How I Met Your Mother Might Get a Ninth Season After All

By Bill Kuchman

Dec 23, 2012

If you have a slap bet going with your friends that Season 8 will be the final season of How I Met Your Mother, you should prepare yourself for a shattering of the time-slap continuum. According to a Deadline report, HIMYM will return for a ninth season, thanks to a last-minute decision by Jason Segel to stay with the show. However, CBS has yet to confirm the news (and may not do so for a while).

This is actually a pretty surprising development. While show creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have been pushing for a ninth season for several months, the fate of HIMYM was pretty much in Segel’s hands; the burgeoning movie star (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Muppets, The Five-Year Engagement) understandably wants to focus on his film career. Plus, with Cobie Smulders playing a key member of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the show in a bit of a holding pattern leading up to the reveal of the mother, Season 8 seems a logical place for HIMYM to end. After all, now that Barney and Robin are finally engaged, all the show has left to do is introduce us to Ted’s future bride. Until now, I assumed the remaining episodes of this season would be dedicated to just that.

Adding another season of HIMYM opens up some interesting issues. Will Thomas and Bays just pad out the storyline they were prepared to use if Season 8 was confirmed as HIMYM’s last? If the show just moves the planned ending 24 episodes into the future and keeps stringing fans along, Season 9 seems like a bad idea. However, if Thomas and Bays have a few more great stories left to tell, Season 9 could properly wrap up the story Ted has been telling his kids for almost a decade now.

After watching Barney’s elaborate proposal to Robin, some HIMYM fans have expressed worry that Ted’s eventual proposal will never match the impact of Barney’s. A ninth season could fix that problem, if the show finally unveils the mother at the end of Season 8 and then spends Season 9 showing us exactly why she’s the perfect woman for Ted.


– Do you think HIMYM can handle a ninth season and still end on a high note?

– Assuming Season 9 does happen, how should the show use the extra episodes? Pacing-wise, where would YOU place the reveal of the mother?

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  • MrMitchel Apr 01, 2013

    I really agree with the fact that, most fans probably don't want to meet the mother in 1 episode and then have the series wrap in the next. I for one would like to get to know the mother, Ted's wife, why she is so perfect and spend a little bit of time 'present day' with everyones family, including Ted's. This is a really iffy time for the show, an 8 season build up to the reveal of one character, multiple red herrings, it's getting down to the wire, and a short end to season 8 could ruin it for a lot of fans. Give us season 9. That's my opinion!

  • colinaustinpo Mar 09, 2013

    I think that there are many many fans who don't want to be left with "Hey here's the Mother at last, bye then" I for one want to get to know her character and a 9th season would do that really well. Just my humble opinion.

  • StephiSmith Feb 04, 2013


  • taiwookutubo Jan 05, 2013

    tbh i believe the rumour about carly whittaker but wot i really want to know is who has been portraying her i think it's been cobie smulders (not saying robin is the mother)

  • danram90 Jan 03, 2013

    Question: How do we know that girl on the platform isnt just another red herring? Yeah apparently thats when he meets the mother...but in the Season 6 DVD on the "What we know about the Mother" section, older Ted says her favorite flower is lilac, the type of flower he handed to her the very moment they met. At the train station, Ted doesnt have any flowers anywhere in sight. I'm beginning to think that girl isnt the mother. Let me know what you think--I'm curious!
    Also--funny story about Abby Elliott--a few years ago, I imagined her being the mother. Would be cool if it ends up that way!

  • arqeuiom Jan 02, 2013

    robin and barney's engagement is perfect and there should not be anymore complications! so maybe season 8 should be the last and round off everything on a perfect note

  • Himym636 Dec 31, 2012

    I hope Ted doesnt meet the mother until the last episode of Season 9 because there is no point in having a whole season of already knowing the mother. I also dont think they should find out who she is with 2 minutes to go. Why not have a double episode finale and half way through find out who the mother is then show us 20 minutes of them together and the close calls they had. Everything we have already seen just without the umbrella blocking the view, or the door, or the other people at the St Pattys day party. And too all those people saying it should end in season 8, there are sooooooooo many things we still need to know such as Barneys job which we may never and things like the pineapple incident which i know we will never find out because future ted doesnt know but you get my point, all the things he said more on this later.

  • DavidJackson8 Dec 30, 2012

    On the one hand, I think giving it another season gives the writers a chance at writing better episodes and yes, ending it on a high note. The last two seasons in particular have been really boring except for a few scenes here and there, so a better end would be nice for fans and the actors of the show.

    On the other hand, the last two seasons in particular have been pretty consistently bad that I don't hold much hope in the writers improving and making a stellar final season.

    So uh, end it already. It's been on way too long and has suffered from been-on-too-long-itis.

  • laguanal Dec 30, 2012

    they should have the eight season meating the mother ninthe season dating the mother and they shoul have a tenth season marrying the mother and having the kids

  • natesjokes Dec 28, 2012

    They should place the reveal of the mother on the finale of season 8 and use season 9 to lead up to the proposal as a season finale.

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