.

  • nannanen Feb 04, 2012

    Even if they are native French speakers, it doesn't mean their English accents are "real".They might as well be faking them, and with this I mean the actors might actually speak far better English in real life . I myself am not a native English speaker, but natives can never tell, because I sound so fluent, having studied the language for years (but never actually been to an English-speaking country).

  • torontogirl98 Feb 04, 2012

    They still both sound a little ridiclous when speaking though!

  • CurlyMC Feb 03, 2012

    My favorite part was when Wallace Shaun, said "There she is, the Princess Bride". Which is funny because he's IN the movie the Princess Bride.

  • jesper5000 Feb 04, 2012

    i have been waiting for him to make a princess bride joke since he joined the show

    altough i have been hoping for a "INCONCIEVABLE!"

  • AndreaAndreev Feb 03, 2012

    I hate the fake french accent.

    This episode was utterly ridiculous.Maybe if I paid more attention to the extras ,I would enjoy the show more.

  • ty3211 Feb 03, 2012

    LOL, thanks for this.

  • Im_right_aint_i Feb 03, 2012

    What I love about that accent thing is that the whole royal family has a french accent when they speak english and an english accent when they (try to) speak french.

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