Jack Bauer Returns to TV... Sort Of

By Tim Surette

Feb 23, 2011

... Kiefer Sutherland is returning to television, but small-screen terrorists can rest easy. The former 24 frontman will headline the Fox drama pilot Touch, from Heroes creator Tim Kring. Sutherland will play the father of an autistic boy who can see the future. The question is: Will the series end up like the very tolerable first half-season of Heroes, or unwatchable like every other episode of Heroes? [TV Guide]

... This is either going to be the coolest thing or the cruelest joke in TV history. Nathan Fillion, star of ABC's Castle and former star of Fox's cult hit Firefly, recently revealed in an interview that he could buy the rights to the short-lived Firefly and get the show back on air if he wins $300 million dollars in the lottery. The interview hit the internet, and fans immediately started web sites, Facebook pages, and puppy masquerade balls, all in the name of getting the cash to Fillion in hopes of resurrecting the show. It's a long shot, but we're a civilization built on hope. And a society built on crushed hopes. Hey, I hear Summer Glau is available, so at least there's that. [EW]

... Glee makes millions ripping off other people's work, so the show is changing things up by going original. Two songs in an upcoming March episode will be wholly original, with one featuring the whole cast and the other sung by Lea Michele. I swear, the next time I mention Glee in News Briefs, it better be about the show being canceled. [Billboard]

... NBC has renewed The Biggest Loser, Who Do You Think You Are?, and The Sing Off, further cementing itself as the greatest television network ever known in the history of the universe! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Do you like old TV shows? Do you have Netflix? Well, have I got some amazing news for you! CBS has agreed to a deal with Netflix, giving the latter permission to stream the former's library of television classics—which includes Cheers, Twin Peaks, Frasier, Family Ties, Medium, and The Andy Griffith Show. Look for them in April. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Alan Tudyk (Firefly) has signed on for the ABC pilot Suburgatory, about a teen girl who moves from the big city to the suburbs. Tudyk will play the girl. Wait, that's not right. Tudyk will play a friend of the girl's dad. Why does Tudyk always take these weak roles? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Syfy has announced some premiere dates: Stargate Universe returns on March 7, Sanctuary returns on April 15, Marcel's Quantum Kitchen premieres on March 22. Plus, the network has bought the rights to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and will begin re-airing the Fox show on April 7, giving it a second chance at cancellation. [EW]

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  • RichardSmythe Mar 02, 2011

    Bring Back Jack Bauer in Season 9 - everyone wants more .... please Fox give the fans what they want!!!!!

  • retroman77 Mar 01, 2011

    So K.Sutherland's character will try to stop events in the future that his son predicted in a very dramatic way and in a last second (yea that's nothing like 24)

  • KevinG87 Mar 01, 2011

    Glee's one of the best shows on TV, must better than ANY cop, law, or doctor drama.. but I have to say, the original songs just feel... wrong. i don't like them much at all. I love(d) Firefly, but seriously guys. no show's going to come back after so long. especially not when the STAR of it is finally on a successful show. i mean, come on, let's get real here. has anybody ever thought that maybe the reason shows like Firefly and Veronica Mars are so great BECAUSE they didn't last long? he probably only brought it up because the interviewer asked about it. but seriously, that show's never coming back. I hate every reality/competition show on TV, but i like Who Do You Think You Are. the whole geneology thing interests me and some are pretty good (FRICKEN DAVID DOCTOR WHO TENNANT AND MARTIN FREEMAN DID ONE IN THE UK!) but I wish they'd get some better celebrities, not just some random people that just happen to be popular at the time (no offence, Gwyneth Paltrow)

  • CrimeDramaBee Feb 27, 2011

    Well some people like Glee and I'm one of those people. It's great and it's the only comedy I watch.

  • XGalt Feb 27, 2011

    Seriously what is with this Firefly stuff? Nathan Fillion is finally on a show where he's the star and it's in no danger of being cancelled. He's going to leave it and what come back to a show that probably wouldn't last six eps on the current Fox rotation? Plus the friggin movie killed off a good chunk of the cast we know. I mean what would be the point? Just let it die with one amazing season and one adequate movie.

  • lazarius12 Feb 25, 2011

    Everyone seems to have some argument for why Firefly couldn't come back. Baldwin being on Chuck, Morena Baccarin being on V, etc. But first of all, a web series wouldn't take up too much of there time. Secondly, a couple of them aren't needed if they continue after the movie. And thirdly, shows like V are most likely going to be cancelled, freeing up the actresses and actors time. The only unlikely thing is getting enough money raised. I don't see that happening.

  • hockeyrick Feb 25, 2011

    Everyone, get real! Firefly is not coming back, everyone has moved on and its not feasible with where everyone is at this point in their lives!
    Like every other good show cancelled prematurely early! No way no how! no money!

  • Starprincess13 Feb 24, 2011

    It would be awesome if they managed to do it and and get a couple more episodes of Firefly (with Joss and the whole cast, depending on if they are supposed to take place after the movie or not) but it's extremely unlikely that they will do it.

  • alfridavella Feb 24, 2011

    Nice to hear that terminator maybe have a chance of returning. While 24 still waiting for a movie but i`m glad of this news and i`m happy that Sanctuary and stargate universe are going to be back :)))

  • lyrahazelnut Feb 24, 2011

    you want Glee to be cancelled? wow, i'm sooo surprised. (right.)

    can't stand all the positiveness, can you? does it make you THAT angry when you see something that makes people happy? poor guy...

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