HBO locks up Bad Girls

By Tim Surette

May 28, 2008

Do you like women? Do you like prisons? If you answered "yes" to both, then you may just like the most recently announced project from HBO.

The pay cable network is adapting the British drama Bad Girls, a show about a women's prison, for American television, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The British version lasted eight seasons across the pond and won several UK television awards.

Helping the show make the jump from the UK to the US will be Alan Ball, the award-winning creator of Six Feet Under. Bell and HBO appear to be on great terms as of late; in addition to Bad Girls, Ball is developing the vampire drama True Blood for the network.

Details on the US version of Bad Girls have not been released, but viewers can expect something more along the lines of Oz rather than an exploitation flick like Caged Heat.

Women's prisons appear to be on studio execs' minds. Fox is working on a female-centric spin-off of its hit Prison Break, tentatively titled Prison Break: Cherry Hill (seriously).

No time frame has been targeted for HBO's Bad Girls.

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  • Jennfay3svu Sep 25, 2008

    They should Get Mariska Hargitay to play in it!!!!!

  • SinisterNYC Jun 03, 2008

    Are they hot?

  • angeliquec Jun 02, 2008

    why cant Americans come up with there own stuff and not remake stuff

  • David_Sylver Jun 01, 2008

    This is great news; one of the trashiest british shows getting remade for an american market, oh what joy! As for Prison Break: Cherry Hill are they insane? I love Prison Break but with that title it ranks up their with worst tv show title since BJ and the Bear! I mean what is it with the powers that be; is originality something of the past? Not only will we not have to put up with the Life on Mars pastiche but also Bad Girls. What will it be next? Coronation Street; the us version or Eastenders even?

  • goldun Jun 01, 2008

    Hmm Bad girls was Brilliant in the Uk, but i don't think it will be any good in the US, too different of a prison system.

  • SammyP May 30, 2008

    what is it with all the negative remarks!? i for one am hopeful this series (Bad Girls) does well, as i am about Life on Mars (AND Kath & Kim) - both shows I didnt really get into the respective uk versions but Life on Mars seems promising enough. If they suck then dont watch! Then they'll get axed after a few episode, but at least give them a chance to be made - same thing with the 90210 remake

    Also, whats with this 'taking good shows from the UK b*ll*cks?? We (The Uk) cant leave and Amrican reality show in peace. We take S#'t broadcasts and make them worse by simply adding UK to the end, or changing their names to something even lamer like 'Are you smarter then a 10 year old', because the 5th Grade was really all that confusing....!

    which is sadder?

    I'm a fan of tv series, a true fan. i dont judge, i just watch - then make up my mind gradually. If it trully sucks i just tune out and wash my hands. As i did with the very lame, 'Unhitched' Fox aired this season and 24 for example.

  • dacableguy May 30, 2008

    Lol i loved Bad gIrls, ive watched every single episode, from season 1 to 8, but im a little aprehensive about an american adaption. I really dont like most british dramas (even though im from the U.K, i know, how sad)but Bad Girls was absolutely brilliant. Yes, after like season 6-7 things got a bit sloppy but hey, what show doesnt have a sloppy season? Im still not sure how this will map out, seeing as Bad Girls was like 8 to 12 episodes per season, how are they going to maintain a plot that would take up like 2 seasons.

  • steph3099 May 30, 2008

    seriously? WTF is with the not so original dramas? why does USA have to strap off everyone else? if they want to air aussie, british or any other country's show, they shouldn't have to adapt it to their own culture! its called multi-culturalism! learn some culture!

  • PrincessKatyS Oct 19, 2011

    yet we don't feel the need to remake 'friends' with an english cast.. americans - ethnocentric idiots that can't relate to anything outside their own retarded culture

  • weenicoll May 30, 2008

    not sure if its good or bad

  • GODHOOD May 30, 2008

    Well this isn't some Network this is HBO, if they can keep it dramatic with some good writing acting then this might succeed. You can bet they'll be many male viewers watching this show.

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