January 24, 2006 DVD Releases

By Lila Holland

Jan 23, 2006


Saturday Night Live

Best of Alec Baldwin

Best of David Spade

As we all know, seminal sketch show Saturday Night Live left its mark on the careers of many a now-famous actor. Some used the show as a launching pad for their chosen profession, while others simply dropped by for a chance to enjoy the unfettered atmosphere and to poke a little fun at themselves. SNL continues its "Best of" DVD series with these two single-disc releases, which highlight the work of Alec Baldwin and David Spade.

Spade joined SNL in 1990 as a writer and performer. He showcased his talent for mimicry by impersonating celebrities such as Jeff Foxworthy and Tom Petty, and he lampooned others in the scathing "Hollywood Minute" sketches. His characters--including favorites like the receptionist and the flight attendant--are among some of the most memorable in SNL's history. Extras include audio commentary from Spade, outtakes, and dress rehearsals.

1990 also brought Alec Baldwin to the Saturday Night Live stage for the first time. Though he was never a full-time cast member, Baldwin definitely made enough of an impact to become a regular guest. Playing everything from a scoutmaster desperately trying to seduce his canteen boy to a chef touting his delicious "Schwetty Balls," Baldwin consistently pulled deep belly laughs from the SNL audience. Special features on this DVD are much the same as those found on the David Spade release.

Watch a clip from the Best of Alec Baldwin DVD here!

Watch a clip from the Best of David Spade DVD here!


The Complete Fourth Season

One of the most successful prime-time soaps in television history releases another season into America's DVD libraries today. Dallas followed the ever-fascinating saga of the Ewings--a family who struck it rich on Texas oil--and their struggle with the Barnes clan, their constant rival. This season picked up where season three's famous "Who Shot J.R." finale left off--with the elder Ewing son lying dangerously close to death. As the season continued, J.R. found himself maddeningly paralyzed as the rest of his family--along with a nation of loyal viewers--strove to identify the mysterious assailant. Of course, one nail-biting storyline is far from enough for a season in Dallas. Watch as younger brother Bobby takes control of the Ewing empire, Jock and Ellie's marriage teeters on the brink of disaster, two brides step down the aisle, and the Ewing family grows larger in a very unexpected way.

From the first fateful moments after J.R.'s injury to the gruesome discovery Cliff makes in the shocking finale, this 23-episode set contains enough passion, intrigue, and high drama to keep you glued to the screen for days. 2004's Dallas Reunion: Return to Southfork is included as a bonus feature.

Watch a clip from the Dallas DVD here!

My Little Pony and Friends

Two Great Pony Tales

In that long-ago time known as the 1980s, legions of small children collected virtual armies of the small, adorable toys that eventually inspired the My Little Pony cartoon series. The show followed the many adventures of the ponies, the other inhabitants of magical Dream Valley, and the human children who came to visit Ponyland.

This single-disc release--which clocks in at about an hour and a half--comprises one four-part episode from each of My Little Pony's first two seasons. In "The Glass Princess," the nefarious Porcina captures several ponies with the intent to fashion their manes into a magical cloak. On top of that, she's devising an evil plot to turn all of Ponyland into glass! Luckily, human girl Megan and the remaining free ponies are ready to save the day.

In "The Magic Coins," the ponies stumble upon a beautiful cache of gold coins, which have the magical ability to grant wishes. After making a few requests--and learning to watch what they wish for--the ponies find that the coins belong to Niblie, a cranky troll. Will Niblie reverse the ponies' wishes to save Ponyland from certain doom?

The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss

The Cat's Home but Not Alone

See the beloved and famous books of Dr. Seuss come to life in this Emmy-nominated series from Nickelodeon. 3D computer animation and Jim Henson puppetry unite to create a unique and captivating feel that will win the attention of kids and adults alike. Join the Cat in the Hat and his charming friends--such as Horton the Elephant, the Grinch, Yertle the Turtle, and others--for a great combination of fun, mischief, and learning.

Episodes included on this single-disc set are "Make Yourself at Home," "The Cat in the Hat Gets a Package," and "Mrs. Zabarelli's Holiday Baton." These wacky adventures are sure to please even the pickiest of young critics, so get ready for some silly laughs and good old family fun in The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss.

The Time Tunnel

Volume One

James Darren and Robert Colbert star as Dr. Tony Newman and Dr. Douglas Phillips in The Time Tunnel, a 1960s sci-fi classic that lasted, unfortunately, for a mere 30 episodes. The two scientists have been assigned to work on Project TicToc--a government-funded investigation of time travel--and wind up jumping through an untested time portal, which throws them into an adventure far beyond their wildest dreams. With each episode, our heroes find themselves in a new time and place. From ancient times to the distant future, Tony and Doug visit one crucial moment in history after another.

This four-disc set brings you the first 15 episodes of The Time Tunnel, including gems like "Rendezvous with Yesterday," in which Tony and Doug first enter the portal; "Revenge of the Gods," in which they inspire the creation of the Trojan horse; and "Massacre," in which they witness the disastrous Battle of Little Bighorn. Also included are extras such as the original unaired pilot, promo spots, photo galleries, and an Irwin Allen home movie.

Watch a clip from The Time Tunnel DVD here!


Season Two

This Lifetime drama--originally known as 1-800-Missing--tells the story of Jess Mastriani, a young woman who, after being struck by lightning, begins to have visions that lead her to the missing. Jess is teamed up with Brooke Haslett--a skeptical, tough-as-nails FBI agent--to crack the most difficult of missing-persons cases.

Missing's second season introduces Vivica A. Fox as former undercover agent Nicole Scott, who Jess is partnered with after graduating from an FBI training center. Hip and headstrong, Nicole is quite a departure from the by-the-book Brooke, who has departed for San Francisco. Together, Nicole and Jess uncover a corrupt police department, search for a busload of missing passengers, scramble to recover a vanished sample of a deadly virus, and more. Each episode on this four-disc set has action and excitement to spare--along with a precious pinch of romance. Enjoy!

'Allo 'Allo!

The Complete Series Four

Bawdy BBC hit 'Allo 'Allo! chronicles the farcical adventures of Rene Artois, proprietor of a neighborhood café in Nazi-occupied France. Rene's peaceful life of business, pleasure, and the mixing of the two is greatly disrupted when he must hide two British airmen and a radio transmitter in an upstairs room. The German soldiers who hang around the café are a constant threat to Rene's resistance efforts, his wife is catching on to his affairs with the waitresses, and the gin supply is increasingly unstable. To make matters worse, sausages stuffed with everything from forged paintings to explosive devices are constantly falling into the wrong hands.

'Allo 'Allo!'s fourth season, which begins with the imprisonment of Rene and his staff in a British POW camp, abounds with ridiculous antics and outrageous pranks. A waitress accidentally mails herself to Switzerland, her replacement shows signs of bloodlust, and nearly everyone finds a reason to cross-dress. This release is packed with more laughs than you'd believe a single-disc release could contain, and it has an added special feature with cast bios.

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    Nothing really appealing for me this week

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    'Allo 'Allo!

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