Hollywood picks a Winnie

By Colin Mahan

Apr 13, 2006

It's official: Winnie the Pooh is a great big star. The honey-loving cuddly bear got his own star today on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Winnie the Pooh got the star as part of his 80th birthday celebration. In a ceremony attended by throngs of young fans, the hirsute mammal received an honor bestowed upon only the top echelon of Hollywood legends, and Tony Danza.

An actor, dressed in a Pooh costume, knelt down and placed his paw into the well-known Walk of Fame cement as his pals Tigger, Eyore, and Rabbit looked on. Pooh's star is situated near the stars of Tim Allen and Rod Serling.

Only a handful of animated characters have stars on the Walk, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Snow White.

"They're an important part of the industry now," Hollywood's honorary mayor Johnny Grant said of cartoon characters like Pooh. "Some of the movies [the studios] are putting out don't do so well, but animated characters are doing great business."

The star requires a $15,000 "sponsorship," but Disney coughed up the dough as part of an 18-month PR tour for the character. Pooh is the second-biggest cash cow for Walt Disney Co., generating more than $6 billion last year alone. First place is held by Mickey Mouse.

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  • Clockerevac12 Apr 29, 2006

    Pooh's now on the Walk of Fame

  • poohfan2005 Apr 18, 2006

    Finally Pooh is able to get his Star I'm Estactic!

  • smushmeg Apr 17, 2006


  • smushmeg Apr 17, 2006


  • calicow Apr 17, 2006

    It is too cool that Winnie the Pooh got a star on the Walk of Fame. He and his friends are such cool characters.

  • tdickensheets Apr 17, 2006

    It's time for Winnie the Pooh. Happy Birthday Pooh. You never get old. I'm now 44yrs old.

  • unicorn4852 Apr 17, 2006

    This is just awesome. My whole family is ecstatic and it is about time.

  • railley Apr 15, 2006


  • degrassistudent Apr 14, 2006

    Well, i wouldnt say this show is a good show, the little people like it, so thats what matters...Better Pooh than something like power rangers... (such a retarded show)...

  • q_oats Apr 14, 2006


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