Hey TV.com, Should I Watch Monday Mornings?

By Nick Campbell

Feb 04, 2013

What if I told you there was a show coming out that had a bunch of good-looking doctors all primed to begin humping each other at any moment? "What else is new?" you would say. What if two of those doctors were Ving Rhames and Alfred Molina? "What!" you would cry. "Like they— to each other?" No! Although, that would certainly make things interesting. Monday Mornings is another medical drama (in a landscape that has definitely become less lousy with them since the decline of House) with the twist of focusing primarily on surgeons and consequences, and not just for their romantic entanglements. Sound intriguing?

Surgeons and consequences, huh?

The show is centered on the morbidity and mortality conferences so many medical shows like to gloss over and only include as major plot points once in a blue moon. The surgeons of Chelsea General Hospital gather weekly (on Mondays, as it turns out) to discuss a case of questionable medical ethics with the rest of the staff, presumably for learning but mostly so Dr. Hooten (Molina) can browbeat his underlings in a style resembling a very passive-aggressive Gregory House or Perry Cox. Imagine the egos on those men slipped inside the cunning society of a chubby-faced British man. The doctors have to take responsibility for their actions, giving us a more human/flawed stable of characters.

Where did all this come from?

You may have heard of David E. Kelley as the man who's brought you a thousand law dramas (and whatever genre Ally McBeal and Boston Legal were) as well as the guy that introduced you to NPH (with Doogie Howser, M.D.). He's teamed up here with Dr. Sanjay Gupta (the Anderson Cooper of neurosurgeons) to create Monday Mornings based on Gupta's novel of the same title. Kelley is a name you can generally trust (let's just forget that Wonder Woman pilot was ever a thing) and Gupta lends a little bit of medical credibility.

When does Monday Mornings start?

Funnily enough, on a Monday. Not the morning, though. February 4 at 10pm on TNT. Have you heard of TNT? Shows apparently happen there all the time and they insist they know drama.

Is Monday Mornings directed toward me?

Monday Mornings is pretty much intended for everyone, at least anyone who's enjoyed a medical drama in the last 15 years. It's a little ER, a little House, maybe even a smidge of Grey's Anatomy. It's broad enough to make itself appealing to a grand swath of people but has enough of a twist to differentiate itself from other currently airing dramas.

What can I look forward to?

Pretty people getting their hands dirty. The surgery scenes appear to be pretty legit, and the characters are fairly Kelley-esque, if you're familiar with his oeuvre, though dialed down a notch or two. For House/Scrubs fans in desperate need of a smug doctor fix, there is plenty to go around (particularly since a major source of drama on the series is egos clashing in front of an audience of peers). Jonathan Silverman pops in and, believe it or not, he's still a single guy after all these years. Oh, and Dr. Sung Park (Keong Sim, Mike Chang's dad from Glee) is that House character without any of the pathetic pretense. It's actually a little refreshing.

What will turn me off?

I'm not sure how the surgeons are able to lift their scalpels with such heavy hands. The morality is in your face, pedantically so as Dr. Hooten tells the lecture hall what it is. Combine that with dialogue that's leaden with the platitudes and cliches that comprise every medical drama you've ever seen (except not as well-delivered) and you have a show that's hard not to roll your eyes at. Just to pile it on, the style, at least early in the season, is really abrasive and eccentrically styled for style's sake. I had no idea I'd see behind Alfred Molina's ears so often.

Would you recommend watching Monday Mornings?

It's not something you should immediately turn off, but I wouldn't go out of my way to catch it.

Can you give me just a taste so I can decide for myself?

How about a brief overview for you? Or would you prefer to see a bunch of pretty doctors falling from the sky?

What's a good drink to pair with my viewing of Monday Mornings?

I want to say something you can shoot so you can play a drinking game based on how many times you see shots of just lips or eyeballs or hands. But you might be dead by the end of the pilot.

Monday Mornings premieres Monday, February 4 at 10pm on TNT.

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  • PsLewis Mar 20, 2013

    I have enjoyed this show. It has gotten better as each week goes by. There is some humor, sadness, dr./dr. hanky panky, drama. I work in the medical field so I pay attention to how they do things, to see if they keep it mostly real. Not to shabby. Not like Grey's Anatomy, which I quit after 2 episodes. I hope they give this show a chance. It could grow into something entertaining to watch if they let the characters develop and not cancel it so quickly. I like Dr. Park. He cracks me up!

  • SonnyLei Mar 04, 2013

    I watched the pilot while drunk after a good night and I went to bed feeling like someone had just bought me a kitten and killed it. It's not got the light humour of Grey's or even House. The redeemable feature is the attachment I have towards Dr Park for his lines but it's certainly not one to watch when you fancy being cheered up.

  • TaraJohnsen Feb 07, 2013

    Not to bad a pilot tbh. All seems a bit well serious, but that could turn out to be a good thing. Thought some of the casting choices was great and interesting, alltho some im still not sure about. All in all im deff gonna give this show a try.

    On a side note: Is bookie from greys anatomy cheating on them with Monday mornings? Lady gets around :p

  • Kidshaleen Feb 06, 2013

    I watched the pilot and am easily led like a lamb to slaughter when it's a DEK show. I loved it. Besides, I knew from the get go that the dead brain tumor kid had Von Willebrands Disease, Type 2. I'm a medical junkie and btw, I have VWD Type 1. If you don't do the test for it which takes a long time, (hours) you have to have a deep history as the VWD is a genetic hereditary trait.

  • eliana1st Feb 06, 2013

    as a med student myself,... i've seen my fair share of drama in m&ms;,... ( love it because for once we are not the ones getting slammed,... our attendings are,... so fun),... so the theme is definitely has the potential,... i hate the colors and the style of the show,... i do not think the cases themselves can top what we have already seen,... House has already done everything complicated medically and grey's everything complicated emotionally and ER everything utterly chaotic,... so the decision making part ultimately is gonna be the acting for me,...

  • xubxerox Feb 05, 2013

    Had some really funny moments:
    "worst outcome?" - "dead, worst outcome always dead" .... who comes up with lines like that. Amazingly funny, partly because its SO true. Loved the guy.

    The rest is interesting, so I'll give it a shot.

  • rubytu Feb 05, 2013

    I hope the music is a bit quieter on the show so I can actually hear what the characters are saying.

  • efonsecajr Staff Feb 05, 2013

    I miss HOUSE.

  • tamaabi Feb 05, 2013

    May give it a shot, the concept's interesting. I don't have a rule with medical drama: love Grey's Anatomy, hate House, so...

  • stanking Feb 05, 2013

    I'm sorry. Every time I see Molina, even with a bad hairdo and a lab coat, I think he's about to be outfoxed by Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster.

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