Hell's Kitchen being reduced to game

By Tim Surette

Oct 26, 2007

Oh, to be one of those poor saps on the wrong end of one of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's fiery tirades! Don't fret, soon anyone with some extra cash to drop can be one of those helpless culinary novices getting a verbal beatdown from the famous chef...in their own living rooms.

Montreal-based gamemaker Ludia today announced that it has signed a deal with television production company Granada America and is taking Fox's reality show Hell's Kitchen interactive. The video game will be available next year on "all major platforms including PC, console and mobile." Ludia is targeting the premiere of the fourth season of Hell's Kitchen for the game's debut.

Ramsay will be lending his voice and likeness to the game, which should give gamers a good target to throw their controller at when he tells them their soufflé tastes like cow excrement. The game will also have some of Ramsay's favorite recipes, which can be printed out (presumably only in the PC version).

Hell's Kitchen is a reality show which pits up-and-coming chefs against each other in a cooking competition. Presiding over the show is Ramsay, a former soccer phenom and hotheaded, expletive-spewing maniac who just happens to be one of the UK's most popular men in the kitchen. Ramsay has leveraged his fame into other shows, including the new Kitchen Nightmares.

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  • gabriel927 Dec 03, 2007

    This should be interesting. Will it come out for the Wii as well? Imagine the possibilities...

  • BrianEk Oct 30, 2007

    As long as I can play as the fat guy who cries and faints a lot, I'm sold.

  • Sagitariusbri86 Oct 30, 2007

    not a good idea

  • Th3L05T Oct 28, 2007

    cooking mamma with attitude? but that leaves out the confrontational part of the tv show. a sim like game might work though.

  • jax_rerun Oct 27, 2007

    Haha -- the bad*ass version of Cooking Mama. Go Ramsey!!

  • BeachfrontGlass Oct 27, 2007

    ok.... instead of cooking you can play a video game about it. people all over the world will be virtually full.

  • KCMask Oct 27, 2007

    Cool! Is there a "Beep" button or do you get to swear like Ramsay!?

  • mammalazz Oct 27, 2007

    how is that going to work

  • fiveironbell Oct 26, 2007

    This should be interesting...I'm a Gordon Ramsay fan, but I'm not too keen on what Fox has done to his shows.

  • PerfectDark0Fan Oct 26, 2007

    that sound wierd but lets see.

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