I Hate My Teenage Daughter: Teens, They're the WORST

By Tim Surette

Dec 01, 2011

I'm very confident in saying that I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Fox's new live-action multi-camera comedy, is not very good. And it's a shame, because the talents of Jaime Pressly, an Emmy nominee winner for her work on My Name is Earl, are being supremely wasted.

The show's premise is fairly interesting: Two moms who were unpopular in high school and who were picked on by the popular kids are raising two daughters who epitomize everything they hated about the cool kids who stuffed them in lockers and ran their underwear up flagpoles. But Wednesday's pilot squandered the potentially funny idea with terrible jokes and comedic timing as punctual as a deadbeat dad who went out for cigarettes ten years ago.

It seems that I Hate My Teenage Daughter is trying to be both a family comedy and a raunchy, silly female-centric comedy in the vein of Absolutely Fabulous—but its debut thudded into the dead zone between those two things. If it ultimately veers in either direction, it might work; right now, there's too much grating screaming and cold-hearted snarkiness for it to be family-oriented (no one on this show likes each other, not even a little bit), and the two main moms Annie and Nikki (Pressly and Katie Finneran) aren't likable enough to make their deplorable, pathetic behavior charming. This show is just plain mean, guys, and when it's time to make a joke it does stupid things like cut to Nikki with pie all over her face.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter likely won't last too long, and I don't think anyone will put up a fight to save it. In my book, it's a contender for "worst new comedy of the season."


– How depressing was it to see Chad Coleman, who played Cutty on HBO's The Wire, in an argyle sweater regurgitating jokes as funny as the Baltimore projects?

– Setting up the main character's love interest to be her ex-husband's brother isn't sexy, it's gross.

– Is it just me or did the episode just... end? So the daughters actually are complete nightmares, and their moms got them back by dancing crazily to at the daughters' school dance? This is Disney-Channel-level humor.

What did you think of the premiere? Will you return for Episode 2?

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  • Isamu_36 Apr 17, 2012

    I kind of like it. I enjoy the fact that they hate their daughters openly. They are human beings that can be offended by people no matter how much they love them and still resent that offence.

    The other thing the show does well is remembering the past of the two main characters. I'm about to get thirty and when I talk with the few friends I have, we tend to remember things about high school quite a bit.

    It is not the best show on the planet but it is cynical and I like cynicism.

    High school made me cynic

  • GretchenGoodr Dec 10, 2011

    I'm a teenager and I found this show to be hilarious, so stop trying to hate it. Granted, the pilot could've been better, but the 2nd episode really improved. And the fact that Jaime is in should be enough reason to give this show a second chance.

  • goldtop2007 Dec 06, 2011

    Jaime Pressly deserves a quality show, she's one of the most talented comedians out there.

  • mlauzon Dec 05, 2011

    I saw this, and I thought it was bad, really, really bad, I wonder what they were thinking when they greenlit this...actually, I don't think they were thinking!

  • skrappyxn Dec 05, 2011

    Problems I had: 1. Chemistry; 2. Timing; 3. Jokes; 4. Characters. I guess there wasn't much I cared for. Who believes Joy (Jamie Presley, My Name is Earl) was a coddled, sheltered Jesus freak?

  • sodapopgirl721 Dec 05, 2011

    i think the biggest problem with this show is its airing in the wrong decade. like this show could;ve been funny ten years ago or in the 90s, but bullying is a really hot-button issue right now and a show where you;re suppsed to laugh at two bullies and their mothers who are afraid of them is gonna piss a lot of people off

  • aritzaga Dec 04, 2011

    Not the best show but I laughed a couple of times. That's couple of times more than after watching New Girl's and Up all night's pilots and those seems to be enjoyed by most people. For the time I'll keep on watching it...

  • pretty_sure Dec 03, 2011

    And to answer the question on the bottom, I will watch episode 2 and every future episode, how ever many that maybe, because I love Jamie and I think she's great, and even if the show isn't that great, I enjoy seeing her on tv again.

  • pretty_sure Dec 03, 2011

    I loved Jamie and Nikki and there characters, they both made me laugh, but there charm doesn't overshadow the flaws. Like the daughters are TOO mean, theirs funny mean, and that mean that just leaves you feeling uncomfortable, and the daughters are that second kind. Annie(Jamie Pressly)'s ex-husband, is an annoying cliche of every deadbeat dad on tv, and Nikki(Katie Finneran)'s ex is barely 1 dimensional. Also Annie's ex's brother. Annie hates him, then has a crush on him??? Plus, he wasn't memorable. I don't even know his name!

  • Hardstep Dec 07, 2011

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  • TeaCake911 Dec 03, 2011

    I liked the dad characters, kinda reminded me of two Al Bundies in their own way, but the mothers were unredeemable not even Jaime Pressly was likable. I hope this one doesn't last too long/gets better fast.

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