Help Me says "help me"

By Colin Mahan

Dec 14, 2006

ABC announced it is pulling the Ted Danson comedy Help Me Help You off its schedule beginning next Tuesday, December 19. The network is replacing Help with a second airing of another struggling sitcom, Big Day.

Help Me Help You starred Danson as the acerbic leader of a therapy group. The show premiered on September 26 and averaged a 2.9 in 18- to 49-year-olds. The show fell once its powerful lead-in, Dancing With the Stars, finished its run, pulling in a 1.4 in the latest episode.

Big Day, a "real time" countdown to a wedding, premiered in November to a weak 2.8 rating. The show fell to a 1.8 as of last Tuesday.

ABC hasn't officially canceled Help Me, but it is the ninth series of the fall season to get pulled from the schedule. ABC also pulled Six Degrees and The Nine, while CBS yanked Smith. NBC pulled Kidnapped and Twenty Good Years but stuck with Friday Night Lights and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. CW canceled Runaway.

Fox has had a field day with its low-ranking new shows. Justice, Vanished, and Happy Hour were all canned. Standoff has switched time slots, while 'Til Death took a monthlong break so script problems could be ironed out.

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  • krelbourne_ Mar 03, 2007

    I agree. Justice is great and to get to 12 episodes and then pull it seems strange.
    Here in the UK, they are about to show the 'hit' US show Smith, starring Ray Liotta.
    Considering only 3 episodes were aired, I wonder if they've got the other 4 episodes as well.
    Loads of 'robbery' series have hit the dust. Smith follows Thief and Heist to be canned. Heist was my fave, much slicker and smarter than the others and had the most potential.

  • marissam217 Jan 28, 2007

    I was real disappointed to learn that they had pulled Justice. It is one of the best shows ever. It had action, intrigue and the best part was showing what "really happened" in the end.

  • HVGirl Dec 27, 2006

    Oh i'm sure there's a petition but the networks don't care. I wish more of cable channels would pick these shows up, they have smaller ratings on some shows but tend to keep them on due to a couple million people are still watching them.

  • CoCoGirl886 Dec 24, 2006

    Justice was one of my favorite shows of this season. I can't believe they cancelled it! Is there a way to petition for it to be back? There were some other cases where this worked.. I believe 7th Heaven?

  • riskylee Dec 24, 2006

    I agree. Justice is the best law drama I've seen for a long time. Should not have been cancelled. Network execs rely too much on ratings to make their decision. Do they even watch the shows they put on ??

  • justicerocks Dec 22, 2006

    Yea, keep Justice on the air it's a great show.

  • thorswitch Dec 18, 2006

    I've really been enjoying Justice a lot and have been pleased to see that new episodes are still airing. I hope that it will get a chance to continue! I've never been a big fan of Fox shows prior to the last couple of years, but Bones, Justice and (Gods know why) Standoff really appear to me, and if Fox treats them well, I'll be more likely to trust Fox to give other new shows a chance to find their footing and be a lot more willing to check their stuff out. Their history of yanking stuff in a hurry is one reason I've been very tentative until lately.

  • Homer1894Gamma Dec 18, 2006

    The Reason why Help Me Help You is being put on hiatus is because it's going up against the might of House.

  • FakeSnlNorm Dec 16, 2006

    justice rocks

  • greenlightfox Dec 15, 2006

    I do not understand abc. It better put day break on dvd

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