Jersey Shore Accused of Faking More Than Tans

By Tim Surette

Jun 11, 2011

... Guys, you'll never believe this. Someone is saying Jersey Shore is fake. I know, I almost died too! According to skinny, pale haters over in Italy, Ronnie, J-Woww, and others were seen rehearsing "scenes" and reshooting takes for their "reality" program. A waitress says she saw Pauly and Vinny discuss having a fight before leaving the restaurant and getting into a tussle right under a streetlight that provided perfect lighting. Next thing you know, someone is going to insist that J-Woww's ample chesticles aren't natural. Haters, all of you! [The Daily Best]

... Fox's Touch, the upcoming supernatural drama from Heroes creator Tim Kring, has already cast Kiefer Sutherland and Danny Glover, and now it's adding another familiar face. Well, familiar if you caught Undercovers before it got canceled. The lovely Gugu Mbatha-Raw will play a social worker who's evaluating an autistic child with the ability to tell the future. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Hey, England, thanks again! The executive producer of Misfits, the UK hit about teens who discover they have superpowers, has hinted that talks are currently underway to adapt the series for American audiences. He also said the original show will be coming to Hulu "soon." [Digital Spy]

... HBO is considering a miniseries based on the novel I, Claudius (or I, Clavdivs as it's known in Italy). The story tells the tale of Roman emperor Claudius, a crippled royal outcast who rose to the top after everyone else killed each other. If this is anything like the Emmy-winning 13-part miniseries commissioned by the BBC that I was forced to watch in Latin class when I was in junior high school, I should be asleep in the first 10 minutes. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Dexter alum Julie Benz has agreed to a guest spot on USA's Royal Pains. She'll play a lesbian farmer. Obviously. [TV Guide]

... Syfy's Warehouse 13 is dipping into the sci-fi actors' pool for the upcoming season's guest appearances. Star Trey Voyager ladies Jeri Ryan and Kate Mulgrew will both be featured in future episodes of the Syfy hit, which returns July 11. [TV Guide]

... Interesting show alert! HBO is developing a drama series based on a documentary about two warring Irish clans who settle things the only way things should be settled: through bareknuckle boxing matches. Trainspotting writer Irvine Welsh is writing the script for the project, which is titled Knuckles and described as "Fight Club meets Sons of Anarchy." There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. [Deadline Hollywood]

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  • Taccado Jun 16, 2011

    Jersey Shore is fake reality TV? What a shock!! (Not!)

  • notabene14 Jun 12, 2011

    So let me get this straight, Tim, you were still in junior high school by 2007? That explains a lot of things and you are no longer relevant to me...

  • teambff Jun 12, 2011

    the day jersey shore finally goes away should be made into a holiday for future generations to celebrate.

  • freak-e719 Jun 11, 2011

    yay i cant wait for warehouse 13 to return :)

  • Jemadari Jun 11, 2011

    Didn't Claudius open the door for Nero,that could be fun
    And who doesn't love Star "Trey" shoutouts

  • gvalley Jun 11, 2011

    You should probably have a look at the original "I, Claudius". It's fantastic.

  • shadowysea07 Jun 11, 2011

    and since touch wont last a season i wont even bother with that one

  • shadowysea07 Jun 11, 2011

    meh i don't think i even care about warehouse 13 anymore after one of the main characters leaving. as for royal pains the show is iffy on my list to watch as well. last season they added 3 new characters and they all sucked. hopefully this season they don't spend time on new characters and instead work on the problems at hand namely divs family problems, the clinic, the new baby, divs replacement and maybe evan and his girl who since she has joined the show evan has become 40% less obnoxious. i can get through an episode now without the urge to punch my screen.

  • VConn Jun 11, 2011

    Uh major typo alert - STAR TREY VOYAGER does not exist it never did.

  • safibwana Jun 11, 2011

    Does it need to be said that any attempt to adapt Misfits will fail harder than the attempt to adapt skins? The term "uniquely British" comes to mind. I predict epic failure.

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