House restores $100 million in funds to Public Broadcasting

By Colin Mahan

Jun 24, 2005

When Congress voted to cut PBS funding by 25 percent, public television stations and their supporters mobilized to have Congress restore the cuts. Now, Congress has voted to restore $100 million to Public Broadcasting's 2006 budget.

Republican lawmakers said the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which runs Public Broadcasting Service and National Public Radio, could make up the rest of the needed money through pledge drives and corporate sponsorships. They also stipulated that the federal funds would not be used for the "Ready to Learn" kids grant or for assisting PBS with digital conversion.

In a related story, Patricia Harrison, former cochair of the Republican National Committee, was appointed chief executive officer of the CPB.

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  • darquesyde Aug 01, 2006

    Thank goodness someone was thinking up there. That funding helped a lot of kids start reading - Me being one of them.

  • azshadowwalker Jun 27, 2005

    I don't have much faith that even restoring the money will help PBS. After all, the Republicans are putting one of their reactionaries in charge of CPB, which decides who gets the money. Think anything that doesn't fit their idea of "reality" (which is as close to reality as "reality TV") will get funded? PBS is not as far left as I am, but it has been preferable to most of the mainstream press. Those days are long gone. You want something that doesn't have "Approved By the Republican Party" stamped on it, watch Free Speech TV or tune into Amy Goodman on "Democracy, Now!" PBS will now be just another propaganda mouthpiece for the Bushies.

  • skyvolt2000 Jun 27, 2005

    Does this mean Dr. Who comes back to PBS?

  • RedMJB12 Jun 25, 2005

    "digital conversion? Maybe they were afraid that meant Seasame Street would go CG. "

    They mean conversion to HDTV. The FCC has set a requirement on when all TV must be switched over to HDTV, which isn't set in stone yet but will be in the next five years or so.

  • dragonfire24 Jun 25, 2005

    the entire government ****s. we need a new one. theyve been goin downhill for years and it seems to me their getting worse. they were created to help and protect us but in the end it will be them who destroys us.

  • Jamminjake Jun 25, 2005

    I am glad that they got some of the funding back!

  • butlers Jun 24, 2005


    "A solid majority of the House votes to restore $100 million in funds for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Despite that vote, the House has eliminated more than $100 million designated for CPB in other funds for digital technology and children's programming."

  • NozeNuggets Jun 24, 2005

    Holy crud. Now what?

  • actiontwinkle Jun 24, 2005

    i LOVE rick steve. as soon as the rest of the world stops hating us again, i plan on traveling abroad. remember the 90s when world travel was really fun?

  • honeybuzzer Jun 24, 2005

    digital conversion? Maybe they were afraid that meant Seasame Street would go CG.

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