J.J. Abrams talks about Star Trek XI

By Colin Mahan

Jun 03, 2006

When Paramount decided J.J. Abrams would produce the next Star Trek film, it knew it had beamed up a fanboy's best friend.

Abrams' show Lost, which finished the season number 14 overall, has developed a devoted fan following. Called "Losties," they are reminiscent of Trek fans' "trekkers."

In this month's issue of British movie magazine Empire, Abrams talks about his plans for Star Trek and the pitfalls of taking on a beloved franchise.

"We've made a pact not to discuss any specifics," he tells Empire. "But Star Trek is something I grew up with and love. I feel there's still a great movie to be made, another proud chapter in the history of Star Trek. We've got a lot of exciting new ideas."

Abrams admits that he has been remiss of late in keeping up with the aging franchise.

"To be totally honest with you...I haven't even seen [the most recent Star Trek film], Nemesis," laughs Abrams. "I feel like the series disconnected for me at a certain period, and though I will have to watch and see everything that was done, I want to see what not to do as much as anything. But as someone who works on a show that has a very loyal and vocal fan base, I do understand the need to be respectful. I think we can do the fans proud."

Abrams says that original reports that said the storyline of Star Trek XI would involve early adventures of Kirk and Spock were wrong, but he adds, "Those characters are so spectacular. I just think that...you know, they could live again."

On May 6, the Abrams-directed Mission Impossible: III was released. The Tom Cruise action film has grossed over $120 million at the US box office so far.

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  • PapaTazzz Sep 09, 2006

    Hopfully his movie will be just as good :)....

  • jetgraphics Jul 27, 2006

    What attracted me to ST was the exploration of the human condition by observing "foreign" cultures.
    A great example was "Friday's Child". That was the episode that hooked me.
    ST: Enterprise "almost" got it right in its final episodes, with the exploration of the conflicts and resolutions between the future members of the Federation.
    The flaw in many theatrical ST treatments, is the necessity to over dramatize everything, which doesn't bode well for exploring subtle features of an alien culture and its people.
    Babylon 5 got it right, and all glory to JMS.
    Not only did we get exploration of foreign and alien ideas, we also got inside alien characters, as they were introduced, changed, and matured into their destinies.
    In this case, it might be better to forego a movie, and try to resurrect a TV series or TV mini series movie based on 'going where no man has gone before'.
    Hopefully, the franchise will get away from the "protagonist archetype" story mode.
    Sentient lifeforms deserve better.

  • fanofgreattv Jul 12, 2006

    Although J.J. Abrams may be an accomplished creator of some fine television, another Star Trek movie is not his vehicle.

    If Star Trek gets another movie, which I personally believe it should not, it should get movie treatment. That is, a deserving movie director should take the helm. Not a sci-fi fan, not a Star Trek buff and certainly not someone from TV.

    Furthermore, although there is the potential to make some money internationally on another Star Trek movie, there is really no point. If Star Trek should exist again, UPN should produce a high-production made for TV movie every three months. These 'moviesodes' would not need to follow one another and they would not even need to have the same cast. It's a fresh idea that could harness what's left in the Star Trek universe better than any feature film can.

  • tomfastic Jun 15, 2006

    It would have been so cool do have a young spock and a young Kirk but I guess he knows what he is doing. Yeah I also think Whedon could have done this

  • railley Jun 06, 2006

    I hope the new star trek movie just has Kirk and Spock drifting through space on a couple of intergalactic horses, dressed as cowboys and chewing tobacco talking about what a simpler time it used to be when they didnt have to wear these cowboy hats.

  • starleet Jun 06, 2006

    I think what Star Trek needs more than anything is to remember the vision Gene Roddenberry had nurture it. Although SFX are now expected moreso than storyline in cinema, they need to go back to the orginial story telling of people and cultures. Abrams LOST is storytelling at its best, so I look forward to what he has in mind.

  • LmarieT52 Jun 06, 2006

    I am more than happy, to see Mr. Abram's comments on the STrek franchise ressurection in his capable hands. It's extremely nice to know that Abrams is a ST fan, and that coming from him, {not just from the rumor mill} in his own words and I quote,
    "But Star Trek is something I grew up with and love. I feel there's still a great movie to be made, another proud chapter in the history of Star Trek. We've got a lot of exciting new ideas." Most of the ST fans, which I admit to, and a long-running one at that are as pleased as punch to get some new blood and fresh ideas on board this long-lived saga! It deserves the best and the fans deserve respect, for their loyalty, which over the last few years they haven't been getting. I surely agree with Mr. Abrams that there is definitely another great movie there to be made. There are appx. 700+ episodes of Trek series, as well as 10 movies of Star Trek, with endless avenues to pursue in an 11th movie. As for as the "Losties", well I am already one of those, despite my busy life. It's one of very few series, I thoroughly enjoy. I am glad that after each season of Lost that it is coming out on DVD. I've already gotten Season (1), absolutely intend to collect all seasons of this intriguing series. It shows fine imagination, and very good writing, directing and acting. I am very pleased that Mr. Abrams can see that perhaps "Kirk and Spock" could "live again". That would be very nice to see one more appearance of Shatner and Nimoy, {as well as some of the other characters} before they are gone too. Even if the whole movie wasn't centered around them, it still would be great to see them one more time! At any rate J.J. Abrams, this is one Star Trek fan that is elated to know you are on board the Star Ship Trek! Maybe, just maybe Star Trek will get the respect it surely deserves!

  • rsloane Jun 05, 2006

    i wish he would concentrate on making ONE series actually really really good instead of making a lot of promising looking series that turn out mediocre.

  • rjspring Jun 05, 2006

    Hopefully his installment of star trek will be better than MI3 which was good but not great...

  • LAURAMARIE63 Jun 05, 2006


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