How I Met Your Mother "Bad Crazy" Review: The Final Girlfriend

By Bill Kuchman

Feb 12, 2013

How I Met Your Mother S08E16: "Bad Crazy"

After several weeks' worth of mythology-advancing episodes, How I Met Your Mother is taking a breather from the tough stuff, instead opting for episodes like last week’s ode to Robin Sparkles and Canada (which was one of the show’s best episodes ever) and this week’s journey through Crazyville, population Ted and Jeanette. If I were a betting man, I'd wager that we’ve arrived at the Season 8 episodes that were originally designed to slow down the story as HIMYM’s writers awaited a verdict on whether or not the series would end this year. The massive information downloads we got a few episodes ago—that the Mother is the bass player in Robin and Barney’s wedding band, and not Barney’s half-sister—I’m pretty sure we got those pieces of the story just in case the show had to wrap everything up by May. But now that Season 9 is confirmed, the show can pause and figure out where it’s going next.

That’s the long way of me trying to say that tonight's episode "Bad Crazy," didn’t lead to any earth-shattering revelations or inspire any game-changing new theories about how and when we'll meet the Mother. "Bad Crazy" was HIMYM humor at its best, though, with the gang just hanging out and ragging on each other (usually ragging on Ted).

Jeanette—Ted’s final girlfriend before he meets the Mother—is crazy. The gang realizes this, and Ted does too. And even though Ted doesn’t mind a little crazy at this point, Jeanette is full-on bonkers. She throws remote controls at TVs. She threatens hockey refs with death before games even begin. Unfortunately for Ted, he’s never been good at initiating break-ups. When Barney and Marshall let Jeanette into Ted’s apartment after he broke up with her, she locked herself in Ted’s room, and in typical Ted fashion, he didn’t quite end things, leaving the poor (crazy) girl with false hope that they were still together.

When the group pointed out to Ted that he had led Jeanette on, and Lily told him that he could use a crazy relationship at the moment, Ted returned to his room and fully embraced Jeanette’s insanity.

It’s a shame that Abby Elliott will only be around for a few episodes. I always thought she was underutilized on Saturday Night Live, and she was great in Jeanette’s few scenes, effortlessly flipping between sweet-talking Ted to screaming obscenities at a television. While her time on HIMYM is limited, I hope this leads to something bigger for her. I also hope that the show finds a reason to put Jeanette and Lily’s dad in a scene together, since Abby Elliott is the daughter of Chris Elliott, the actor who portrays Mickey. As we saw last week with Bob Saget acknowledging Dave Coulier’s Full House reference, HIMYM isn’t afraid to wink at the world beyond the show.

While Ted was dealing with Jeanette's home invasion, Robin had her own adventure with baby Marvin. It turns out that during the first eight months of Marvin’s life, Robin never held him. We’ve always known that Robin is a bit squeamish around kids, but future Ted told us that she would one day warm up to them. It looked like Robin would have her chance when Lily left the baby with her so she could chase down a bus and retrieve Marvin’s favorite binky, but as HIMYM would show us through a series of hilarious flashforwards, Robin didn’t quite take advantage of the opportunity. We got a peek at Robin and Lily meeting to drink wine and catch up at four-, 12-, 14-, 16- and 17-year intervals, and in each instance, Robin revealed a new secret about the day Lily left her alone with Marvin. Long story short, Robin let a nice older woman hold Marvin to quiet him down, allowed Marvin to roll into the street in his stroller, brought him to a strip club to get him out of the cold, and finally left him alone with the woman while making a bathroom visit. Oh, and one more thing: It wasn’t actually an older woman. It was Mike Tyson, or Senator Mike Tyson, as 2030 Lily would refer to him.

Did anyone get a look at Robin’s left hand during those flashforwards? The show seemed to keep it hidden, and I’m not sure if that was on purpose or just how things worked out. I’m fully of the belief that Robin and Barney will go through with their wedding, but seeing a ring would've been a good way to settle once and for all whether they got married and were still married anywhere between four and 17 years in the future.

There are eight more episodes left in Season 8, meaning we’re two thirds of the way through. Will HIMYM slow-play the final few episodes before finally revealing the Mother in the season finale? How long will Jeanette stick around before Ted finally manages to break up with her? He’s going to need a date to Robin and Barney’s wedding, right?


– Barney summarizing why Ted had to break up with Jeanette: “Cray-Cray gotta go bye-bye before you get stab-stabbed.”

– Since Ted is the only member of the group who hasn't been in a relationship lately, Barney and Marshall have been using his apartment to stash items their significant others don’t want in their own homes. These items include a vintage video game machine, a Boba Fett suit, a cotton candy machine, a moped, a horse, and a canoe that was somehow carried at both ends by Barney.

– Speaking of the Boba Fett suit, is there any chance Disney/Lucasfilm will consider Josh Radnor to play the infamous bounty hunter in the alleged spin-off Star Wars movie? He probably wouldn’t be allowed to bring one of the swords from the apartment with him, though.

– After Superstorm Sandy, Ted stocked his bedroom with a ton of food and survivalist items, making it possible for Jeanette to hunker down there and possibly never leave. When Marshall and Barney mocked Ted for making those preparations, he pointed out the hypocrisy in what his friends were saying: “If this disaster had been a superstorm instead of a hot lunatic, you'd all be begging to eat my freeze-dried protein paste and crap in my biohazard bucket.”

– Upon learning that Jeanette was actually a police officer (thus allowing her to intercept Ted's 911 call), Ted and Marshall launched into what’s probably my favorite new joke of season so far: Ted and Marshall playing The Departed, a game that is pretty much just the two of them yelling “ARE YOU A CAWWWP” at one another in awful Boston accents. Unfortunately, Ted did not know that Jeanette was a cawwwp.

– Lily upon learning the secrets of Robin’s day with Marvin: “You took my infant son to a strip club?” Robin: “It was just topless.”

– I’m pretty sure Marvin was playing with a tassel while at the strip club. A baby has to entertain himself somehow, I guess.

– Barney: “What do I do for a living? There are some questions that we’re not meant to know the answers to.”

– While wearing Ted’s red cowboy boots, Jeanette demanded to know why they were in Ted’s bedroom: “Did Lily leave these boots here or was it some other bitch?” Oh, that’s right—Jeanette thinks Ted is secretly in love with Lily.

What'd you think of the episode?

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  • TQB Feb 13, 2013

    Yet another fine example of how the showrunners have allowed once-great characters to devolve into caricatures. ROBIN HATES STRIP CLUBS. Are we just doing stuff to be funny now? Haha? I don't recall people being too concerned about making extra jokes when Marshall's dad died. This show used to be about characters. Hrumph.

  • Egomania-X Feb 13, 2013

    I'm not sure aboot that, she didn't mind hanging out with Ted and Barney at the Lusty Leopard in Season 1 I guess. She didn't like Barney going there when they were dating. Wasn't it like that?

  • eiram99 Feb 13, 2013

    In terms of outside winks, you forget the reference Barney's made to his other persona -- in s4e15, Barney says that child actors in the 80s were better (than the kid he's hired to play his son), and s3e14 references Doogie Howser when Barney ends the episode in posting to his blog with the same computer screen and music that was used in DH, MD.

    As for this storyline -- I really dislike Jeanette, and Abby Elliott is striking me as a poor man's Drew Barrymore.

  • sduvoisin Feb 15, 2013

    I get that about Abby Elliot looking like poor man's Drew Barrymore.

  • eiram99 Feb 18, 2013

    I find she sounds like her, too -- especially during the delivery of the big stalking reveals.

  • 2muchbadTV Feb 12, 2013

    Ah well, I guess after last week's brilliant winner, I guess it was too much to ask that HIMYM stayed spectacular. Back to the same Vortex of Mediocrity that this show has been stuck in now for a couple of seasons.

  • Iodselle Feb 13, 2013

    Lmao, I really think last week's episode was one of the weakest this season. But i agree, this week's episode was also not very good..

    Please writers, give us more episodes like: Game Night, Slap Bet, The Possimpiple, Blitzgiving, Ducky Tie , ..

  • sduvoisin Feb 15, 2013

    You liked Ducky Tie? I didn't. I loved the other ones though. Part of the reason they worked though is because they don't show up all the time. If every episode had some weird game/bet/challenge being thrown into would get old.

  • Iodselle Feb 16, 2013

    I remember I liked how the episode played out. (maybe it was lilly's cleavage :p) But I'm sure if I took the time to think more, Ducky Tie would probably never make my top 10.

    And personally I don't watch this show only to know who the mother will be. That sh*t got old waaaaay back.. HIMYM is at it's best when the writers get really creative, with lots of misleads or wacky Barney adventures, or just the gang having fun together. If they could mix that better with some quality character development. This show would be Legend .. wait for it..

  • Taliysin Feb 13, 2013

    i fully agree, these social, gimmicks for lack of a better word, give use something creative that no other show come close to doing. The only close call would be 'New Girl' but they have barely scratched the surface of what HIMYM has done in the past and has done so on a fairly consistent basis, even wrapping up seemingly insignificant unexplained evens from previous seasons, think cockamouse. I hope they keep doing what they have, i see the great potential in all of their episodes and i hope the give me an final season that can appropriately wrap up 9 years of story telling. Now that is a tall order.

    Robin: It can fly.
    Lily, Marshall: Wow.
    Marshall: Be free, mutant beast. I'll miss this private war of ours. I grew to admire your tenacious,. Oh my God... it's headed this way!!!!

  • Iodselle Feb 15, 2013

    Well I kinda also like New Girl. But like you said, It has the potential to be much better. Maybe it will take some time, or maybe the writers are a little lazy sometimes.. Time will tell.

    I recently started watching "Community" and this shows also manages to be creative in a way no other comedy show can. But so far I only saw 5 really outstanding episodes.

  • cuculhain Feb 12, 2013

    Aside from the flash forward of them watching Star Wars with Ted and his baby girl, Barney isn't in the future, so maybe he's dead. At this point I think the writers aren't trying to add new conspiracy theories, because they weren't sure if this was the last season or not. Good to see Aunt Robin survived 17 years out, doesn't mean that her death isn't what makes Ted start telling the kids this story.
    I hope Jeanette last for a while, aside from how funny she is and how well Abby Elliot is playing it, I want to see Ted's final break down and not just have it blown off. For years he was saying he wanted a commitment and acting entirely different, just dating a crazy chick doesn't drive you to commitment, so there has to be more to it, like infidelity or she wants a devil's threeway and he decides he has finally had enough.
    Mike Tyson for Senate in 2024!

  • AriSky Feb 12, 2013

    There was something shiny on Robin's right hand; not sure if that means they were still engaged four years down the line or if we're in for something else. I didn't get a glimpse of her left hand. Regardless of the show's creators figuring out how to incorporate a 9th season, this storyline is terrible. I was done with Jeanette before she got started.

  • BobbyK12 Feb 12, 2013

    She threw a beer bottle, not a remote.

  • Deadeye666 Feb 12, 2013

    Did anybody else notice how future Ted called Marvin his kids cousin?? Now did he call him that because Marshall and Lily are like family?? Or is the mother actually related to one of them??? Am I just reading too much into it???? Am I using to many question marks?????

  • JMC31488 Feb 12, 2013

    Marshal's family is all boys and Lily is an only child, unless a half-sister pops up out of no where. There is no way Ted can have his kids be blood-related to them, but it's very common for very close friends to just call them Aunt/Uncle and their kids as Cousins.

  • CaitlinRice Feb 12, 2013

    He has always referred to the gang as Aunt/Uncle from the beginning of the series. They're family minus the actual sharing of any DNA part. :)

  • JT_Kirk Feb 12, 2013

    I hated the writing for Ted's relationship here. Justifying Jeanette's behavior as crazy because Ted led her on ignores that SHE STALKED HIM FOR MONTHS with him doing nothing at all to lead that on. And making her a cop so that he has no recourse was foul and ugly, an abuse of power. And then to just have him go into it for a cheap screw for a while, that's pretty pathetic, now both parties in the relationship are shallow losers. Plus, his borrowed Boba Fett armor wasn't even that good, the panels were chunky and too rounded while the undervest and jumpsuit were the wrong color and too smooth - that's some seriously bad writing. (What do you mean "that's not writing, that's props"? Shut up!)

    Why are Ted's boots not in a man's shoe size all of a sudden?

  • Taliysin Feb 13, 2013

    she may have big feet, its a story, was never claiming to be 100% accurate
    That Boba Fett armor is a props thing, plus you knew who it was supposed to be, also you can tell others to shut up, but that means less than nothing on the internet, get over it or dont post. dont care either way
    I agree about the cop/abuse of power thing, its lazy writing so far and actually a little offensive, i support law enforcement. I am not a cop and no one i know is, it just seems distasteful. If they dont go somewhere great with it, i wont be expecting much in the finale

  • JT_Kirk Feb 14, 2013

    I was telling the imaginary "realist" in my head to shut up, it was a form of comedy, as was calling nitpicking over Star Wars minutiae a form of writing. What an odd thing to lock into.

    It wasn't about the size of her feet, it was about the boots not looking out of scale on her small body. Generally when the show presents something as an inaccurate memory, it makes a show of it.

  • TQB Feb 13, 2013

    I'm sure many people think we're being too serious here, but I totally agree with you. This show used to be better than these cheap antics. Ted just basically told his pre-teen kids that it's OK to sleep with a crazy girl, as long as she's hot, and stalking is just a silly phase.

  • 134sc Feb 12, 2013

    It was funny. That is all.

  • JMC31488 Feb 12, 2013

    I relooked at the flash-fowards and they did good at hiding her left hand except in the 12-year one. Robin lifted her left hand up enough into camera view for a brief time and when she hugged Lily the camera for that scene was enough to just view her hand for a brief moment. Both times, no sign of a ring. Paused it and went frame-by-frame and no sign of anything metallic on her hand.

  • BobbyK12 Feb 12, 2013

    I agree, no ring.

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