Grimm "The Waking Dead" Review: Dead On Arrival

By MaryAnn Sleasman

May 15, 2013

Grimm S02E21: "The Waking Dead"

Aaaaand much like in some episodes of The Walking Dead, the heavily hyped zombie action was generally lacking in Grimm's penultimate Season 2 installment. So put your cricket bats away,  my fellow doomsday preppers, it looks like the invasion commences next week

"The Waking Dead" now has the unique distinction of leaving me far more interested, for possibly the first time ever, in Juliette's story than I am in Nick's. With her memory on the mend, Juliette's confidence and assertion has grown, and once she remembered heading over to Monroe's house the night she fell into her coma, she was determined to learn why Nick had taken her there in the first place. Monroe was apprehensive about gettin' his woge on and going full Blutbad in front of Juliette, but with Rosalee and Bud and their somewhat more cute and cuddly Wesen to pad the shock, I think Juliette handled the situation rather well, all things considered. 

So that hurdle was cleared. Nick was kind of grumpy about it and truthfully, baby's first woge is probably something he should have been there for, but now that Juliette is mostly recovered and diving right into Wesen 101, I'm sure we'll have lots more of these funky little milestones in the future. I kind of can't wait and I hope that Juliette's progress with regard to learning more about the Wesen world—and not being a total wuss about it—means less delicate flower/damsel Juliette in our future and more awesome Juliette. 

At times, "The Waking Dead" felt plodding with the abundance of exposition required to set everything up for next week's finale. Reg E. Cathey from The Wire hit up the weird side of Portland as the newest addition to the Wesen encyclopedia: Cracher-Mortel, which bares a striking resemblance to the Hatian Voodoo figure Baron Samedi when he isn't in pufferfish-with-deceptively-adorable-eyes mode. For real, when we first saw him woge, my first thought was, "Aww he's so cute!" And then he spit the green goo all over the place. I still think the eyes on this thing are weirdly cute for a Wesen that's quickly turning into a "big bad" as the season wraps up, but that could just be me. Is it just me? 

Back in Europe, Adalind worked out the details of her deal with Stefania, but basically found herself forced into signing a contract when she questioned the fine print. I mean, ouch. Frau Pech also lost some of that "I'm here for you, boo" sentiment she'd been rocking when she dragged Adalind to Stefania's camp to begin with, and even tattled to the Royals about the royal bun in Adalind's oven. She demanded an audience with Eric, but Eric opted to surprise half-bro Sean by showing up in Portland unannounced. Renard was thrilled

Renard has a lot to deal with heading into the finale: a surprise visit from his royaler-than-thou brother, news of a rogue royal baby-mama, and an impending zombie apocalypse... though he doesn't know much about that last one yet. I'm really enjoying the trend of Hank and Nick keeping Renard abreast of Wesen happenings. I'm always concerned that their willingness to share information may come back to bite them in the ass since Renard's allegiance is still largely to himself aaaaand himself, plus his motives aren't entirely clear, but for a guy who doesn't have much support from or allegiance to his own family, Renard's inclusion in Nick and Hank's club could come into much bigger play later on. 

Despite the general snoozefest tone of a lot of "The Waking Dead," admittedly, the reveal that the Baron was creating zombies (busloads of zombies!) on Prince Eric's behalf was a sweet payoff, and I'm definitely excited for next Tuesday's finale. The real meat of the season may have taken awhile to prepare and it may not have always been the most consistently thrilling meal, but with many of the season-long stories finally converging, Grimm has the opportunity to end the season with an epic bang. 


– "I take some getting used to." <3 Monroe. I also loved Rosalee's insistent, "You should NOT go first."

– On a scale of 1 to trapped-in-a-public-restroom-with-a-reanimated-corpse, how much trouble is Adalind in, being caught between Frau Pech and Stefania?

– What do you think the future holds for Juliette the Enlightened?

What'd you think of "The Waking Dead"?

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  • ryshearer May 22, 2013

    Bud is my favorite addition to the Grimm Pack

  • KayWatkins May 19, 2013

    It was okay. If I have to deal with Juliette, I'd rather it be an informed Juliette that may contribute later so there's that. I really thought Bud's hesitation to the reveal was RIDICULOUSLY over the top. Besides that super annoying part, the ep wasn't bad. Interested to see how it ends next week.

  • Shreela May 18, 2013

    I enjoyed the Baron, except for the green goo spit.

  • Devon39219 May 18, 2013

    OH and Rosalee as the foxything was FOXY. She's hot.

  • Devon39219 May 18, 2013

    I like Monroe saying 'JULIETTE It's MEE' while he did the whole blutbot thing. That made it so much worse.

  • blaine101 May 17, 2013

    I want more of Renard speaking French on the phone!!! Had to replay that a few times. I'm not proud. And yes, Juliette is finally becoming interesting, obviously the writers have been paying attention to my notes lol.

  • ionee24 May 17, 2013

    Is it just me or Renard didn't use french as often lately? I remember he used to do that a lot before the hiatus...

  • KateSullivan May 17, 2013

    Sitting here on a Friday, I miss this show being on Fridays now and am actually glad it is returning there.

  • protonefrid May 17, 2013

    the problem for me was that the promos and spoilers hipped the zombie big finale so I started to have mixed feelings about these two episodes even from the first time I heard about it. IF I hadn't known that this was about zombies i believe I could have taken this episode for what it was, an interesting build up to season finale (well, aside from the Adalind storyline... but that is a personal dislike).
    I liked Juliette quite a lot this episode, her expression when Rosalee woged was priceless. that rise of the eyebrow and her storming out of the shop and then coming back was the best part in the show for me (watched it a dozen times), seconded by Rosalee's "you should not go first" and Bud's "do it in a place where she can get proper medical treatment" (and maybe her reaction to Anyway these last episodes Juliette is ok (sometimes even more than ok) and I hope they keep her character consistent from now on.
    Also liked the slow build to the season finale...and the idea of how they brought the so called zombies to the real world.

  • KateSullivan May 17, 2013

    NBC is horrible about its promos lately.

  • yifat1969 May 17, 2013

    you are sooo funny:) i love the way you write!

  • TriniMysTic May 16, 2013

    The Baron - didn't his mama teach his that it's rude to spit on people? Eww (lol)

    Juliette - meh. So she knows; whatevs.

    "I take some getting used to." <3 Monroe. I also loved Rosalee's insistent, "You should NOT go first." <<< I loved this scene. Also, I <3 Bud lol.

    Sgt. Wu (to Nick & Hank): "I was thinking maybe we should go over there and........okay, not needed." LMAO @ his face. <3 him.

    Oh Adalind - you in danger girl.

    "I'm really enjoying the trend of Hank and Nick keeping Renard abreast of Wesen happenings." <<< Me too.

    Can't wait for the finale.

  • TriniMysTic May 16, 2013

    *teach him ....

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