Jamie Lynn no longer preggers

By Tim Surette

Jun 19, 2008

Expect a new Spears girl to be causing some controversy in about, oh, 17 years.

Jamie Lynn Spears, the star of Nickelodeon's Zoey 101 and sister to pop-tart Britney Spears, gave birth to a baby girl this morning in a hospital in Mississippi, reports People. The little bundle of joy was christened Maddie Briann.

The 17-year-old Spears caused a bit of a scene last December when she admitted that she was three months pregnant--not exactly the squeaky-clean image Nickelodeon wanted to portray for the star of one of its teen-oriented shows. There was also some controversy over who the father was; it was immediately announced that it was her 19-year-old boyfriend Casey Aldridge, but rumors began to swirl that the dad was actually a producer on her show. Scandalous! (And apparently incorrect.)

The rest of the Spears clan, including Britney, was in attendance for the birth, and a source says the entire family is "healthy and happy."

While incubating her spawn, Spears passed her GED, "did the right thing" and got engaged to Aldridge, and bought a three-bedroom home in Mississippi. Just an ordinary laundry list of things completed for a 17-year-old. Zoey 101 has since ended its run.

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  • GwendolynGrey Jul 11, 2008

    Jamie Lynn is handling her unexpected pregnancy so maturely. She is doing the right thing by marrying her boyfriend and perhaps she will soon get back into acting...hopefully of a more serious nature.

  • sportgal10021 Jul 09, 2008

    Im really proud of Jamie. Like at first I thought that she made a big mistake and that she was a bad influence, but she is only human. and everyone makes mistakes. but the good thing is that she is making it better by getting married and getting a house. I think that she will be a great mom. As long as she takes care of her baby Maddie and spends time with her. I bet that you will do great Jamie!!!! Good Luck! 8D

  • mike81869 Jul 03, 2008

    Congrats Jaime !! You deserve all the good life has to offer, I hope to see you on TV again real soon.

  • poppop1997 Jul 02, 2008

    how big?

  • ger5632 Jun 28, 2008

    Hopefully, she wont do this type of foolish thing until her appropriate age. But you've got to love her

  • zeofan1 Jun 26, 2008

    OMIGOD! That's amazing! It all happened so quickly!

  • tvssecondchild Jun 25, 2008

    Drama_Queen08, yes because that's what Jamie Lynn would have done, get an abortion to further hurt her PR? She made the better choice to keep and raise her child. I'm sure she'll get work some work somewhere else but until then welcome to adulthood, one would just hope that she's ready and won't use her older sister a role model.

  • nickel2006 Jun 24, 2008

    Congrats to her:) Having a baby has nothing to do with how "innocent" you are.

  • karaeljorel Jun 24, 2008

    i should probably be happy for her but am not she needs to buckle up sit up hopefully her child wont be like her or her older sister

  • shasha15 Jun 24, 2008

    here having a baby is on here as long as she take care of it.

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