If Happy Endings Winds Up Canceled, ABC Plans to Blame You, Says the Show's Latest Promo (VIDEO)

By Jen Trolio

Mar 22, 2013

Happy Endings both returns from hiatus and and makes its move to Fridays next week, taking over ABC's 8pm-to-9pm hour that's being vacated by Last Man Standing and Malibu Country (which both air their season finales tomorrow). The show will air back-to-back episodes each week, in what we've all assumed to be an effort by the network to usher the series out the door. But a new promo intended to publicize the show's return seems to be sending a (slightly) different message: 

And that message is basically, "We're still planning to cancel this thing, UNLESS ya'll rally and watch it. So... your move, internet." 

Of course, there are two ways to look at this:

1) Sure, "You can save Happy Endings," isn't the most delicate call to action, but if it gets people to watch and keeps Happy Endings on the air, that's a good thing, right?


2) This is just a way to try to ease the inevitable pain/pass the the blame when the show bites the dust. And it will bite the dust.

What do YOU think?

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  • Mantis82 Mar 25, 2013

    There is no point in telling your friends to watch Happy endings on TV because ABC and almost all channels use Nielsen ratings, so the only people who need to watch it are those with Nielsen boxes, anyone without a Nielsen box doesn't matter whether or not you watch it. Hate these outdated systems that are causing good shows to be cancelled.

  • JulietaEcheve Mar 25, 2013

    Yeaah sure! Go save Happy Endings! ABC is all to blame here! the show is great, it has fresh and young sense of humor.. they just didn't know what to do with it. maybe ABC should stay with it's sucky stupid dramas and stop ruining great comedies like this one.

  • apennismightier Mar 24, 2013

    This show sucked from the start. I blame ABC for pushing crappy shows on me and hoping it would have worked.

  • Mate Mar 24, 2013

    ABC should look at what is currently happening to NBC and say. We are mimicking idiocy and we are going to head down the same road they are. They ditched B in 23, they are running Happy Endings into the ground. Trying to blame viewers isn't going to win them more viewers. So lets say they pull their heads out of their arse long enough to get another great show. Why is anyone going to want to watch it? It is going to be treated poorly by the network, they are going to mix up the intended episode airings. They are going to bounce it around to various days of the week, instead of giving it a dedicated time slot for viewers to find it. And they aren't going to promote it.

    By all means ABC keep churning out mediocre crap, I mean it is working so well for your competition.

  • 2muchbadTV Mar 24, 2013

    Doesn't seem to be a lot of stick-with-it-ness to ABC's strategy lately. Less than 2 years ago, they essentially cancelled Better With You to make room for Happy Endings. Seems like if that was their play, they'd support the show rather than the dicking around with it that they've done. They also let one of their moderately successful shows go, Cougar Town, not because of any ratings related reasons but because they didn't feel like resolving some non-business related matters. Um, ok. Rather than resolve some creative differences, let's just get rid of one of our shows doing okay? Because......so many guaranteed hits are gonna pop up? Yeah....take a cue from the other networks and lemme know how that works out for you. Sure they'd be happy to tell you, hits grow on trees....like ALL the time....

    I really wasn't aware that Happy Endings had any ratings problems. I don't watch it myself, but I know a lot of people who do and most reactions I've seen are very positive. Better Off Ted and Mr. Sunshine didn't make it on ABC either, I guess for ratings reasons, but seems like Happy Endings would have been more mainstream, enough to gather up a big enough audience.

  • Mate Mar 24, 2013

    I would say still a lot of the ratings issues, like with Community and other shows is based on the original airing of the show. Which is, simply, not the means the majority of the fans of these show seek out their viewing. I watch and have watched ever episode of Happy Endings. But I have watched the majority of those episodes online. You have to question their methods of evaluating their viewership.

    These are 21st century comedies and even shows if you want to lump in their dramas that they haven't given proper chances too. And they are still evaluating them as if it was still the 20th century.

  • angrodpallanen Mar 24, 2013

    There's nothing I want more this TV season that to renew Happy Endings until season 10. But the ratings are too low. ABC can't afford to keep this around. This is literally them saying that this upcoming cancellation is on everyone who didn't watch (The entire American population).

  • icemike333 Mar 24, 2013

    we'll see i'm gonna fire up my nielsen box and show my support

  • LeahLefler Mar 23, 2013

    I attend an event every Friday night and can't watch any TV airing that night. This SUCKS!

  • BurgGurl1 Mar 23, 2013

    I have watched every show, so make me a Neilsen house and I'll save your show single-handedly. Any show that can work "Baker Street" into every scene of an episode is golden in my book. I've watched it, I've done my part, so don't blame me.

  • KiMarie Mar 23, 2013

    Wow, some of the comments here surprise me. Why are there so many haters- did you see the headline of the article and say, "Oh I don't watch or like or have an opinion of that show let me go bash it". That's not the intention of this article. Well in my opinion as a "Happy Endings" fan, I would very much miss one of the funniest and innovative shows on television. I thought it was smart and silly at the same time. I really hope ABC sees this too (and based on the promo they know something of it's fans) and gives it another chance, even though I see this promo of theirs as just a cruel trick to make us think it has a chance. For now I'm just happy to see it back on the air, I was missing it. Good Luck Happy Endings.

  • ToniMkel Mar 22, 2013

    Happy Endings hasn't been funny since begin of the first episode. It's just awkward. Or... the jokes are ment for some stupid rednecks...

  • RKron Mar 23, 2013

    Because rednecks love all those pop culture zingers...

  • sandorxian Mar 22, 2013

    Then it should be really successful then.

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