Jeff Zucker becomes NBC U top dog

By Colin Mahan

Feb 06, 2007

It is official: Jeff "The Zucky" Zucker is the new president and CEO of NBC Universal.

Beginning today, Zucker will take the place of outgoing NBCU CEO Bob Wright, who led the company for 21 years. The announcement was made by Jeff Immelt, chairman of NBCU owner General Electric.

“Jeff will succeed one of the true giants in media--Bob Wright--to whom we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude for helping to build this great media company,” Immelt said in his announcement. “By any measure, Bob is one of the most successful media executives ever. He transformed NBC from a broadcast network into a diversified global media company. He was always able to see what was coming next, whether it was cable, satellite, Hispanic broadcasting, or digital media. Bob’s strategic vision and execution kept NBC growing.”

Zucker also had praise for Wright.

"Bob has been a terrific mentor to me throughout my career, and I am honored to be his successor and fortunate to assume responsibility of a company that is so well positioned for future growth. I’ve spent my entire career at NBC and had the privilege to work with the best in the business every day. I look forward to continuing to work with this talented management team as we take NBC Universal to the next level," Zucker said in a statement.

Zucker joined NBC's Today Show in 1986 and made it the most profitable show on television. In 2000, he became head of NBC Entertainment, and in 2005, he was upped to CEO of NBCU’s television group, which includes USA, Sci Fi, and Bravo.

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  • pdogg4me May 28, 2007

    Maybe he'll be able to save nbc. More Scripted TV shows less Reality tv!

  • imyaaa111 Mar 21, 2007

    good luck for him

  • Water78 Feb 08, 2007

    good for him i dont know what this has to do with friends.

  • Agreb91 Feb 08, 2007

    Hope he enjoys his new job, and the money. :roll:

  • oldwiseman13 Feb 07, 2007

    i hope he can handel the responceabillity

  • Proman84 Feb 07, 2007

    Jeff Zucker FTW! Seriously.

  • Jamin_Jamin Feb 07, 2007

    you go girl

  • actiontwinkle Feb 06, 2007

    ah, the king of failing upward.