Grimm's Fall Finale: Trailer Snitch

By Josie Campbell

Nov 17, 2012

Grimm S02E12: "Season of the Hexenbiest"

Grimm’s fall finale brought nearly every one of the series' existing plots to a head as Nick learned who was kissing on his lady, Hank learned never to trust an ex-girlfriend, and we learned the nature of Adalind’s big “bring down Nick and Renard” master plan.

“Season of the Hexenbiest” picked up right where we left off last week, with Juliette and Renard smooching in the spice shop as Monroe recognized Juliette. In response, Juliette ran away! Did anyone take me up on my bet last week? No? You mean the moment was so predictable that everyone saw it coming? Okay, then.

Monroe behaved like a good best friend and told Nick about the spice shop makeout, but cautioned it was probably the result of Adalind’s curse. Speaking of Adalind, the ex-Hexenbiest (ex-enbiest?) was back in Portland with a posse of sexy hand-tattooed bikers (the Verrat) and a desire to take down everyone who'd ever tangled with her. After Adalind’s attempts to place doubt about Nick in Hank’s head, which failed since Hank now knew the score on her Wesen-y ways, she switched to Plan B: Sic the Verrat on Hank and beat him senseless. Adalind, always proving she does not know the meaning of overkill!

Adalind then gave Renard an ultimatum: Get the Grimm Key to her or she and Ro Bro would reveal his princely status to Nick and the Grimms. This ultimatum also included using the Verrat to murder Renard’s European contacts. (Continue the overkill.)

Nick and Renard teamed up against Adalind as the she pried the location of Aunt Marie’s trailer out of Juliette by employing the tried-and-true Grimm method of just asking a couple of questions. Nick grabbed the Grimm Key and a baseball bat and went to town on the Verrat before Monroe identified Renard as the man sharing kisses with Juliette, and the episode ended on a cliffhanger as Renard pulled into the lot that held Aunt Marie's trailer. It looks like Nick's secret Grimm hideaway is not so secret anymore.

This episode should have been called “Nick, We Have to Talk.” Fun and well- paced, it pretty much contained more Juliette gumption and forward movement on mythology then we’ve seen in a long time. And I collected more evidence that when I yell at my TV my complaints are transmitted straight to the Grimm writers room. I yelled at Nick to move out and it happened! I yelled at Juliette to show a cursory interest in the world around her, and she finally began snapping at Nick and trying to find out what Monroe was supposed to tell her the night she went into the coma! Anyone want to come over when the show returns and join me in abusing this power?

The highlight of the episode was definitely its happy refocusing on Nick and Monroe as Grimm's main Wesen-investigating duo, though it took putting Hank in the hospital to do it. Maybe next year Grimm will figure out how to write a three-person partnership? There were some enjoyable verbal bon mots, too, like Monroe’s exasperated worry that Hank would just sleep with Adalind again and Renard calling his brother easy.

The only downside was Nick’s bad fight choreography. I understand that Grimms are supposed to be super fast and strong against Wesen, but so far the show has made it seem like Wesen just wimp out when fighting Nick instead of proving that Nick is better than they are. It’s a conceivably easy fix (after all, if Buffy could convince us that a tiny high-school girl was strong beyond belief, Grimm should be able to do it, too), and hopefully one that will be addressed in the second half of the season.

Overall "Season of the Hexenbiest" left us with a great mid-season cliffhanger, well balanced with just enough unanswered questions to keep us interested until the show returns in January (will Nick realize Renard is the prince as well as Juliette’s paramour? Who will end up with the Grimm Key?). The episode also felt more like the ones from the beginning of this season: fun, fast, and full of as much information as our brains could handle.

"Season of the Hexenbiest" was so much better then the last handful of filler episodes, in fact, that I wonder if Grimm is a show that could benefit from a shorter, cable-style season, focusing on a fast-paced and twisty 13 episodes rather than a slow and drawn-out 22 or 24. I, for one, would be willing to sacrifice some of the episodic Wesen-of-the-Week plots to focus more on the Royals vs. the Grimms.


– Now that we have a month to ponder, do you guys agree that if Grimm had shorter seasons, it would consistently deliver solid episodes and stay away from the drawn-out plotting that has dragged down parts of Season 2?

– Can we keep Adalind? Raise your hands in the comments if you think she’s the best bitchy villain of the season!

– When did Juliette become hugging/sleeping on the couch buddies with Monroe? Does she think he’s her good friend since she doesn’t remember Nick?

– Nick possibly should have used gloves while touching the dead Verrat bodies; do you think those murders will come back to haunt him?

– With Adalind’s focus on finding out who murdered her mother, will we see Mama Nick return in the future?

– Will Adalind and Renard get the Grimm Key?

– What does the Grimm Key open?

– What will happen to Juliette and Renard is they don’t lift Adalind’s curse? They seem to know their attraction isn’t natural; if nothing is done, will they hit Hank obsession depths?

– Even if Juliette and Renard break the spell, will Nick want to take Juliette back?

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  • sarah1992 Feb 20, 2013

    I really do like Analind! It's not that she's a great baddy (though she totally is), i genuinely like her character's vulnerability and back story. I hope she sees the errors of her ways and turns good in season 3. I would like to see her with a nice love interest too! She's had to pretend to be interested in so many guys, not to mention how poorly she's been treated by both her mother and Renard. The poor thing never had a chance!! She deserves some true romance!! Optimistic I know, but I'd love to see it happen.

  • ionee24 Dec 04, 2012

    Althought Nick is kind of a that I think about it, he may not be as comfortable with an equal as he is with the Lois Lane type.

  • AziCrawford Dec 02, 2012

    Honestly, I think it would be cool if Nick was dating a Wesen... Blutbad?

  • ionee24 Dec 03, 2012

    Balam, like the one from the Llorona episode only american or maybe european to tie her up to the resistance.

  • darkness Dec 01, 2012

    I wonder -How much you were drink ,people ,when you wrote your opinions?

  • ionee24 Dec 01, 2012

    I feel mythology worths nothing if teh characters don't move forward the storyline: What's the point the Captain being a Prince if Juliette doesn't expose him? What's the point of Hank's partner being a Grimm if he doesn't figure it out? What's the point of the Verrat killing mixed couples if Monroe doesn't fall with someone who's not his species?

  • Res_Dog Dec 01, 2012

    1. The long seasons are extremely important to the shows well-being. While I'm interested in the mythology aswell it's nothing earth-shattering and the overarching plots aren't nearly as important as in shows like Breaking Bad. With Grimm you have a show where you simply enjoy spending time with it's characters (yes, even Juliette, in the first season I disliked her being on the show, now I still dislike her but don't mind her being on the show, they can't have only likeable characters), the longer the better. That being said I enjoyed the fast pace and the 'putting threads together'-stuff of this finale.

    2. You're right, Adalind is a great villain. Normally when tv shows try to do the whole 'evil bitch'-thing they fail miserably because they try to convince the audience that the girl in question really is all confident, cool, and whatever with fitting music and knowing grins and all that bullshit - it's just annoying. But with Adalaind you just get the feeling that she is incredibly full of herself, has a completely exaggerated self image and likes to think of herself as that 'evil bitch'-type other shows try to convince us their villains are - and that makes her believable and fun. If we can keep her - I don't know, if the Grimm writers find a convincing way to do it I'm all for it but it shouldn't be forced.

    3. I guess Juliette went to Monroe because while we have seen some of her own friends on occasion we really don't know them and the writers didn't want to introduce some random guest actor in this fast paced ep.

    4. The murders will propably be the weapon Renard would use against Nick if it were to come to that. But I don't think they will pose a larger problem in the future. Oh, and I really laughed my ass off on Monroes 'All the evidence in my place, great, oh, and the murder weapon, awesome!' line.

    5. Honestly I don't think Adalind cares that much about her mothers murder, for her it's just one more thing she wants to get back at people for.

    6. Regarding the key: I think we might find out in the near future what it opens and I really hope that Adalind or Renard are the ones figuring it out. Nick's had the key for one and a half seasons now, if they now were to make and episode were he looks at the key, then ask Monroe to look at some old books and they'd afterwards look on Google Maps and know exactly where it leads to that would not only anti climatic but not very believable - someone with some actual knowledge about the thing needs to find out where it leads to.

    7. The curse will be lifted soon and I really hope they'll find some other role for Juliette than 'Nicks girlfriend', maybe they'll even introduce a new love interest for Nick.

  • FredrickaWill Nov 29, 2012

    1. Longer season, because its what gives the show time to keep such a large audience interested. The fact that this show has all the elements, action, romance, comedy, etc., is what keeps so many different people interested and the ratings high. Keeping this "long and drawn out," is what helps keep people buying into the character lines. The shows with short, straight to the point, and quick, one storyline plots are the ones that never make to see a 4th or 5th season because the story line becomes tiring or redundant.

    2. Can we keep Adalind? Are you serious, yes she's the best but the best must die and don't we all love a good karma/revenge episode. If taking here powers (or whatever) wasn't strong enough of a message to her brain then she deserves a super cool death/demise/ending.

    3. Pose New Question, because I don't think that's and issue. The issue is when did she become a huge blabber mouth to people she remembers as only acquaintances? I can understand the memory thing when it comes to nick, but only him. You didn't know Adaline well, so why are you running your mouth off to him. And I'm so pissed at nick for thinking that storing that trailer at a registered storage lot with a huge paper trail was smart. No real cop is that dumb.

    4. Nick is under a lot of stress and he is indeed turning very very sloppy. Just like how he had the FBI tail on him earlier in the season, he's pushing for someone else to catch on to him big time.

    5. Not if the writers kill her off like a true villain deserves. OR she can stumble upon the truth and confront Nikki's mom and she could finish what no one else could.

    6. Ah Duh. We still need an explanation of the coins new whereabouts.
    7. A door. A Box. ooh ooh I know, a lock.
    8. hmmm.
    9.He has to, she doesn't really have control over whats going on right now. The real question is what is Juliette going to do when she remembers the conversation she last had with Nick and Monroe?

  • ionee24 Nov 28, 2012

    I'm thinking Nick's mother is working for Renard's brother and the resistance is working with the Prince in Portland. That way, the only hope the resistance had - a Grimm working for the bastard Prince that leads them - should be shattered now that Nick knows Juliette is involved with the Captain.

    Enter Adalind and the Royals might just win

  • SuzanneBeryl Nov 27, 2012

    1. No I want longer seasons.
    2. Yes, Adelind should stay and it looks like Coffee is signed now as a regular.
    3.Yes, I think Juliette going over to Monroe's house is strange. Particularly since they did not talk about the reason she went to the spice shop. Obvious topic in my mind. But since Nick has left the Sleeping Beauty storyline (his character as the King has left the castle and that's the end of the King in the story) I think Monroe is staying behind to be the "King's servant" who ends up protecting Beauty from the prince's evil mother later in that storyline.
    4.Hmm. Yes Monroe's comments about taking all the evidence suggests that they are vulnerable on that issue. Since Nick's going to attack Renard. This gives Renard a way to retailate against Nick.
    5. Kelly Burkhardt is still in Portland. She's tied to the "royal and the key" plotline. She's coming back. Maybe when Nick is in the hospital after being shot?
    6. So far Mama has just said the key is part of a map of where something is. I don't know the arc of the covanant? j/k
    7. Yes Renard will get the key (maybe searching Nick's person after he's shot?) He won't turn it over to Adelind cause she wants to give it to Eric. Adelind is blackmailing Renard by threatening to tell Nick he's a royal. But Nick's got all the clues now to figure that out on his own so Adelind's hold over Renard is going to end. Renard will release her to the street where he can kill her and she'll have look for the key on her own.
    8. The obsession thing is part of the Sleeping Beauty plotline. In the Grimm version of the story the evil prince rapes and marries Beauty. That obsession thing will stay in place until Juliette is trapped with Renard.
    9. No Nick and Juliette won't get back together. She's not to blame for what's happening to her any more than Hank was. She's controlled by two spells. But Nick is going fully into the Grimm world and Juliette represents his past life. She won't cross over with him. There will be a painful goodby. Tearful regrets for the life they could have had if Nick had not becomes a Grimm and then it's Nick getting darker from there.

  • darkness Dec 01, 2012

    lol Do you really think she will want to back to Nick after all?? lol

  • googlehoop Nov 26, 2012

    A great episode...I absolutely loved it! I miss this show when it's off the air.

    - No to the shortened season idea. The filler episodes can be just as entertaining in their own way.

    - Adalind is a scary bitch...enough said

    - Juliette is just so confused...she's not really friends with Monroe, but he's too nice to turn anyone away.

    - Nick needs to be more careful all around when he's killing evil wesen, although I did like his "Or what" line.

    - Mama Nick is bound to return sooner or later.

    - I hope they don't get the Grimm key, and we know that it's part of some kind of map. Not sure if it opens anything.

    - This one is important...Nick and Juliette should NOT get back together. While I don't hate her as much as most people do, they are just not interesting together, and that is death for a TV couple. The only thing that could possibly save them would be if Nick told her the truth and she was okay with it, but I don't see that happening.

    Finally, I don't like the discovery of the trailer...this makes me very nervous...

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