Hey Look! It's the First Footage of The Walking Dead's Third Season! (VIDEO)

By Tim Surette

Jul 09, 2012

Well, apparently AMC's The Walking Dead is now big enough to warrant its own midsummer special, because the network aired a weekend-long "preview event" during which it re-aired every episode of the series like a billion times, gave us a new episode of Talking Dead (featuring WTF guest Drew Carey), and most importantly, premiered the first new footage from Season 3.

And so here we have some homemade footage of the clip that aired during Talking Dead, courtesy of a fan who's posted it online. It's not the best quality, but you'll get the idea of what's going on because it doesn't get much simpler than how new character Michonne (Danai Gurira) treats the meatbags.

Looks like those zombies could have used some of that aspirin, eh? Hey-yo!

AMC has not yet announced a premiere date for Season 3 of The Walking Dead, but tradition says October is a safe bet. And the season will be 19 16 episodes long this time around!

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  • Anonymous_A Jul 10, 2012

    I honestly can't wait for the new season! This show has quickly climbed up on my Favorites list ever since I started watching this. Giving this show a shot is one of the most random decisions that I ever made.

  • misslee022884 Jul 10, 2012

    I missed it. Darn.

  • kbelliveau Jul 10, 2012

    Being a huge fan of the comics, watching this was awesome! The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows on right and also one of my fave of all time. I am excited about Michonne and the Governor being added to the cast. The producers and writers have done an excellent job so far, and I doubt it will slow down in Season Three.

  • flowerdew Jul 10, 2012

    "This video has been removed by User." Bummer.

  • mad-pac Jul 10, 2012

    No, it hasn't. I just saw it.

  • emmy021889 Jul 10, 2012

    no! i cant watch it either!! :( it says its been removed....

  • ted2332 Jul 10, 2012

    16 or 19 episodes for season 3. :)

    Either way better than seasons 1 & 2 for length.

  • batchio Jul 09, 2012

    im glad to here that is has 19 episodes..... love the programme

  • Agreb91 Jul 09, 2012

    I am so looking forward to this upcoming season.

  • pcsjunior002 Jul 09, 2012

    Don't worry, give it a minute, I'm sure a Zombie support group will rise up somewhere.

  • Ibra Jul 09, 2012

    poor zombies :(

  • lsbloom Jul 09, 2012

    Well for the entire "marathon" they kept putting up October. So best guess is you didn't watch the special but are hoping it doesn't play like it would have been important for you to have.

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