Here's the Hannibal Web Series NBC Cooked Up from the Show's Axed Fourth Episode (VIDEO)

By Tim Surette

Apr 25, 2013

NBC took a bite out of Hannibal last week when, at the request of show creator Bryan Fuller, the network decided to pull Episode 4 from its schedule because of content that Fuller deemed insensitive in the wake of tragic events that occurred at the Boston Marathon and in Newtown, Connecticut. The episode, "Ceuf," was originally scheduled to air tonight, but NBC will jump straight into Episode 5 instead. 

Some questions that might be on your mind: But what about continuity? How will I know what's going on? What's the dealarooni, Buster Brown? Well, both Fuller and NBC insist that continuity won't be an issue, but admit that the episode contains some important character developments, particularly between Hannibal and Abigail. 

To make sure viewers are able to keep up with the series, NBC and Fuller have turned "Ceuf" into a six-part web series highlighting the important stuff that you can't miss. And they're all available now! So eat 'em up before you tune in tonight.







Hannibal Episode 5 airs tonight at 10pm on NBC.

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  • syb72101 Jul 17, 2013

    Anyone else still mad (well I'm sorry but I am still frustrated) that Bryan Fuller took away our weekly dose of Hannibal? :(

  • NatalyParent Apr 27, 2013

    Yes ! "Ceuf" (Oeuf) for Canada, on City tv.

  • mishal6 Apr 26, 2013

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  • smithinjapan Apr 26, 2013

    Thanks, as usual (and I'm not directing this specifically at for giving me the chance to watch something then taking it away because of where I am currently situated.

  • smithinjapan Apr 26, 2013

    For those with zero options, I have, ahem, 'heard' you can find both episodes if you search.

  • current Apr 26, 2013

    Never thought I'd say it but Larry is killing this show. His ridiculous tirades about using the alternate womens' toilet and "...YOU DIDN'T JUST SAY THAT TO ME!.." bollox are cringe worthy. One can only assume the latter was thought as clever writing; to detract viewers from realising this is just another show with a one trick pony expert, who solves pretty much everything but that they'd be lost without the seasoned leader and drone bot gang. The show could've gained kudos by having him actually being stood up to but instead we get the kowtow.
    Crawford's a 2D bluster and bully cop character of little input. And to make matters worse now, his, real and, onscreen wife is in it with scenes that are so stale. The convo' between the two in bed was like watching two people who'd just met at acting school being asked to 'intelligently' discuss their marriage and lives together. There was no emotion whatsoever present or feeling they were or had ever been connected. Two people waking in fright after a drunk one night stand would elicit more nuance of togetherness. It was simply far too detached.
    Mikkelsen's suave Hannibal in his classically styled office remain a joy to behold - though sadly, a lone one. However, I keep expecting to see a reveal on this show where Hannibal's exposed as a secretly simple burger and cheese chips fan.
    In reality, Mikkelsen could no doubt end up promoting and/or starring on a cooking show like Kitchen Nightmares, should this get canned, and have the network hit the horror trifecta.

  • sleepy-sonic Apr 26, 2013

    So what's the point of axing it when you are going to show it online?

  • JeremyStratten Apr 26, 2013

    NBC can suck it. I won't watch another episode of Hannibal until I see the cancelled one. I'm guessing many people will do the same. I won't watch a cannibalized version. We have to teach NBC a lesson. Then again, the show's ratings are not so good, so watching it on NBC's website or Youtube could save it. I'm conflicted. Screw NBC for creating this mess.

  • Sw33tEscape Apr 26, 2013

    The cancelled one was aired outside the US so if you really want to see it, it should be on any free streaming tv site that posts links of Hannibal episodes.

  • Vamps Apr 26, 2013

    Any one know where I can stream this episode!

  • exptl Apr 26, 2013

    Thanks Tim.

  • aknu Apr 26, 2013

    If you wanna wait until monday, I heard the original full 4th episode will air in sweden uncensored, and undoubtedly end up on the internetz somewhere.

    Kinda funny however that US ppl always complain about China censoring, when they censor sooooo much themselves

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