Is ABC Remaking Alias Already?

By Tim Surette

May 27, 2010

... According to my personal wealth of knowledge, ABC's Alias ended its run in 2006. But for ABC, that's apparently long enough to start talking about remaking it. E! is reporting that early talks are happening within the network to reboot the series in an attempt to keep something J.J. Abrams related on ABC. The new version would be more of a second take on the series, with new characters and a new storyline. And no stupid stuff about a dumb prophecy. If this goes through, we can expect a remake of Lost any day now. [E! Online]

... Lost has become the most illegally downloaded show over a 20-hour period, with 900,000 torrents of the series finale zipping through the tubes of the internet. The episode is expected to eclipse four million thefts by week's end, but still has a way to go to beat the all-time record, which belongs to... Heroes? That's like carjacking a Hyundai! [Mobile Computing News]

... The UK's almost-a-teen-porno Skins, which is already being remade for the United States, will also become a movie. Because we can never have too many topless teens having sex and doing drugs. [The Guardian]

... Disney is killing off its frothy cable venture SoapNet to make way for another channel aimed at preschoolers. Disney Junior will launch in 2012, further proof that the Mayans were right. [NY Times]

... American Idol said goodbye to Simon Cowell and its prime last night, with its lowest-rated finale EVER. Only 24.2 million tuned in? It only got an 8.2 rating? That's totally weak. It's a wonder the show is still on the air. [The Live Feed]

... Hulk Hogan is suing Cocoa Pebbles because the delicious chocolatey cereal totally ripped him off and made a character that looks exactly like him to sell the scrumptious breakfast food to tots. Dude, I would pay to be associated with Cocoa Puffs. Wait, how is this related to TV exactly? Don't ask me, I don't work here. [AdWeek]

... And just because, here's a trailer for the coolest movie ever, Iron Baby:

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  • NightDawg77 Jun 01, 2010

    Man I give a full AMEN to the person that spoke about the lack of creativity in the television/movie area. All we have is the same stereotypical reality show theme (thank god I'm not much into them), movies that are remakes, sequels, and/or from a book and then you have the "copycat" stuff on network tv.

  • Blakbush Jun 01, 2010

    Skins totally puts me to sleep......zzzz.....

  • Whedonrules Jun 01, 2010

    Does the person that wrote that blurb on "Skins" even watch the program? To call it "almost a teen porno" is just ignorant. It is one of the most truthful, honest portrayals of growing up that has ever been played on television. The language is rough but when you were young you used foul language, that is a fact. Also, most of the times when drugs and alcohol were consumed, no lesson was learned and no one got hurt. It has also told the story of a high school student discovering she was gay in the most original and honest telling of that high school reality ever seen in a high school drama. "Skins" is a much better show than it is given credit for. The students actually remind you of high school students (because 30 year olds aren't playing the roles) and the adult characters, parents and teachers, actually remind you of real people not just the same stereotypes lazy writers churn out over and over and over again. (see "Glee", "90210", "Gossip Girl", etc.) Stop dissing the best show about high school on television.

  • DanFixx Jun 01, 2010

    I liked the lingering prophecy mistery too.

    It was just a shame that when time came for the revelation in the final episodes, it all lost sence and fell disappointingly flat.

    I can't even exactly remember how it ended.

  • deathly_hollows May 30, 2010

    The prophecy is the essential part of Alias and a darn great one!

  • staind47 May 29, 2010

    I agree with Kopaka-1, that 'dumb' prophecy stuff was a big part of the show, and I liked it. Otherwise its just a procedural spy show. There needs to be an overall big story-arch. I think a remake is pretty stupid though.

  • Kopaka-1 May 29, 2010

    making alias with the "dumb" prophecy would be like making lost without the island...

  • jonnyfan May 29, 2010

    Is ABC starting to run out of ideas or something? I loved Alias when it first came out, but it lost it's charm a few seasons in. I can understand bringing show's like Charlie's Angels back because it's been years since it's been on. But Alias hasn't been gone that long.

  • sabrips May 28, 2010

    There are no more ideas from humanity? really, everything lately its a remake, a comic, a "new version", a "based on" show... anyway: done before... we need new things...

  • Amber132 May 28, 2010

    I'm not that surprised about that many people "stealing" Lost because in many countries the finale wouldn't air for a couple days after that, in my country the finale could be downloaded on monday or you could wait till firday evening when they air the hour and a half long episode at ten thirty and don't say that iTunes is a good alternative, that thing is only available in the US and UK in the rest of the world we still have to wait a week before we get to watch something and even then in Europe it's not that comon to have a credit card which is practically the only thing you can use to get stuff from itunes so even if they did that it still would be too difficult. Do you know how hard it was to avoid going on any site that could mention a spoiler about Lost's final episode while I waited for friday? In the end I just gave up and downloaded it thursday and then watched it on TV again friday, how is that any different from recording it on DVD and then watching it later? I just did it in reverse

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