Heroes Might Get One More Disappointing Season

By Tim Surette

Apr 27, 2010

... Heroes, that lovable NBC drama about very dramatic superheroes, may get one final shot at disappointing its viewers; rumor has it that the show will get a final 13-episode season to tie up its loose ends. With NBC looking at a schedule that resembles Swiss Cheese, it will need all the stopgaps it can muster. The question is: Is 13 episodes enough to clean up the mess Heroes has made? [THR]

... Fox has ordered Panic Attack, a reality show where participants with phobias face their fears. This isn't really great news or anything, but check out this picture of the hosts (in the link), who happen to be the UK's top life-coaches-turned-reality-show-hosts. Here's a tip: If you're taking life advice from a guy who looks like a tranny magician who doesn't wear sleeves, just give up now. [Variety]

... FX is keepin 'it country with its newest series. Hot off the heels of its Kentucky-set Justified, the network will tell tales of organized crime in the South with Outlaw Country. If the trend keeps up, my dream of a redneck version of Jersey Shore just might come true. [Variety]

... Remember the V countdown clock that ruined an episode of Lost? A similar thing happened on the BBC, as a dramatic moment in the new Doctor Who was invaded by a dancing cartoon promoting another show. Just as new Doctor Matt Smith began a powerfully emotional monologue, a graphic advertising Wizard of Oz talent-search Over the Rainbow popped up, killing the mood. It's only a matter of time before our television screens become tiny viewing windows surrounded by ads for Viagra and ShamWows. [Guardian]

... Marcia Gay Harden is joining USA's Royal Pains for a multi-episode arc. The Oscar-winner (2000's Pollack) will play Dr. Elizabeth Blair, a board member of Hamptons Heritage Hospital. Hopefully that's enough information to make it sound like I know what's going on in the show. [EW]

... And to leave you on a bright and cheery note, dolphin trainer Ric O'Barry says Flipper committed suicide by drowning herself so she wouldn't have to live in captivity. Have a wonderful day! [SF Gate]

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  • abelav78 May 03, 2010

    Give Heroes half a season just to kill everybody off and keep Chuck!

  • EverteMax May 03, 2010

    Tons of good shows are in trouble, getting cancelled way before their time and this show stayed way BEYOND its time. Absolute rubbish, both to the show and that it was allowed to stayed on air.

  • dcdman19 May 03, 2010

    IF Heroes is really getting another chance then they really have no reason at NBC to cancel Chuck. In my opinion Chuck is a much better show quality wise, and now has higher ratings. Heroes was a one season wonder. Chuck has staying power...btw I do not bid ill to fans of Heroes if you enjoy it good for you. Also, at least Heroes is a scripted series which makes it better than any reality TV garbage.

  • Misthoe May 03, 2010

    I really hope that they cancel heroes because I'm sick of being disappointed

  • dimpleman3 May 01, 2010

    I am really like Heroes, but I am little disappointment about Heroes is cancel T.V
    maybe he can try best and do for good writer and make different Heroes Actress and Actor if Heroes try back on five season T V show in this fall. One Chance.

  • stingray1965 May 01, 2010

    but i do agree with what you said about the show lol

  • stingray1965 May 01, 2010

    to niteshade his remarke abouth all american pepole is stupid and raceist all pepole are like that and if it wasint american pepole your brit ass whould be speaking german now

  • wharcraff May 01, 2010

    Heroes has been on it's downward spiral since people realised in season 2 supposedly Sylar was infected with the virus that robbed him of his abilities. That singular act of not exploring this simple character while he was stranded(and developing his layers early) in someplace remote seemed like the beginning of the end for me. Well I'll stick around to see what happens. Because as Peter said "She(claire) could change Everything". &-)

  • KerenChristense Apr 30, 2010

    your missing the link!

  • Adokensan Apr 29, 2010

    You couldn't be more right, "niteshayde81 "! Heroes is an excellent show that deserves a fifth season. But i do wish that dey hire som new writers to help out with new storylines for the new season.

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