In Memoriam: Remembering the TV Shows We Lost This Year

By Ilana Diamond

Dec 23, 2010

No TV series can last forever, and 2010 saw the end of some of the greatest and most beloved shows ever to grace the small screen. (It also saw the end of some, er, not-the-greatest shows.) And so it's only fitting that we pay our respects to those we've loved and lost; here's our video tribute to the shows we said goodbye to this year (plus Monk, which closed at the very end of 2009 but was too good not to include).

Fare thee well, old friends. You will be missed.

Which recently deceased show will you miss the most in 2011?

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  • sormz Jan 19, 2011

    Legend of the Seeker and Better of Ted...

  • mjhickman5 Jan 14, 2011

    Legend of the Seeker and Heroes

  • Inkypens Jan 13, 2011

    Legend of the Seeker needs another season! and obviously...more Lost!

  • BrockTheBoss Jan 13, 2011

    Bring back LOTS

  • jamaljackson86 Jan 13, 2011

    24, that show was the most action packed show ever!!

  • chloeemily Jan 11, 2011

    LOST and Legend of the Seeker.

  • vladober Jan 10, 2011

    Stargate: Universe and Law

  • mvolkening44 Jan 10, 2011

    batman the brave and the bold didnt end last year...

  • amethyst52 Jan 09, 2011

    I will miss Terriers the most. I liked Lost but it was ready to be over. Didn't watch some of the others, hadn't heard of some. That's it.

  • sprodell Jan 09, 2011


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